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Reality Ensues / Fan Fic

Reality Ensues in fanfiction. See also Deconstruction Fic.

Ace Attorney
  • In Cup of Tea Edgeworth tries to set a romantic mood with a candlelight and wine dinner. Phoenix ends up drinking too much wine and is too drunk to get physically aroused.
  • The fan-made case The Broken Turnabout:
    • The backstory of this work is that the verdict of the last case of Apollo Justice has been overturned due to two factors. The first is the sketchiness surrounding the real criminal's conviction: Kristoph was never proven guilty, just judged as such by a jury, one of the members of which being the mother of both members of the defense team. The second factor is that the man in charge of running the trial and providing the jurors with most of their information has a huge stake in its result, and subsequently can't be trusted to have remained unbiased and truthful throughout the event.
    • The series's familiar pattern of exonerating clients by finding out who the true culprit was is turned on its head. With subtle prompting from Phoenix, Apollo points out that, as defense attorneys, he and Athena are not obligated to prove anyone's guilt, just to prove that their clients are innocent of whatever crimes the prosecution accuses them of.
    • Franziska ultimately loses because her case rests solely on the testimony of a person who has very good reason to lie, with no definitive evidence that backs it up. As Apollo points out, he could come up with any explanation for what happened, and it would be just as valid as Franziska's.

Attack on Titan
  • In Losing Control, it's suggested Annie has amnesia after she apparently doesn't remember anything when Levi interrogates her. Hange quickly points out that's not how amnesia works; she'd instead have loss of self-awareness or defective short-term memory, not a complete memory loss.

Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • In How I Became Yours, as Azula is regaining her lightning bending powers, Mai takes the opportunity to throw a knife into her chest, which nearly kills her. This averts Talking Is a Free Action and shows that mundane weapons, even ones as seemingly unimpressive as knives, are a threat against benders.
  • The Stalking Zuko Series:
    • Aang is majorly distrusted by the Fire Nation, not because he's their historical enemy or because of propaganda. No, they distrust him because he and the Ocean Spirit slaughtered countless Fire Nation soldiers, many of who had family. (An argument can be made that the Ocean Spirit was the one that did the killing, but it's unlikely that the Fire Nation will know or care about this factor.)
    • Aang's sparing of Ozai put Zuko's legitimacy as Fire Lord into question and loses him the respect of his comrades, seeing they all told him to kill Ozai and he put his beliefs over the good of the world.
    • When Zuko is hit by lightning, he had to see a real doctor and was comatose for a few days and bedridden for a week afterwards.
    • In the prequel Jet's Troubling Obsession, when Zuko tries to show Jin the view of Ba Sing Se, she lacks the fitness and strength that most of the Avatar cast has and had to be assisted by Zuko to get on the roof; this was supposed to compare the cast to normal people.

The Legend of Korra
  • Repairs, Retrofits and Upgrades:
    • Asami is in a world of pain over her father's death, and finally starting a relationship with Korra and going on a vacation won't fix that.
    • Kuvira may have given up, but her army is still massive and will uphold her former ideals even if she won't. It seems Suyin's belief they were a Keystone Army of unwilling conscripts was inaccurate. They're also entrenched throughout the territory and fortresses which resisted the Fire Nation for a century, and won't be beaten easily.
    • The Colossus was an engineering and logistical nightmare which worked partly due to dumb luck, and used so much metal, acquiring enough material to build a new one isn't possible.

  • Not Quite As Planned: Ichigo sees that Byakuya and Komamura are guarding Rukia's cell. His plan to get past them? Immediately go into Super Mode and drop both of them before they know what's going on because challenging them to a fight to make it fair isn't an option when he's marked as an invader on enemy soil.
  • A Protector's Pride Tia's 3 Fraccion all get shot in the back of the head while arguing by Ishida.
  • In a fic actually called Reality Ensues, Unohana learns the hard way that she doesn't get to just die peacefully in a Heroic Sacrifice, especially since Bleach has so many ways to cheat death and nobody with half a brain would let her stay dead since they need her to help against the Vandenreich.
  • In To Protect is to Defend, after Masaki's death Isshin decides to start training the ten-year old Ichigo to learn how to protect the family and to get Ichigo out of his depression over his mother. Since Ichigo dropped all his martial arts lessons, his injuries attract the attention and suspicion of the school nurses who document all his visits. The school nearly reports Isshin for child abuse, which only is prevented by Ryuuken, as the head of the hospital, intercepting the report. When Ryuuken breaks it to him, Isshin is horrified

Bridge to Terabithia
  • In A Life Rescued, the writer addresses many of the clichés found in Bridge to Terabithia Fanon:
    • Jess is a Peggy Sue who goes back in time to relive the fatal day, choosing to save Leslie. It turns out that he really has a mental illness, that the time travel is part of his delusions, and he requires extensive therapy, including three weeks in a psych facility. This was done to avert the even worse implications of an actual Peggy Sue, which would have involved a thirty-year-old in an eleven-year-old's body getting romantic with an actual eleven-year-old.
    • Jess is able to save Leslie's life, but they are both hospitalized, requiring physical therapy for Jess and incurring medical bills for his impoverished family.
      • Leslie's parents pay off Jess' medical bills in gratitude for saving their daughter, but the way they handled the situation offends Jess' father, to the extent that he initially forbids Jess to have anything to do with Leslie and her family.
    • Jess and Leslie fall in love at a young age, but due to said young age, Jess is uncomfortable even with Leslie's innocent physical desires (no more than some hugging and kissing). Additionally, Judy is concerned that the young couple's affection will lead them to become sexually active at an early age. Moreover, both Jess and Leslie have to deal with problems in their relationship, including jealousy; since, in love or not, they are still preteens, and later teenagers, with a (lack of) maturity appropriate to their ages. Finally, when Jess and Leslie are ready to become more physically affectionate once puberty sets in, they have to be careful not to go too far. Even then, Jess and Leslie still argue over how far is too far, with Jess, due to his conservative Catholic upbringing (in the fic, at least), being more reticent when it comes to issues of physical intimacy.
    • Some bullies lure Leslie into an ambush. Leslie is able to fight them off and Jess and their OC friend Tom leave their classes, to get a teacher and to aid Leslie, respectively. Tom's Big Damn Heroes moment catches Leslie off guard and he gets a black eye for his troubles. Leslie is nearly expelled for an apparently unprovoked attack, until she reluctantly discloses evidence that suggests the bullies intended some kind of sexual assault. All three are suspended from school: Leslie for fighting, and Tom and Jess for leaving class without permission. Additionally, regardless of their justifications, Jess and Leslie's parents both give additional punishments.
    • Some new neighbors move in, including a group of Innocent Fanservice Girls who have no problems with nudity and being very physically affectionate with boys (the way Leslie is sometime portrayed in other fics). The affectionate nature of one of the girls causes trouble between Jess and Leslie (see above regarding jealousy), and the girls' nudism tempts thirteen-year-old Tom, who surreptitiously observes and photographs them. Worst of all, their behavior stems from the fact that they are being molested and subjected to child pornography by their father, who gets one of them pregnant, driving her to suicide.
    • Grace, an OC friend, has a crush on Jess who, being happy with Leslie, avoids Grace. Their other OC friend, Barbara, tells Jess off for being stupid and pressures him to spend more time with Grace as her friend. Jess and Grace find themselves in a situation where they kiss, freaking both of them out and jeopardizing their friendship. Additionally, upon finding out whose idea this was, Grace blames Barbara, jeopardizing their friendship as well.
    • In the backstory, Bill and Judy went a little too far, sexually, when they were thirteen, and got pregnant. Judy found out that, no, she couldn't marry Bill at such a young age, and that the two of them ended up being separated for a few years before getting back together.
    • In the sequel fic, Bowing Out Gracefully, after graduating from high school, both Leslie and Jess go off to pursue their dreams. Jess' artistic talent, which is canon, leads to art school and a promising career in art. Meanwhile, in the first fic, Leslie discovered a talent for acting, which is realistically developed (given that the story takes place over four years); she is able to pursue this dream after graduating high school. Their respective dreams, however, pull the two in different directions and they break up. Pursuing his artistic career, Jess, having been cured by Leslie of his puritanical attitudes toward sexuality, pursues a meaningless sexual relationship with an OC and has a one-night stand with Grace. Meanwhile, Leslie's life deteriorates as she follows the path of many a young adult celebrity, and she abandons her acting career. Eventually, Jess and Leslie get back together.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • D'hoffryn reveals in ''The Last Ones Left that the words "I Wish" aren't necessary for him or his minions to use their magic. Wish is an English word and he's been around for thousands of years. All he needs is someone to express dissatisfaction and regret, which he uses when the dying Scoobies express their last regrets.
  • In The Pride of Sunnydale, Xander's roar is a very powerful weapon but has serious limitations. First, using it a second time against a group of vampires proved to be useless as they were still deaf. Second, he can't use it with allies nearby, especially in enclosed spaces, as they'll be hit by his attack as well.
  • Buffy nearly dies in Builders after being shot with a powerful tranquilizernote , which is why Xander and Giles were watching her until she woke up.
  • When Buffy tries to prove her Super Strength by bending rebar in Working for the Weekend, Joyce bends it back (albeit with some effort) and tells her that rebar is meant to bend so that's not as impressive as Buffy thinks. Joyce does believe her when Buffy twists it into a pretzel however.
    • Buffy's stint at an asylum is actually shown to be better for her as the alternative to claiming temporary insanity due to a bad drug reaction was a mandatory five year prison sentence for arson.
  • Done horrifically in Death and Life when the Scoobies forgetting to dig up Buffy's coffin before resurrecting her causes her to suffocate before she can reach the surface.

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

Code Geass
  • In More than just a Man Lelouch is turned into a vampire by C.C. but by her own admission, it takes far more than a bite and a few minutes for someone to change completely. She estimates Lelouch will need an entire year to change, longer if he doesn't intake the massive amounts of nutrients he needs for such a drastic change.
  • When Lelouch geasses Jeremiah to "shoot him in such a way it couldn't be self-inflicted" in Dauntless, the resulting injury nearly kills Lelouch and leaves him hospitalized for weeks.
  • Knightmare Frames aren't the be all end all for military vehicles in Armed Resistance as shown when several fighter jets utterly curb stomp Lelouch and his squad due to being far far faster than any Knightmare.
  • Likewise in Code Geass: Lelouch of Britannia, tanks and artillery can be useful against Knightmares if the latter's maneuverability is negated, like say firing from outside their targeting range.
    Lelouch: "Anything which can kill a sixty-ton tank can certainly harm an eight-ton Knightmare."
  • After destroying Cornelia's base and killing Darlton in Code Geass: Redo of the Rebellion, Lelouch gives her a Bond One-Liner as a final taunt before he escapes. Unfortunately for him, that snapped Cornelia out of her shock and let her focus on hunting him down. If not for C.C.'s interference, she would have killed him.
  • My Mirror Sword And Shield:
    • Honorary Britanians being the hated minority group that they are, suffer high rates of sexual assault in the military. The reason Suzaku was able to avoid this was because he won Emperor Lelouch's favor.
    • Despite Lelouch’s secret plans helping Nunnally during the early years of her rule, it still her took six years to enact most of the reforms and for the world governments to stabilize.

  • The Dark Knight Saga/Harry Potter Fusion Fic Harry Potter and the Dark Knight deconstructs a certain Harry Potter Fandom-Specific Plot:
    The Joker seemed satisfied, "NOW!" he clapped his hands together. "Where's ole little Griphook?"
    The tiny goblin stepped forward reluctantly, not pleased at all that "Harry" had remembered him.
  • When Harry Potter winds up in the Star Wars galaxy in Havoc Side of the Force, he doesn't understand a word of (almost) any language used, and becomes a smuggler to support himself as he has no knowledge, money, or identification that could help him. Later, Harry tries firing spells at a pirate ship attacking his ship, and he misses horribly until R2-D2 helps him since in space, he has no way of judging relative velocity, size, or distance.
  • During the Halloween spell in The Hell-er-Nator: Chaos Machine, things are far more serious than the actual Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode. The titular Terminator, pirates, and others cause easily dozens of murders, rapes, and arsons. Children are forced to become soldiers or die horribly. And while the police are doing what they can, there's so much chaos, a detective remarks that soon they'll be down to half a car and a dog for each crisis (then notes that they don't even have enough manpower for that).
  • In Here be Dragons the protagonist's mostly civilian crew tries to play Big Damn Heroes against an enemy powerful enough to capture two Jedi... and swiftly get their arses kicked, needing The Cavalry to save them in turn.
  • When the Scoobies need to get rid of Alcatha and pieces of the Judge in A Hunter's Tale, they take Left's suggestion and encase them in cement and dump them in the ocean after drawing holy symbols on the containers.
  • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, when Dark Magical Girl Fate received a whipping from her mother for not doing her job well enough, she had some visible wounds on her body, but wasn't too badly injured. In Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight, that same event combined with the way she was pushing herself hard without getting enough sleep, which was the same way she pushed herself in canon, caused severe internal injuries that would have killed her if her Familiar Arf hadn't managed to get help in time.
  • Mare Genius: Pinkie tries to surprise combat-trained Agatha with a Party Cannon and gets exactly the kind of counterattacking Reflexive Response you would expect from someone seeing what appears to be a weapon pointed at them.
  • Mass Effect Human Revolution:
    • Singularity doesn't just make people float around haplessly. Here, victims get sucked in and turned into Ludicrous Gibs.
    • Chapter 36. No matter how strong your Healing Factor you will still go down after getting hit in the head enough times.
    • Chapter 41. Wreav may be Bio Augmented up the wazoo but he still will fall when multiple squads and a Wanzer empty their weapons into him. And infantry-scale attacks, even from the second strongest known human biotic, aren't going to do anything to a building rated against nuclear strikes.
  • Subverted in Mikami Vs. the Cybermen. After eight days straight of writing, he mentions how surprised he is that he hasn't run out of ink. Double Subverted right afterwards, when he dies of thirst.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate story New Guard, Xander has a lot of trouble figuring out his new powers after being turned into Superman and the Stargate team has just as much trouble testing them. While testing his speed, Xander first destroyed his shoes and a treadmill, then couldn't use a treadmill for military machines due to not being heavy enough. Finally when he did free running on a track, his clothes were destroyed and he couldn't go full speed without creating a sonic boom.
  • Played with, though also straight, in the 1983: Doomsday Stories, which has Austria hoping against hope that Hungary survived Doomsday. She doesn't. Though it doesn't stop her from looking after him even after death.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, the heroes use digistruction tech from Pandora to produce not only huge starships but also massive cloning machinery in an extremely short timeframe. They end up with billions of clones...and are promptly held up by provisioning delays that come with arranging such a large force.
  • In The Queen Who Fell To Earth this is something Harry is quite aware of as time passes, as everything the dragons can offer (new power sources, among other things) has the potential of offsetting the world's balance of power.
  • In A Spark of Genius, Leviathan aka Xander uses his portal technology to blast Hawkgirl with arctic water. Xander's banter is cut short when he realizes she's entering the first stages of hypothermia and he quickly teleports her to the Watch Tower's med-bay.
    • Later, Xander's attempt to disarm a suicide bomber at Super Speed result in him accidentally tearing the man's arm off.
  • Thinking In Little Green Boxes - a strange man shows up at the front gate of a school asking to see a little boy that doesn't know him. Hagrid goes straight to jail. Later subverted when he becomes a Magic Avenger.
  • When Tony Stark stops all production of weapons by his company and switches to electronic devices (such as computers and phones) in A Third Path to the Future, thousands of employees are laid off (and hired by competitors) as their skills aren't compatible. Though Emma Frost does note that while Stark's former employees do resent him, it's far less than expected.
  • In White Devil of the Moon, Nanoha realizes that Princess Serenity could have caused a diplomatic incident if she came to harm in any of her trips to Earth, and when she fell in love with Endymion, he might have turned out to have been an unscrupulous individual seeking the throne.
  • Christian Grey Vs Pepper Potts is written based on the premise of how situations from Fifty Shades of Grey would have gone if a woman aware of abuse and healthy BDSM was in Ana's place. Among them:
    • Pepper Potts is not impressed by Grey's attempts to stalk her or mail her a BDSM contract without her consent. She ends up appealing to Black Widow and Hawkeye for protection, to put an end to the stalking.
    • When She-Hulk is told about Christian trying to rope Pepper into said contract, the first thing she says is that such contracts aren't legally binding. When Christian mails her a copy of Tess of the d'Ubervilles and compares him to Alec and her to Tess, she notes that Alec was a horrible person and using him and Tess as a literary couple is not a good way to compare a real life relationship. When she wakes up in a hotel room after getting drunk and finds that Christian removed her clothes and won't tell her where they are, she freaks out and runs out of the hotel, telling Black Widow (who was searching for her outside) "Thank God. I think my client is a creeper."
    • Jane is appalled, instead of turned on, when Christian tries to finger her at his family's charity event.
    • On the flipside, while She-Hulk thinks that Christian is a sleezebag and very much supports Pepper filing charges against him, she still takes his case against Hawkeye and Black Widow because them attacking him in defense of Pepper, while understandable, was still illegal. This is followed by She-Hulk having to drop the case because Christian starts trying to force her into a romantic relationship with her, which makes business arrangements between then unethical.
    • The fact that Christian Grey (a rich, perverted, idiotic lunatic) manages to escape the detection of every superhero and secret agent out to get him is because he's a rich, perverted, idiotic lunatic (and so has an entirely different mindset that the typical looking-to-Take Over the World super villain), and they are approaching the problem from the wrong direction. They discover this shortly before he manages to nearly attack (with intention to kill) the Black Widow (who is almost to term with her and Hawkeye's child, subverting the expected use of Pregnant Badass (she doesn't single-handedly kicks his ass, but is able to buy time for the Big Damn Heroes).
  • In Who Loves Thee Best, Itachi Uchiha leaves the Uchiha village with everyone slaughterednote  and spends eight years searching the lands to break the curse on his only and closest friend Masataka who is cursed to an eternal sleep unless he's kissed by someone who loves him a la Sleeping Beauty. When Itachi finally returns to the village to lift Masataka's curse, he finds that Masataka's hair and nails have grown to ridiculous lengths. His body and muscles wasted away due to starvation and lack of use because there was no one to care for a comatose person with the implication that Masataka stayed alive due to the curse.
  • In the A Certain Magical Index/Puella Magi Madoka Magica crossover Walpurgisnaught, Touma picks up one of Homura's guns and uses it. Since he had never handled a gun before, the noise hurts his ears and the recoil hurts his arm.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Anita Blake story The Devil in the Details, Buffy Summers points out to Anita Blake that the U.S. is not a land of feudal lords and that this is not the Middle Ages. The so-called "master of the city" has absolutely no legal authority at all, and that when he uses his thugs to force people to come to him, he's guilty of ordering kidnapping. Similarly, she points out that the US Constitution legally allows anyone to live anywhere, and the Master of the City has no authority to forbid anyone from living where they want. And when he orders Anita to bring Buffy to his presence, Buffy calls the cops and has Anita Blake arrested.
  • In In Stark Contrast, Xander uses a wrist mounted railgun he made in an attempt to stake Spike and Drusilla. While he dusts Spike, Drusilla survives and Buffy (who was using Drusilla as a hostage/human shield) gets a hole in her collar bone from over-penetration.
  • From the Italian remake of Battle Fantasia Project:
    • the Nightmare Factory has a large number of hideouts exposed due the simple fact they double as legally registered factories, thus, once The Masquerade is lifted, the authorities notice their name and not only start raiding at the first excuse but accidentally leak their position to the Sailor Senshi in the process of confirming to each other their position (Sailor Venus' day job happens to be in the police);
    • Minako's Dark and Troubled Past has left a deep scar in her subconscious;
    • Mimete's car had a bomb inside, put there by Sailor Venus to try and destroy the Death Busters early and detonated when she ran off a cliff due sabotage from her colleagues;
    • Tuxedo Kamen is up to his antics because he knows that engaging directly the much more powerful monsters would end with him dead, and thus is reduced to hit-and-run tactics and acting so crazy the enemy gets stunned while Sailor Moon attacks them;
    • Homura Akemi is absolutely pathetic in using rifles, and her choice of weapons isn't the best. Also, she has no idea that old and worn guns aren't safe, and one of her aquisitions nearly got the chief of the police fired for losing a large number of confiscated guns;
    • Japanese police is wary of the Magical Girls because they happen to look like punks (the exceptions being the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, where Minako serves and whose chief is more tolerant, and that of Mitakihara, whose chief is the father of a blue-haired magical girl).
  • From the Babylon 5/Star Trek crossover Shielded Under the Raptor's Wings:
    • Before the intervention of the Federation, the Klingon and the Romulans, Earth Alliance managed to devastate the Minbari merchant fleet. It not only slowed down the Minbari advance, but caused such damage to their ability to support their military outside their territory that the Battle of the Line was their last chance to win the war, as they cannot repeat the attempt anymore. Also, they couldn't pull out the ground forces fighting on Cyrus, that remained stuck there;
    • On the opposite side, the Federation, Klingon and Romulan war effort is hampered by the fact the story is set right after Praxis, with the Klingon economy in shambles and supported only by large chunks of the Federation merchant navy, that is thus unable to adequately support the fleet deployed on the other side of the galaxy while the Romulans are still recovering from a recent civil war and their own economic crisis. Also, as of chapter 6 their effort is even more hampered by an antimatter shortage (the Romulans suffer less as they still have in service a number of fusion-powered ships, but singularity-powered ships are still in development and thus their best ships are antimatter-powered), and the only ones who can supply enough antimatter to prosecute the war are the Centauri;
    • The Minbari actions didn't earn them any sympathy among the Younger Races, and now their aura of invincibility has been shattered some of them have joined the war on the other side;
    • Minbari tank designs get heavily criticized for the choice of armouring it with a material excellent against energy weapons but extremely vulnerable to kinetic penetrators (a choice that could be justified in space, as using kinetic weapons in space is extremely difficult due the extreme range and speeds involved, but is suicidal on the ground where the shorter range and lower speeds make kinetic weapon the best choice), the main gun being extremely powerful but fixed forward and thus unable to target anything on the sides, and the presence of radiator fins that not only are even more vulnerable than the rest of the tank but also make them much larger, and thus hamper their movements if they get caught into urban areas or similarly cramped spaces. The only one that gets a pass is the Windsword Assault Tank, by virtue of featuring a superior composite armour (making it a Lightning Bruiser capable of surviving hits that would have destroyed any EarthForce tank) that covers the radiator fins and having been cobbled together at the start of the war from technologies being developed specifically to correct the aforementioned flaws (thus being still excessively large and with a fixed forward guns), with prototypes that correct said flaws being under testing;
    • Minbari artillery only uses field guns, has low numbers and only uses antimatter shells. The low numbers of guns allow EarthForce to shoot down the shells in the air, and the large calibers and use of antimatter shells mean they cannot support their forces close. EarthForce artillery, more primitive but including both mortars and field guns and having a wider choice of shells (fragmentation-HE, saboted KE slugs, nukes, gas, and others) is consistently shown as superior.
    • Many Minbari are under the impression that War Is Glorious, and are implied to believe that a Minbari army surrounded, outnumbered and outgunned could defeat any enemy by simply charging out. The Minbari army on Cyrus does just that, and is slaughetered in a way that proves that War Is Hell. Interestingly, the soldiers who charged knew it, but they did it anyway because if they did anything else they would have been branded as cowards and the lesson they had learned would have been swept under the rug.
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supergirl crossover story Not In Kansas, Kara's sex addiction is treated as a real and serious problem rather than a dream come true for men.
  • Ship of the Line: The Death Star: When the Death Star suddenly appears over Earth, it causes minor earthquakes over a large portion of the world due to having roughly the same mass as the moon and being far closer.
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Iron Man: Ferris;
  • Naruto's female soldiers in The (Questionable) Burdens of Leadership of a Troll Emperor wear the exact same kind of armor as the men. Naruto wanted to give their armor breasts but realized that doing so would deflect the force of blows directly into their breast bone, the exact opposite of what it should do.
    • The Replicators (as in ALL of them) are defeated in a matter of minutes by Kocho when she uses her Technopath powers to override their primary function of "Replicate" to "Obey". This is made even easier by the fact the Replicators didn't have an overriding will controlling them.
    • The Tollan end up subverted by the fact the Celestial Empire is extremely sexually liberal and no matter what the Tollan government tries, the younger generation is still going to be drawn by a brand new culture, particularly when no-strings sex is commonplace.
    • When Naruto arrives on Earth, thousands eagerly convert to worshiping Naruto as unlike every religion's god(s), Naruto is obviously present and has no problem healing everyone in a hospital because he can.
    • While Naruto and Xanna's super soldiers do wear Power Armor that greatly enhances their speed, strength, and reflexes, they also have to have several cybernetic upgrades to use said armor. Anyone who isn't of Sekirei descent needs to have all four limbs replaced with prosthetics and everyone needs to have nanobots to reinforce their skeleton, otherwise the sheer power of their armor would crush their bodies. Likewise, since all Power Armor has to be custom made to perfectly fit each individual, it requires special machinery to put on or take off.
  • While flying in Stone in Love, the Scoobies learn that it's much easier to hear someone talking in front of them unless they're wearing radios. As a result, their in flight conversations consist of saying their piece then falling behind the next speaker so they can hear their response.
  • In Wizard Runemaster, Onyxa's minions don't follow Mook Chivalry so when a raid group engages one, the rest come running and slaughter most of the group. While a few get away wounded, it's also noted that they're unlikely to get past the many black drakes and whelps outside the lair.
    • Minions in general will swarm any group they encounter. When Harry's group attacks Stratholme and are spotted by a Shade, it's shout draws half the city upon them.
  • When captured by CT and his Insurrectionists in I Against I, Me Against You, Rarity tries the same trick she used against the diamond dogs in A Dog and Pony Show. It doesn't end well for Captain Eberle. Turns out attempting to intentionally annoy your captor isn't such a good idea when said captor is a delusional psychopath.
  • When Cameron sits on Xander's lap shortly after they start dating in Strangely Literal, she nearly crushes his legs since her android body weighs a few hundred pounds. She compensates by putting almost all her weight on her legs. She still forgets her strength and/or weight a few times throughout the story.
  • Happens all the time in the Ranma ˝/Sailor Moon crossover No Chance For Fate, especially with the parts played for laughs. Victims of the youma do feel the psychological effects, Kuno's harassing of Akane ends up in her snapping and beating him within an inch of his life, leading to the police investigating and cracking down hard on both the Kuno siblings for all the shit they pulled and the Furinkan staff for covering it up (Sasuke escapes only because he's the one who actually tried to do something, and is desperately trying to understand why the Kuno siblings grew up as they did), Happosai is shown as the monster he is who reduced Soun to an emotional wreck and made Genma in the Jerkass he is, the Sailor Soldiers in the original timeline were dismal rulers, and so on.
  • Venus Flash:
    • The story is set in the Sailor Moon manga universe, showing what Minako was up to between her voyage to China and her debut in the main series. As a consequence of what happened in China, namely killing her true love and finding out she, the Goddess of Love, will always choose duty over love, she's not in her best psychological form, and is outright a Jerk with a Heart of Gold until she recovers.
    • Cutey Honey comes from the manga version. After destroying Panther Claw, the personal losses she had suffered in the fight almost drove her to suicide, and she still blocked out her own memories and turned herself back into a child, as she just couldn't go on anymore.
    • The story is narrated by Minako, an extremely energetic Genius Ditz. The narration is somewhat confusionary, and sometimes interrupted by Minako answering a question posed by her friends.
    • Sailor Venus has stumbled on the Dark Kingdom's plans more than once, even trying to intervene in Sailor Moon's debut fight and only failing because the Dark Kingdom's youma found her first.
    • Before the start of the story, Sailor Venus has destroyed a whole branch of the Dark Kingdom. As a consequence, Beryl has sent out multiple powerful youma specifically to kill her, with a group including four heavy hitters and and weaker one that can suppress her powers.
    • In their first fight, Sailor Venus and Beryl's hit-youma Manegin are evenly matched in terms of strength... But Manegin has powerful claws, and Venus is nearly killed when she charges her directly. On the other hand, Sailor Venus is an experienced combatant practicing martial arts and Manegin has no such skills, and after that claw strike Venus holds the advantage.
    • Cutey Honey is a Combat Pragmatist, and her abilities come from her being an android and having the Airborne Element Fixing Device, that rearranges the atoms in the air and those of her own body to change her form. She's just as terrifying as you can expect.
    • Panther Claw's Mooks are armed with Luger and Nambu Type pistols and Thompson submachine guns. The handgun choices is criticized because the Lugers have a small magazine and are just too flimsy for modern military rounds and the Nambu fire an underpowered round that is out of mass production.
  • The Floating Castle becomes a massive case of Reality Ensues for the residents of Aincrad after the castle is summoned to Halkagenia by Louise as suddenly, they're no longer in a videogame but the real world. Monsters no longer stay in their designated floors, avoid safe zones, or use set attack patterns. Getting hurt means actual injuries that can take weeks to heal (assuming you don't die before receiving medical attention) and death means someone has to take care of the resulting corpse. Lastly, the players no longer have inventories to hold all their supplies and shops are limited to what's actually present, which results in the players quickly running low on supplies.
  • When Naruto takes too long to pick up some weapons he commissioned from a blacksmith in Naruto: The Gamer Files, said blacksmith sells them off to recoup his losses. Apparently not even having your life turn into a videogame allows you to Take Your Time.
  • In Ten Costumes Cordelia Never Wore, Supergirl Cordelia points out all the flaws with the Scoobies' plan to blow up the Judge using a rocket launcher. Namely, Buffy is trying to hit a man-sized target in a crowded mall with a weapon designed to kill tanks. Even if she hits him, she's likely to kill several people from both the explosion and the shrapnel. Furthermore, her friends are standing right behind her and would get fried by the back blast.
  • When Kirche sends her familiar to capture Louis so she could talk to him in An Acolyte of Zero, Louise responds to the salamander attacking her familiar by cutting its throat.
  • In The Passing of the Shades of Black, the Men in Black have stopped their old practice of immediately putting new agents in the field to learn under a senior agent because it caused endless problems during J's early days. Now all agents sit through six months of training before possibly being made field agents. The ones who don't make the cut for field agent end up in one of numerous support positions.
  • Months after being kidnapped by slavers and escaping in Deal with a Devil, Harry Potter and Sally-Anne Perks still have nightmares about them. It's even worse for Sally-Anne since Harry escaped himself whereas she was rescued and afterwards a bunch of wizards showed up and erased the memories of all the other children captured. Since Sally-Anne doesn't know they were Ministry workers maintaining the Statute of Secrecy, she spends months fearing they'll suddenly find her and erase her memories too. As a result, she's developed a severe anxiety disorder.
  • Kyosuke recognizes Sayaka as a magical girl almost immediately when she makes her debut in Justice Society of Japan, due to the fact fact that she not only ducked out of a concert right before all the superhero stuff went down, but she's not even wearing a mask.
  • In Cycles Upon Cycles, Liara T'soni develops PTSD after seeing her entire archaeological team die. Furthermore, she's a scientist and archaeologist, not a soldier; as a result, she stays out of the fighting.
  • When a person with superhuman strength and a person with average physicality that is not prepared to fight or escape from the superhuman in any way whatsoever (and said superhuman wants to kill badly) meet, the result is a Curb-Stomp Battle on the superhuman's favor. This is what happens to Gendo Ikari on Superwomen Of Eva Treacherous Web. Another dose of reality occurs in the fact that killing Gendo does not makes anybody's lives easier-Shinji (who is a "Well Done, Son!" Guy) ends in a very severe depression and SEELE gets even more freedom to screw everybody over (because the Gambit Pileup between their plans and Gendo's was one of the things holding them back).
  • In How I Learned to Love a Wild Horse, WOOHP is fully aware of the activities of the Nerima Wrecking Crew and as such believes them to be either a group of supervillains or possibly a terrorist organization from the massive amounts of property damage they're responsible for.
  • Wardes fiddling with the Staff of Destruction in Emperor of Zero in an attempt to understand how it works sets the weapon off. As a result, he's badly burned from the backblast and the airship he was on is heavily damaged and forced to land.

  • In the Teen Titans fic Consequence of Misunderstandings, Starfire attacks Raven (who left the team five years prior) while the latter is on a date. Afterwards, not only does the Titans' reputation take a major blow, but the entire situation becomes an interstellar incident since Starfire is Empress of Tamaran. Batman lectures them after hearing "all the details about that debacle from various media sources. And from the Department of Justice. And the State Department, the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, and the leaders of the Armed Forces." Furthermore, Starfire ordering three battlecruisers into Sol's heliosphere without informing the Justice League or the Armed Forces is treated as an act of war. She's given twenty-four hours to get them out of the system or they'll be destroyed and she'll be deported from the planet and barred from ever returning.
  • In Don't Poke the Golden Goose, almost everyone at the Daily Planet is fully aware that Clark Kent is Superman. They just don't let anyone else know since if Clark's life became too hard, he might well just leave and they'd be out both a superhero and a skilled reporter.

Death Note

Dragon Ball
  • In A Jealous Wish (written well before Episode of Bardock) a thirteen years old Goku wishes his father back to life. Said father is an incredibly strong warrior who exterminated planets for a living and was so fearsome that had to swear to not do it again to come back to life (on pain of dying immediately if he even tried again), has seen in a vision that Goku will grow up to defeat intergalactic tyrant Frieza, and has zero knowledge of Earth's customs. It's a miracle there's only one casualty so far...
    • Bardock's musings reveals that, once upon a time, one of Bardock's squadmates decided to take alien drugs to get high, and, knowing just how sturdy Saiyan bodies were, he didn't read the labels. He died fast, as the first drug contained an ingredient that was just that toxic to Saiyan bodies. This also led to Bardock's utter terror of incompetents doctors and the one casualty, as a well-meaning doctor managed to pass himself as incompetent while trying to cure Goku and Bardock threw him through a wall to protect his son and do the world a favour.
      • The same musings also reveal a piece of intelligence in Frieza's army: they colour-code their drugs and make sure every soldier knows the code specifically to avoid this kind of incidents.
    • Bardock is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, and told Goku's friends as little as he could. Bulma has Goku kidnapped to protect him from someone she thinks is a jerk who is only interested in torturing his own son and using him to murder someone named Frieza.
    • Speaking about the kidnapping... Bardock can fly faster than sound, has an incredibly acute sense of smell, and is smart enough to learn as much as he can about Earth's society, including that we send our children to communal schools. Upon losing the track of Bulma's mercs due their aircraft going through populated airspace, he goes after their families and successfully takes hostage the daughter of one of them faster than they could deliver Goku to Bulma.

The Familiar of Zero
  • Present but downplayed in Jus Primae Noctis, and even played for laughs, most notably when Saito notes that anyone who thinks spending the night with four beautiful girls in his room is a good thing has obviously never done it. There's a lot of arguing, competitiveness, and jealousy between the girls.
  • In Soldier of Zero, Guiche breaks up with Montmorency after the love potion incident as he simply can't trust someone who was willing to brainwash him into loving her.
  • Zulu Squad No Tsukaima:

  • Forward:
    • River faces off against a rival pirate crew's Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy. The battle begins with them sizing each other up, and with the martial artist declaring River as a Worthy Opponent, who might be able to truly test his skills, and he rushes at her with his bo staff. River shoots him twice in the head. Then she demands chocolate.
    • Later on, River is facing a group of vengeful pirates. She's on the ground, and they're in their ship. She starts running for cover behind some boulders where they can't shoot her, only to get hit by the backwash of their engines and get thrown into said boulders, breaking her legs and back.

  • Frozen Hearts:
  • Secret Passages:
    • If you're going to lock Elsa in her room and lie to Anna about why she can't see Elsa, you really can't say you're good parents, and Anna and Elsa, being teenagers, are both going to rebel as much as possible.
    • As a teenage girl, it's pretty natural that Elsa would come to hate being confined to her room, and lectured for things that aren't her fault. Throwing icicles and breaking a window in fits of rage is perfectly understandable.
    • Similarly, the isolation makes it understandable why Elsa would come to resent the idea of an arranged marriage.
Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
  • In At Gates Edge, Alphonse has orphaned for years due to the absence of his father, deaths of his mother and brother. He tries to sell his home to get away from the bad memories but can't sell it because it's Hohenheim's property and Al doesn't own it until Hohenheim either gives it to him or is confirmed dead. He is currently fighting the bank to get the property in his name.
  • In The Cripple Arc, Edward is trapped in an abusive relationship. As much as Edward wants to leave, no one in 1920s-era London is willing to hire a disabled man with no connections or job history.

Girls und Panzer
  • Boys Und Senshado has "simunitions" for the tanks in tankery, as the author believes tankery is otherwise dangerous enough. Despite this, Miho ends up being seriously hurt when she accidentally gets hit in the chest by a shell, and would have lost her legs if the tank had accidentally rolled over her.
  • Some fanfics run off the plotline that winning the tournament is not necessarily enough on its own to prevent Oarai from being shut down, such as in "Girls Und Panzer: New Fields of Battle". Flip Side of the Coin has an alternative take - Oarai remains open, but Anzio gets shut down instead.

  • Frequently Played With in Hunting The Unicornlots of tropes show up naturally, but everyone who actively tries to invoke a trope will end up just failing at best, or running into consequences at worst. Most notable is Blaine's past attempt to invoke Sex Equals Love, which... didn't work. Another case is where Blaine hits his head during a kidnapping and the Easy Amnesia/Tap on the Head tropes are very much averted. Namely, that the normally-sensible Blaine devolves into asking Kurt the same questions every few minutes, becomes terrified of falling asleep, and has headaches that he futilely tries to explain as strange-colored wind. He later tries to reason with his kidnapper, and ends up watching him try to strangle Kurt.

Harry Potter
  • The Boy Who Died shows the consequences of making little Harry Potter a famous figure, icon of the Light, and the enemy of dark wizards everywhere before he even knows how to talk let alone protect himself.
  • In Changes Dumbeldore's excuse of "I know what's best" doesn't cut it in a court of law and when his history of child neglect comes to light he is stripped from his position as a school headmaster.
  • In Disciplinary Action, Harry and Ron get in serious trouble at work when someone overhears Ron confessing to Confounding a muggle and Harry not doing anything about it. Ron's fired and possibly facing prison time while Harry's suspended pending an investigation into just how much he's covered up for Ron. After a furious lecture from their boss, Harry agrees with her it's for the best if they're to keep their vow of ending the policy of connections being more important than competence.
  • Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness:
    • Let's face it—those kids never really stood a chance of doing anything but keeping the Death Eaters busy while Harry dealt with Voldemort. Teenagers against adults who have spent the better parts of their lives learning to use magic designed to inflict pain, suffering, and death? The D.A. is lucky they lasted as long as they did.
    • From 1997 through 1998, Wizarding Britain was taken over by a far right terrorist group focused on cleansing the magical society of Muggle Borns and impure bloodlines. In A Peccatis, even a decade after they were stopped, is it really a surprise that Muggle Borns have left the Wizarding world or are refusing to send their children to Hogwarts for fear the insanity will start all over again?
  • In Harry Potter & the Azkaban Parody Harry's former friends demand (not "ask", demand) his forgiveness for wrongfully imprisoning him in Azkaban and then confine him to school and their presence. Not to mention burning all of his possessions, and killing Hedwig right in front of him would leave no good memories of them. Harry isn't real inclined to forgive them no matter how much they demand it, and plans to sue them all for the damages they've done.
  • Harry Potter: Junior Inquisitor:
    • When Amelia Bones finds one of her aurors (Tonks) sneaking into a restricted area on Dumbledore's orders, she fires Tonks on the spot. "Leader of the Light" or not, aurors aren't allowed to take orders from anyone outside the chain of command.
    • Harry learns that his Firebolt was destroyed beyond repair while being checked for curses and the professors covered it up by buying a new one with his money. It's noted by Susan and Amelia Bones that it'd take longer for the manufacturer to repair it or build a new one than the amount of time the teacher's allegedly took to fully strip it down, check it for curses, and rebuild it.
    • When most of the professors and several members of the Order of the Phoenix help Dumbledore drug the Hogwarts students with potions to make them accept anything they see or are told, along with imprisoning anyone who escapes their dosing, every professor who helped (and every Order member) is arrested on the spot. According to Madam Marchbanks, Hogwarts will be closed at least temporarily given that almost the entirety of it's staff is going to be fired.
  • In Harry Potter and the Puppet of Time a wizard once, through several legal loopholes, became heir to all of the Hogwarts founders and over two thirds of the Wizengamot. Those in power naturally refused to give up control of magical Britain to this one man and a few centuries later, the story is still told as a rather funny joke.
  • In Harry Potter and the Something Something the most perfect girl ever appears in Voldemort's lair offering him a shot at redemption. Voldemort is entranced by her pretty eyes... the Sue ends up dead like all the others that keep bothering Voldemort but he kept her pretty eyes to play with.
  • If Them's the Rules shows regardless of Harry raising Tom Riddle in better circumstances and giving him an ideal childhood, Tom Riddle is still a sociopath.
  • Like Hell He Will shows how Harry's male classmates would react to the idea of him having a harem of all the girls in school. Hint: it doesn't end well — for Harry, that is.
  • In Lord of Caer Azkaban Harry sends in his elite team of soldiers to take out Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Harry doesn't participate in the battle himself because he knows that, as an untrained student, he'll just get in their way.
  • A Necessary Gift shows that even if you defeat the Big Bad that doesn't mean everything gets magically better or his followers (and the prejudiced ideology he espoused that allowed him to gain power in the first place) will go away. In fact things get worse because the only one who could control the bad guys is no longer around...
  • In No Curiosity the child abuse Harry Potter receives leads to psychological problems and Harry becomes an Extreme Doormat.
  • When Harry remembers Griphook from his first visit to Gringott's in Nymphadora's Beau, the goblin neither remembers nor cares about some child he escorted four years prior.
  • In the one-shot Potter's Bride, after Gabrielle marries Harry because he saved her life, she finds it's not a fairy tale romance after all. She's a small child who no longer lives with her family, is stuck in a country where she doesn't speak the language, and lives with a boy she barely knows.
  • As mentioned in an author's note in the AU Raised By Darkness concerning why Sirius Black isn't immediately released from Azkaban; because although Minister Fudge has grown a backbone in this fic and "is being nice to Harry and the Dementors he has no evidence to suggest Sirius Black is innocent and he still wouldn't believe Harry who is close friends with the man."
  • In Too Late, the Potters are revealed to have faked their deaths to train their other son to defeat Voldemort. Upon returning to the world at large, they learn that due to being declared dead, they have no money and no way to even gain employment as they're still legally dead.
  • In Where is Hermione?, Hermione runs away to New Zealand after the Final Battle and lives with her parents. Harry spends eight years trying to find her before eventually giving up, so when she shows up at his house eleven years after the Final Battle to tell Harry he has a daughter, Harry wants nothing to do with Hermione. In fact, he's moved on and gotten married to Gabrielle Delacour.
  • In Wish Carefully, Harry decides to spare his people a war and surrenders Wizarding England to the Death Eaters while he and the rest of the Light's supporters go into exile. The large loss of the population (and skilled workers) decimates the economy and due to the purebloods' close relations, inbreeding is rampant and their population is slowly dying out, and Voldemort just becomes more and more unhinged as time goes on.
  • Alexandra Quick: As Alexandra finds out, being the protagonist doesn't make you immune to the rules, and even if you broke the rules and endangered people for the right reasons, that doesn't mean you don't have to suffer the consequences. Dean Grimm even tells her that she's had to actively step in and defend Alexandra's right to remain at Charmbridge, and by the end of Stars Above, Alexandra's gone too far and gets expelled.
  • When three Ravenclaw girls bully Luna in When is it a Contract by stealing her homework and possessions, two are expelled with the third arrested. Sabotaging someone's education or stealing personal possessions aren't waived off as "children being children", especially when said possessions (Luna's brooch and another student's earrings) are extremely valuable.
  • In The Lion's Pride, when Scrimgeour talks to Harry on Christmas and Harry declares he "hasn't forgotten" while showing the scars on his hand, Scrimgeour has no idea what Harry's raised fist is supposed to mean. The cold winter air along with how tightly Harry's fist is clenched makes the scars basically invisible.
    • Also, Harry's remark of Scrimgeour being "just like Crouch" doesn't mean the same to Scrimgeour as it does to Harry. Harry's talking about Crouch throwing the innocent Sirius in Azkaban without a trial. Scrimgeour, who has no idea about Sirius being innocent or not getting a trial, thinks Harry's talking about Crouch's motions that (among other things) allowed Aurors to kill Death Eaters instead of capturing them, something that prevented numerous deaths among the Auror corps.
  • Because Lupin agonizes for so long over whether he should introduce himself to Harry in For Love Of Magic, when he finally does, Harry treats him as an acquaintance at best and a friend of Sirius' at worst. Knowing a friend of his parents would be nice to talk to but Lupin clearly must not value them that much if he never once contacted Harry and then spent nearly a year between meeting Harry and mentioning his past relationship with James.

  • In Brainbent, Eridan tried to intentionally invoke something he saw in a prison movie- specifically, the idea that if you end up in prison, you should make an example of anyone who tries to fuck with you so everyone else will respect you. Not only did it not work, it actually did the exact opposite of what he wanted: nobody respects him because they're all afraid of him, so instead of becoming admired and respected, he just got alienated even more, to the point that nobody wanted to talk to him, even people who were the closest thing he had to real friends.
  • Cultstuck has Tavros run into a nasty case of this when he's trying to escape through the tunnels: even when he finds Karkat and thus has someone to guide him, the tunnels have lots of cracks and uneven surfaces, so while Karkat by himself can easily move through them, they suddenly become a lot harder to get through when he's pushing a guy in a wheelchair. It gets worse when Karkat is poisoned and their path to the Dark Hive leads them down a long flight of stairs.
    • At one point in the story, Karkat fights a threshecutioner, and this trope occurs in both a good way and a bad way: The good way is that while the threshecutioner is bigger and stronger than Karkat, Karkat's done far more training than him, so he can easily hold his own- in fact, he's better. The bad way is that while Karkat's been taught to fight, he's never been in a fight for real, so when he draws blood, he's shocked and horrified and it nearly gets him killed.
  • 0k shows that while the main twelve may be big fish in the small pond that was Alternia, the Fleet is a whole different matter: No, a mutant isn't going to be allowed to join the Fleet, he'll be culled; no, an heiress with no exceptional fighting abilities won't be able to beat a much older and more experienced troll; no, someone with Sollux's powers won't escape being helmed; no, the Fleet isn't going to tolerate a stoner who's barely lucid, so it's not long before Gamzee's dead; no, someone as demanding and attention-seeking as Vriska won't be tolerated for long when nobody around her likes her or is willing to put up with her, so she gets killed soon enough; and yes, someone whose blood colour and rank is high enough really can get away with murder, so if you want to put a stop to it, you're going to have to be very damn careful.

Kantai Collection
  • Ambience A Fleet Symphony:
    • In chapter 31, Sanford explains at length to the ship girls about how trying to uplift the Chicago poor by just having the rich give money away won't work.
    • In chapter 34, it's mentioned that staying underground without sunlight means Vitamin D supplements are needed.
    • In chapter 42, once Shiranui loses the element of surprise, Kongou clearly has the upper hand. In a fair fight, a destroyer can't beat a battleship, righteous anger or no.
    • In chapter 47, though she makes a valiant attempt, Yuudachi gets killed after being double-teamed by HMS Swordfish and Javelin.
    • In chapter 61, Damon tells Kongou that putting all of her heart into doing something won't help make it good if she doesn't actually know how to do it right.
    • In chapter 119, Kitakami recalls that she had been warned against returning to the Boise CCPL post because the ship girls' slowed aging might have led to inconvenient questions.
  • Ambience: Platoon (Moebius Four): Contingency Summer tells us that the rest of the world, not realising how big the threat really is, is getting nervous about Japan's rearmament to fight the Abyssals.
  • The Greatest Generation:
    • Just because everyone's fighting a war against the common enemy that is the Abyssals doesn't mean that all past hatreds and grudges magically vanish. Zuikaku is the most obvious kanmusu with objections to Yvonne's actions, but far from the only one.
    • This is reiterated in Chapter 5. The Akatsuki sisters are made painfully aware that modern geopolitics aren't as simple as they'd thought.
    "I don't understand, why people would distrust us for trying to capture an Abyssal?" Inazuma asked, "Aren't we all on the same side, nanodesu?"
    • In chapter 6 the narration notes that Japan, being as resource-starved as it is, can't make good use of refugee labour the way Australia or other more bountiful nations can.
    • Putting The Men First sounds noble in theory. But if public expectation and perception expects you to send your subordinates out to Hold the Line, even if doing so is a Senseless Sacrifice of a Suicide Mission, then refusing to do so will get you politically crucified.
    • In chapter 9, it's noted that the severe losses the US took have changed the geopolitical situation. Getting the World War II fleet back would swing things back in their favour, but failing to do so would only worsen their image further. And that's why they're suppressing the failure of the programme.

  • Given that he lacks both Dave's toughness (and newly gained skills) or Mindy's years of training and armory, when Marty joins the all-out brawl in Trip Like I Do, he ends up badly beaten and in a coma due to confronting a tougher, more experience opponent.

Kim Possible
  • In Zen and the Art of Ass Whooping Hirotaka finds out that having a black belt is not a guarantee of winning against an opponent who is equally skilled in a different martial art, expecially when said opponent is a foot taller, weighs double and knows a few barfighting tricks.
  • Commander Argus uses this in his KP series of fics. For instance, during Kim and Ron's senior year, a new principal is in charge of their school, who is just as averse to their missions taking them out of school as a Real Life school administrator would. Additionally, You Are Grounded does not contain an exception for missions.
  • Bleeding Through:
    • When Drakken and Shego attack Kim's high school, causing massive damage, the superintendent concludes that Kim and Ron's presence puts a massive bull's eye on the school and expels them. This, in turn, results in reality ensuing for the superintendent: First of all, Kim's parents sue him; second, when monsters attack the town, he belatedly realizes that, thanks to his actions, Kim and Ron are no longer there to defend everyone.
    • Also discussed in terms of just how the Go Team's powers actually work, since each one shreds the laws of physics into confetti. What's more, exposure to a radioactive meteor should really result in cancer instead of superpowers, let alone such radically-different superpowers in such closely-related subjects.

The Lord of the Rings

Love Hina
  • An Alternate Keitaro Urashima:
    • Keitaro refuses to run the Hinata Inn since, not only are several of the girls violent and don't want him there, he's got his own life to live and can't devote that kind of time to running the dorm. When Granny Hina tries to play the childhood promise card, Keitaro points out that you can hardly expect someone to stick by a promise they made when they were five and to a girl he barely even remembers. Meanwhile, Naru's and Motoko's chronic violence comes back to bite them both; Naru is treated as a pariah after several students see her punch out Keitaro while he's talking to Mutsumi, and Motoko is arrested for assault with a deadly weapon when she attacks Keitaro with her katana.
    • Haruka's treatments of various workers and customers in her tea shop (such as having Sakura work overtime or deliberately spilling tea on a customer) gets her sued in a case that her lawyer admitted was stacked against her. After refusing her lawyer's suggestion to settle, she unsurprisingly loses the lawsuit and has to shut her tea shop down.
  • In Ancestor, (Kei)Taro Urashima developed a healing technique using Ki to stimulate a body's natural healing ability (he describes it as miracle grow) which can even be used to re-attach severed limbs. So when a particularly clumsy novice kept losing a finger or two trying to learn swordsmanship, the cells connecting his finger to his hand started rotting due to being several decades older than the rest of his body. In order to save his life, the healers had to amputate his arm.
  • Contract Labor
    • When Keitaro asks his trainers why he's being trained to shoot three targets at a time he's told no matter how good he is, if he's facing more than four enemies with guns at once, he'll probably "suffer a fatal dose of lead poisoning" before he can shoot them all.
    • One of the mercenaries on Seta's dig is left temporarily near deaf from firing his rifle inside a cave.
    • Motoko is banned from carrying deadly weapons (such as her katana) on her person in the dorm as it's a safety issue regardless of how skilled she is.
      • Likewise violence, except in self-defense, is not allowed at the dorm. Keitaro further states that any self-defense has to be proportional. Pushing someone off you is okay; punching someone out is not.
  • For His Own Sake:
    • Kaolla Su decides to "cheer up" the guests at an inn by chasing them with exploding Mecha-tamas. Dozens are injured, the inn is nearly destroyed, and Kaolla is arrested as a terrorist. Not mention she puts a serious strain on her home country's own reputation.
    • Naru's Hair-Trigger Temper gets her into some very hot water when she punches a man that she assumed was making creepy passes at a woman. The man and woman are revealed to be a married couple and on top of that, he's revealed to be the career adviser at Tokyo University that Naru had an appointment with, meaning Naru essentially put her academic future and job prospects in jeopardy.
  • In Love Hina: Like It Could Have Been, when the girls angrily declare that they'd never let a man be their manager, Keitaro leaves, having compromised with his parents (and thus not being forced to live at the Hinata Sou). Later Kitsune is told to either pay her rent by the end of the month or find a new place to live, and both Motoko and Naru are smart enough to rein in their hatred of men so carpenters can fix the damage Su's inventions have caused.
  • The Merry Killers shows what someone of Naru's strength could do if she punched someone other than Keitaro: her punch turns his head into a fine mist. Though in this story, she's a contract killer so it's fully intentional.

Lyrical Nanoha
  • Game Theory (Fan Fic) frequently does this with Talking Is a Free Action from as early as the first chapter. The whole cast is loaded with Combat Pragmatists, Crazy-Prepared and good at the Xanatos Speed Chess, which means that any character who gives a foe a breather (such as, well, by talking) will get his ass whooped. The fic also continuously shows that something believed to be Crazy Enough to Work.. won't, precisely because of the "crazy" part (either you can't convince people to assist on the plan because of its risk or it creates too little an advantage to be bankable in the greater sceheme of things).

Mai-Otome/Mai Hime
  • In Oneesama, Shizuru giving a Skinship Grope to Natsuki is treated as sexual harassment by Miss Maria, who says Shizuru could be expelled if she felt it necessary. Thankfully, she's also a Reasonable Authority Figure, and decides on a punishment that forces Shizuru to humble herself and approach Natsuki as herself, rather than her persona as top Coral.
  • In Perfection Is Overrated, a handgun is significantly less powerful than most of the Himes' Elements or Childs, but it still has enough power to kill someone. Shizune, whose special ability made those of the Himes useless finds this out the hard way.

Marvel Universe
  • In Mission Report Impossible, Quill has terrible spelling since he was kidnapped when he was nine then raised by space hillbillies while Rocket can barely write because he's basically a scientifically modified racoon (he can however read eight different languages).

Mass Effect
  • In Renegade Reinterpretations humans do NOT magically Advance Swiftly. As such, when the Batarians come visiting, they get Curb Stomped over and over again and only Zerg Rushing enables them to desperately throw lives for time in the hope of being able to turn the tide someday. After they do so, the cultural scars of the generations-long war means that mankind does not magically become receptive to further alien contact. In fact, Paragon and Renegade are replaced by Xenonationalist (letting aliens live on their own and being willing to compromise, while still not trusting them) and Assimilationist (human dominance).

  • In Rain On The Just, a retired Metro Man has to face the unpleasant consequences of faking his own death - namely, he has no money, no means of income, no friends, and he can't use his fame anymore to get stuff for free.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum:
    • Canon!Twilight goes off on a rant about how utterly impractical it would be to just relocate all of Equestria onto the planet Earth. Not only would it take massive amounts of magical energy to transport a decently sized landmass across another dimension, enough that Twilight says that it's outright impossible, but, as she herself puts it, "several trillion tons of continent does not make for a gentle impact on another world." To make a long rant short, let's just say there's a lot of catastrophic events in both universes that the appearance of Equestria really should have caused.
    • The Starvation Side Story explores what would happen if the barrier caused a massive displacement of people and a large part of the world being left unable to produce food. Simple foodstuffs have become luxuries, and people are willing to risk their lives fighting in the war to get food rations.
    • The Calm Before the Storm Side Story illustrates the consequences of what would happen to a country if it had a sudden, and very enormous population boom, during wartime no less. It turns out that TCB!Equestria is suffering from food shortages, rapid industrialization that is ruining the environment, and does not have enough space or the adequate infrastructure to support all the newfoals that came in. And a prolonged war with innumerable casualties is bound to completely destroy the fabric and the general morale of society, so much so that in the end only terror and fanaticism can hold it together. And barely that is enough.
  • The Equestrian Civil Service Series is all about this. In a realm of gods, monsters, heroes, epic adventures (and Royal Brats), there still needs to be somepony to run things behind the scenes, leaving the eternally Beleaguered Bureaucrats to deal with everything from imminent disaster to the fallout of a visiting celebrity to a castle covered in custard.
  • The Finger Trap has Twilight Sparkle appear on humanity-occupied earth, and go to the first house she can see to ask for directions. Instead of a person who sympathizes with her and wants to be friends, the main character is the one contacted... who distracts her long enough to call Animal Control.
  • The Night Of Days (in which American Airborne troops and German defenders are teleported from Normandy into Equestria by a reincarnation of Nightmare Moon) has her luring scattered German soldiers to her castle ruins, where she then tries to manipulate them and gradually take them over, in order to make them fight for her and put her on the Equestrian throne. The German commanding officer is... not amused. He nods at first, but then he pulls out his sidearm and nonchalantly guns her down, injuring her severely. Then he declares that the soldiers under his command would be serving no one but "Führer and Vaterland" and leads them on a campaign to colonise Equestrian territory for Nazi Germany. (Word of God says that he wanted to avert exactly what another fanfic he once read did; having the Germans comply with Nightmare Moon without as much as a question. He said he disliked it exactly because it would have been completely unrealistic.)
  • Just like in Ace Attorney, Octavia has evidence in Vinyl and Octavia Duel Destiny which she has taken from the scene of the crime and is about to use to prove Vinyl's innocence, only to be told that it's inadmissible and is barred from practicing law as a result.
  • The Writing On The Wall features this when the eponymous writing is deciphered, revealing the true nature of the Ancient Tomb that Daring Do had been exploring. Why Daring Do and the workers had gotten sick when the building had been abandoned for thousands of years, as well as the strange construction of the building and the various defenses constructed around it is explained in a single stroke. Unfortunately for the characters involved, The Reveal turns the story into a Horror story, as the disease is not one caused by any sort of pathogen, or indeed anything a pony would understand. The whole place was a nuclear waste dump left by humans centuries ago, and the ponies were all getting sick from radiation poisoning. In the end, all Daring Do and the others can do is lock the door behind them and warn people to stay out.
  • The Lunaverse:
    • Pinkie Pie the hyperactive Genki Girl party animal is exactly as annoying as you might expect such a character to be in reality.
    • In At the Grand Galloping Gala, Princess Luna explains in great detail to Trixie why she can't just up and throw around her royal authority to get rid of the Deadly Decadent Court, at least not if she wants to avoid becoming a dictator.
  • In The Demesne Of The Reluctant Twilight Sparkle, as Badass as Rainbow Dash and Applejack are, they can't singlehoofedly fight off a group of anonymous looters who both outnumber and get the jump on them.
    • Additionally, Twilight eventually learns that suddenly being given complete and total control of her own demesne has far reaching consequences when the nobles of Equestria realize they too not only have complete control over their own demesnes, but can conquer other demesnes at will, putting Equestria on the path to civil war.
  • Long Road To Friendship
    • The fic, as a whole, deals with Sunset Shimmer's reformation from an Alpha Bitch to a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, while making her life a living hell for it. Despite honestly wanting to change, Sunset is constantly distrusted, is assigned months of detention for her actions, and suffers a Catapult Nightmare literally every time she goes to sleep because of her inability to move on. However, it also shows Twilight Sparkle's human counterpart bonding quickly with the new Sunset, because Human Twilight has only ever seen Sunset's good side.
    • Later chapters also show how randomly moving from one dimension to another has a lot of unforeseen consequences. When Sunset first arrives in the human world, she has to struggle to learn how to walk, and come to grips with every creature looking vastly different. Also, Sunset comes over with no money, no family, no friends, no public records, no official identification of any kind, no stable income, and few practical skills since the human world doesn't have any magic. She ends up having to live in an abandoned factory and mooch off of boyfriends in high school just to survive, hoping that no one finds out.
  • In Fallout: Equestria - Empty Quiver, one of the weapons which Night Strike picks up is a fully-automatic pony-portable sniper rifle, chambered for .50 BMG. The first time she fires it ends about as well as you'd expect.
  • In The Elements Of Friendship, NightMare Moon succeeding in bringing about The Night That Never Ends causes temperatures to drop, and a lack of food as crops die from a combination of that and lack of sunlight. Meanwhile, the other half of the planet is suffering from Endless Daytime, everything burning and the boiling oceans resulting in megastorms. All told, only a narrow strip of the planet at the day/night border, the Twilight Zone, is habitable, and that quickly starts to be overwhelmed by refugees.
  • In canon, the Anon-A-Miss situation was resolved in a manner that rendered many fans annoyed. In Holiday Outrage by Star Blazer, the ones responsible for the incident did not get off so easily, especially since in real life, cyberbullying, hacking computers to get embarrassing info on students, and framing an innocent person for it is going to earn you the wrath of the entire school and your families once the secret comes out. Sunset outright says that the CMC were harassed even worse than she was when she was underneath suspicion.
    • Principal Celestia suspended them from school for the next two weeks, gave them six months of detention, and banned them from all unsupervised computer use. She also forced them to confess and apologize in front of the entire school.
    • The police gave Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo warnings and juvenile records for their crimes. They also bugged their electronics after their two-month confiscation period ended so they could monitor any future suspicious activity, and they're not taking them off until they turn eighteen.
    • The Cutie Mark Crusaders got attacked in the bathroom by some vengeful people. Thanks to Pinkie Pie, they were saved, and the attackers got a week of in-school suspension. Even afterwards, it took until April for CHS to forgive them.
    • Sunset took a week and a half for her to forgive her friends for abandoning her, and part of the reason why she decided to do so they made a heartfelt effort to be forgiven. It also took an entire month for Sunset to even be able to talk to the CMC, despite her feeling bad for how much they were suffering for the consequences of letting jealousy getting the better of them.
    • Also, Sunset's friends and CHS still feel HORRIBLE about turning on Sunset based on little evidence even after an entire year had passed.
  • While many fanfics either ignore or play straight the issues of the former Pony in a human body sexual preferneces, ''Sunset Shimmer Lends Pinkie Pie the Wrong Thumb Drive'' points out how different Earth horses are from Equestrian Ponies and how Sunset would not be attracted to them any more than a regular human would be.
  • In Equestra Girls the Empowered World, Sunset Shimmer notes that when she came to Earth she had to learn the Latin Alphabet via children's books, seeing as magical ponies and humans likely do not share the same written language, and likely not even the same alphabet.
  • Scar Tissue reminds us that having body parts suddenly grow out of you can leave nasty marks even after they get friendship beamed away.
  • In Marionettes, after Cover Story turns out to be a robot just like Trixie and Lightning Dust, Twilight guesses this trope is at play. An organization that kidnaps, brainwashes, and messes with memories as part of their activities would naturally have a low recruitment, too low to actually keep it running, and thus would need to compensate by using their robots to make more members.
  • In Asylum, asylum!Pinkie Pie's Cutie Mark origin starts the same as it does in the main universe. Pinkie Pie sees the Rainboom and gets so excited she throws her family a party. However, being such a young filly who likely never even used a stove before it doesn't turn out well. Pinkie sets the house on fire and received permanent scars on her flank as a result. This left Pinkie very traumatized to the point where she was eventually sent to a mental hospital.
  • As someone from a much earlier time, Princess Luna often is shown befuddled by more modern concepts. For example, in in the Princess of Books, the idea of someone being able to write scandalous things about her without the death penalty involved.
  • Her Inner Demons makes the case of why a wallflower like Sci-Twi would have her own.....incident at the end of the movie, and it paints no one in a good light.

  • In Self-Insert Fic Aberration Occidental Otaku Rae trips into a portal and is transported in Konoha. Does she learn cool jutsu, gain a bloodline or take a level in badass? Nope. She is stuck homeless in a world alone with nothing but her clothes on her back, will never see her family and friends again and is unable to learn any jutsu because she's from another world and doesn't have chakra. While she does find her place in Konoha, she remains a normal civilian woman and can not compete with a ninja.
  • Blood Is Thicker Than Bone:
    • Naruto has enough of Sasuke's attitude and after he gets coldly brushed off decides to forget about trying to be a friend with him. When Sasuke has left to join Orochimaru Naruto points out all the things he's done and sees no reason why he should go after him.
    • Naruto finds himself having to fight Orochimaru and winds up with a broken wrist and beaten by him rather easily. Even though he has The Kyuubi and Shikotsumyaku Kekkai Genkai, he's still just a Genin who's been training for a year going against one of the most powerful ninjas in the world.
  • Chapter 7 of Blossom in a Cage of Bones showcases that even Bandits who are often regarded as the bottom of threats, even in a world filled with mythical beasts and mountain destroying moves, can be a threat to villages and towns, especially if they band up together in large numbers under a strong leader.
  • Naruto isn't magically immune to the psychic backlash of dispelling too many Kage Bunshin in Danzo's Team and is actually shown to have had an aneurysm the first time he used it. The only reason he survived is due to his Healing Factor. As a result, Danzo forbids Naruto from using more than a given amount at a time.
  • At one point in Demon's Dirty Dreams, Hana's first boyfriend had covered his bed in rose petals and lit scented candles to set a romantic mood. Instead her superhuman sense of smell caused her to sneeze constantly.
  • As Destiny Is A Hazy Thing shows, an invasion that severely weakens two of the five great villages when all villages are in a constant Cold War is liable to set off the next World War.
  • Ebisu in A Drop of Poison dislikes Naruto, but he's professional enough to nonetheless train Naruto to the best of his ability. It also helps that the Hokage gave him an ultimatum that if Ebisu is to teach Konohamaru's team, he'll have to train another team first and get at least two of them to Chunin within two years.
  • Escape From The Hokage's Hat
    • The Sasuke retrieval mission was a success, although Naruto lost his right arm (worry not, for it grew back). Sasuke, however, is charged with treason and locked up in ANBU prison with his ninja status (his chakra network is also shut down) revoked without any chance to regain it or any parole. Made worse due to attacking Naruto, a fellow Leaf nin, and placing the others on the mission in danger. Naruto himself doesn't dispute the punishment.
    • After years of dealing with Sakura (who'd commit Domestic Abuse on him at any time or call him an idiot or a perv), 13 year old Naruto has the notion that ALL women will beat him for anything even something out of his control leading to a rather OOC (read: quiet) Naruto on a trip with Tsunade, Shizune and Hinata and a case of accidental Covert Pervert. Tsunade sits him down and tells him "No. Sakura just had issues. We are not going to beat you for something as stupid that."
    • Shikamaru assumes Naruto and Hinata will become a couple not because everyone knows how Hinata feels about Naruto, but because Tsunade is about to take a self depreciating Shrinking Violet and an abused Attention Whore desperate for a real friend into isolation. Naturally both will make the other a Living Emotional Crutch and become a couple from there.
  • In Eroninja, Naruto and his lovers learn the hard way that Shadow Clones can't be used for sex. After all, sex is a physically demanding (and often high impact) activity and Shadow Clones dispel if they take any damage.
    • Rin and Kin both learn that just because Kiri's civil war is over and the new Mizukage has not one but two kekkei genkai doesn't mean the prejudice against such has dissolved or that everyone's happy with the new regime.
  • First Try:
    • When Konohamaru attempts to attack Sarutobi, Naruto (who's currently suffering from PTSD) nearly kills him on instinct. The only thing saving him from getting a kunai through his skull was Sarutobi grabbing Naruto's wrist in time.
    • Sasuke finds himself at the end of this, when he has to disguise himself as a laborer. Ninjas often diguise themselves as laborers and servants to be Beneath Notice and Sasuke doesn't know how to because he thought it was beneath him. This causes him to get left more behind as Naruto is already proven to be better than him and Sakura is slowly closing the gap.
  • While learning Tree Walking in Leftovers, Sakura quickly learns why Genin should run instead of walking up the tree. Even with her feet stuck to the tree, gravity is still pulling her to the ground, resulting in Sakura hanging from a tree by her feet and needing Naruto to help her down. Also functions as a Take That to every Naruto story that insists walking up trees is better than running while learning.
  • In Made in the Shade, when Naruto tells his classmates that how he graduated is classified, they promptly drop the subject instead of continuing to pester him. All of them know that T&I won't care that they're children if they go snooping where they shouldn't.
  • Naruto:Asunder:
    • Offscreen Inertia is fully in play when Naruto and Hinata leave the village for training. They come back a week later and Konoha is in ruins courtesy of the Akatsuki.
    • Tsunade snaps at Jiraiya saying that since Naruto came back (from the 3 year training trip), he's been in fights with S-class nin after S-class nin. Jiraiya says it will make him stronger. Tsunade says he's more likely to die. Guess who was right.
  • In Reaching for a Dream, Danzo sends Sai to test Naruto's and Sakura's abilities. Naruto quickly kills the unknown ninja attacking him and Sakura.
  • In The Scorned Son, the Wave mission is a failure because teamwork or not, three ninja barely out of the academy don't really have a chance against a Jounin that's trying to kill them for real. The end result: Kakashi is dead and Kiba nearly kills himself keeping Sakura and Naruto alive long enough to find help.
  • Team 8:
    • Naruto warns Lee not to pursue Sakura's affections because she is not a good person. Unlike other stories where Lee would have disregarded Naruto, he takes the latter seriously and laments that such a pretty girl is so mean.
    • Sakura's Tsundere attitude towards nearly everyone alienated her from the others. It turns out that being mean to everyone and only being nice to your Love Interest doesn't endear you to anyone and no one wants anything to do with her. She learns people's perception when she overhears Naruto warning Lee not to pursue her because she's a horrible person. Sakura Took a Level in Kindness afterward mending bridges with Ino and vowing to be a better person.
  • In The Eyes Have It when Sakura gains a Kumo-nin pen pal, the Hokage warns her that her superiors will be reviewing her correspondence and she might have to rewrite each letter several times before they're satisfied they don't contain any classified or sensitive material.
  • In Three Pawns Talking Is a Free Action is averted. When Neji has had enough of his fight with Naruto he launches into a tirade claiming he's sick of Naruto and his Nindo, saying he'll finish him with a move that surpasses The 64 Trigrams. Or he would've had Naruto not slammed his head into him while he was monologuing and then finished him off.
  • Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox:
    • Combat by Champion gets a rude awakening when Sasuke leads the good guys in a charge to rescue the captive Naruto, who's been held in the custody of the gang leader Mizuki and his goons. While the others fight Mizuki's mooks, Sasuke takes Mizuki one-on-one and is actually winning...and then one of Mizuki's mooks grabs a gun and threatens to shoot Sasuke if he continues, allowing Mizuki to get back the upper hand. If not for Kushina's Big Damn Heroes moment right then, Sasuke would be very dead.
    • Gaara finds himself and his family members locked inside a mausoleum with the doors chained shut from the outside. Naturally, he finds the weakest spot on the oak door and decides to punch a hole through it...but while he does succeed, he also ends up with splinters and cuts along the entire length of his arm, requiring a hospital visit later.
  • Sorry's Not Enough:
    • The Easily Forgiven ending is thrown out on its ass. Sakura and Naruto do not buy Sasuke mumbling "sorry" under his breath, and Sakura asks if that's all he has to say. She then rips into him with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, telling him everything that she and Naruto had to put up with over the years trying to bring him back. When Sasuke tries to touch Sakura, she smacks his hand away, yelling at him to never touch her again. He's tried to kill her multiple times already, and she believes he would try to again if he had the chance. Also, being insulted, attacked, and almost murdered will make someone quickly fall out of love with you.
    • Sasuke is put on trial for his actions, with many calling for him to be executed. He's not, but his punishment is still severe. Sasuke is sentenced to twenty years house arrest, his Sharingan eyes removed and replaced with normal ones, his chakra is permanently sealed, he's stripped of being a ninja, and forbidden from ever leaving Konoha. It's implied if he has good behavior after the twenty years are up that he'll be given the opportunity to start a family, but the Uchiha Clan would never again be as powerful as they once were.
  • In canon Naruto Naruto grew up isolated with few adult figures in his life and hated by many resulting in a boy desperate for affection. While in canon Naruto turned out fine and in a more realistic situation, he would be a target for abusive or toxic relationship which happens in the Hopeless Wanderer. Sasuke gains Naruto's trust, undermines his faith in authority figures by pointing out their frequent neglect, isolates him from any attentive peers and eventually convinces him to leave Konoha with him, painting himself as Naruto's truest friend.

One Piece
  • In Our Mrs. Monkey, the crew first try to hide that Nami and Luffy are having sex from Chopper then awkwardly try to give him The Talk. Once he realizes what they're talking about, Chopper irritably reminds them that he's a doctor; he already knows all about sex.

Ouran High School Host Club
  • In It's a Wonderfully Splendid Magnificent Life, while Tamaki is viewing his life if he'd never left France, what finally convinces him to keep things the way they are is seeing him and his mother living in poverty, with him struggling to pay her expenses. What really makes this a Reality Ensues moment is that being together as mother and son does not make up for this for either of them, in stark contrast to many works that would indicate that being together as a family is most important.

  • In Innocence, Misty confessed her feelings to Ash in the backstory. This nearly broke their relationship apart as Ash, being a ten-year old Chaste Hero, had no idea how to respond.
  • Cilan in Identity Crisis who along with his brothers, turns out to be a part of the Shadow Triad and The Mole, is torn between the people he genuinely became friends with or his brothers and his organization. Does he pick a side and affirm his loyalty to them? Nope. His wavering loyalty costs him his relationships on both sides as his brothers no longer trust him as he's not truly committed to their cause and his friends are angry that he wasn't really their friend and initially intended to backstab them.
  • In Like No One Ever Was, one of Pikachu's Thunderbolts ends up getting Ash hospitalized and possibly permanently ending his trainer career with Ash suffering from major internal damage and brain injuries. Apparently even before that fateful Thunderbolt, Pikachu's friendly shocking of Ash has slowly deteriorated his muscles, meaning his journey would have been coming to an end anyways. Pikachu is horrified when he learns of this.
  • Poké Wars has several examples, including: being too close to a Magmar will cause you to burst into flame just from the superheated air, Elemental Powers are very destructive and lethal forces, multiple hotspots of 18,000F heat will cause terrible environmental damage, Olympus Mons fighting will result in severe and permanent environmental damage, and mass panics can be just as dangerous as the disaster itself.
  • In The Sun Soul, a(n insane) bug catcher pulls out a knife that was stabbed into his leg. Blood starts gushing out immediately, since the blade had sliced the femoral artery. The only thing that stopped him from dying from blood loss was the Weedle got to him first.
  • A New Chance Series:
    • Larvitar uses a rock smash on Rico. Yes, a Pokemon can take that hit with only the risk of being knocked out. When Rico gets hit in the chest, it causes severe damage to his internal organs, and had Rico not been wearing armor, he would have died.
    • Latios kills Rico while he is being transported to a hospital by Officer Jenny. Even if Rico was an Asshole Victim, it is something a police officer cannot ignore, and since Ash is Latios' trainer, he could have gotten in serious trouble... had Skailyn not ordered her Froslass servant to alter Jenny's memories.
    • Bianca (the one from Pokémon Heroes) decides to become a Pokemon coordinator, using her newly caught Smeargle in her first Contest. Unfortunately, a Pokemon gathered from the wild lacks the skill and strength to make a vivid performance, thus her first tryout falls flat. Mr. Contessa, however, assures Bianca that she can easily get better.
  • Happens quite a bit in Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, partly because the new timeline is a good deal more realistic than the older one.
    • Arceus mentions that not even somebody as smart as Cyrus could immediately master manipulating the fabric of reality. Because of this, he had to practice, and the changes had to be subtle enough for him to avoid detection.
    • Trainers are somewhat older in this story, starting their journeys at 15 instead of 10, a more realistic age.
    • Ash is able to restore the memories of his Pokémon, but not their physical capabilities or any evolutions. As a result, they're not as capable as they once were, and have to retrain. After all, some skills require more than just know-how.
    • The ability to partially restore the memories of his human companions sometimes causes Ash problems. For example, when Misty gets a strong feeling of familiarity after touching him, she demands to know if he knows her, and if he does, how. This puts Ash in an awkward situation with no good options, and he's only saved from it because Team Rocket accidentally interrupts them with their attack on the Pokémon Center.
    • Like in the original timeline, Koffing's gas sometimes has an explosive reaction to electricity. Unlike in the original timeline, these reactions have the potential to be fatal. Because of this, James is very reluctant to send his out against Ash's Pikachu.
    • While Pokémon are still very tough compared to humans, serious injuries are more commonplace. Ash's Pidgeotto has to sit out the gym battle against Brock after a Rattata broke her wing during a battle club match. And while Pokémon still recover more quickly than humans, she's still grounded for a week.
      • Said Rattata was given a concussion shortly after by Pidgeotto's Steel Wing attack. When its trainer tries to keep up the fight, the ref stops the match and angrily berates him for needlessly risking his Pokémon's wellbeing.
    • At one point, Dexter (Ash's Pokédex) mentions that humans tried to exterminate Beedrill populations several times over the centuries. This had the unintended side effect of making the species as a whole considerably tougher because only the strongest and fastest managed to survive and then reproduce.
    • After the first appearance of MissingNo, Pidgeotto offers to deliver messages warning Ash's friends from the original timeline about possible future tragedies. However, Butterfree points out that even if she could manage by some miracle to accomplish such a Herculean task, it's extremely unlikely that any of them would believe a complete stranger who claims to have had an encounter with the Pokémon equivalent of the Devil. Pikachu, meanwhile, acknowledges that Serena might believe Ash, due to their long friendship, but it's a moot point since she lives in faraway Kalos.
    • If gym leaders have a losing streak that lasts too long, their gyms get shut down by the Pokémon Inspection Agency. After all, gyms are meant to provide challenges to trainers, and it would be irresponsible to let gyms with incompetent leaders remain open.
    • Ash is tricked/forced by Misty's sisters into agreeing to a battle that involves them using much higher-level Pokémon. Everybody's expecting a Curb-Stomp Battle, and it is... just in the other direction. Why? Well, as Dexter points out, you can't keep a Pokémon inside its pokéball for long stretches (read: months at a time) and not expect its capabilities to atrophy.
      • It is even pointed out Ash's somewhat fan-disliked habit of leaving his Pokemon at Professor Oak's laboratory actually avoids this because they are able to keep active on their own.
    • Simply learning a new move at the right time isn't enough to ensure victory. Ash's Charmeleon finds this out the hard way against J's Salamence.
      • Then later, learning a new move to win a battle led Butterfree to be less able to fight Red's Charmeleon in a following battle, resulting in a loss.
    • Misty is able to capture a wild Slowpoke without weakening it first. This is because its five-second reaction time meant by the time it realized what was going on, it was too late.
    • Using a Pokémon to fly somewhere requires said pokemon actually be large enough to carry it's trainer. Unlike the games, no trainer is going to ride a Pidgey across the region. Some similar rules apply to riding water Pokémon. If you can't hold on to one, it has to be able to carry you.
    • Gym leaders tailor their teams to challenge other trainers based on the number of badges they possess. That way gym leaders can be challenging without being completely impossible to beat.
    • Just because a trainer can't help but call their attacks due to the nature of Pokemon battles, doesn't mean they can't still be clever about it. Lt. Surge in particular used a lot of code names for his tactics, such as Air Raid, Engage in Enemy Crippling and Face Hugger, which throws his opponents off while they try and process what is coming at them.
      • Paul later uses this by having his Grotle use Stealth Rock when he snaps his fingers.
    • In the Pokemon Ranger series, it is specifically mentioned they don't capture Pokemon in Pokeballs. In games, this is a mild quirk that makes the spinoff series stand out from the main series games. In the Reset Verse, the difference in cultures between 'Trainer' nations and 'Ranger' nations causes disputes and conflicts between them, and is specifically mentioned to the cause of the war in Lt. Surge's backstory. It's even made the in-universe version of the Capitalist-Communist conflict.
    • As it turns out, Ash is surprisingly good at looking at the bright side of losing. Apparently all those losses in the original timeline taught him something.
  • Pokedex, a fanfic version of the Pokedex with expanded information, explains why you only get Starter Pokemon from Professors in game: they are extinct in the wild. So few trainers use them because they are nearly extinct.

Professional Wrestling
  • let me see the light in your eyes: The tests set up by the scientists pit one superpowered subject against a crowd of subjects picked at random, none of whom have any powers. They're intended to end with the wholesale slaughter of the non-powered subjects, but as Roman proves, someone smart enough and resourceful enough can manage to outwit the person intending to kill them, even if they don't have powers to protect them.
    • Roman becomes known to the scientists by outsmarting and killing every superpowered subject they throw at him, even though he has no powers himself. Eventually, the head of the project decides that he's outlived his usefulness and refuses to make him a superpowered subject because anyone that smart, determined and rebellious will only cause trouble for them. From there, Roman keeps surviving tests he's meant to die in, so eventually the scientists just decide to have him shot instead, and he only survives with the help of outside interference.
    • As it turns out, using devices that were built on the fly and weren't tested because of time constraints isn't the best indicator of future success: the countermeasure turns out to be an on/off switch, not something that enables the kind of fine control that's needed.
      • Using half-tested experimental sedatives doesn't work well, either: the first time, Seth wakes up in the middle of surgery and freaks out. The second time, Seth wakes up before they can alter his mind and manages to kill his captors and escape.
    • The countermeasure also destroys nearby electronic devices, so Seth uses it to take out the microphones so he and the others can talk privately. After the second time, however, the scientists catch on and decide that the trio have become too dangerous to leave together, and set plans in motion to have the three of them rendered harmless.
    • The sequel, pray for rain: The scientists drug AJ so she'll do what they want before her first test. However, to get to the arena, she has to climb down a long ladder. With the drugs clouding her mind, she can't hold onto the rungs and ends up falling and breaking her ankle.

Ranma ˝
  • In every fanfic written by MZephyr that has Akane find out that P-Chan and Ryoga are one and the same, Akane will be angry and disappointed with not just Ryoga for abusing his curse, but with Ranma and her father for knowing about it and letting it happen.
  • In Childhood's End, Ranma and Akane's typical behaviour - arguing and fighting despite being in love with one another - is, at the age of 18, considered a sign of immaturity by Nabiki and Kasumi. Nabiki in particular points out that two teenagers in Ranma and Akane's position would be more likely to argue with their parents whilst being romantic in private, while Kasumi points out that an initial fear of physical intimacy is natural, but not to the extent that Akane's taken it.
  • Waking Up is pretty much this trope suddenly being applied to the entire universe, in addition to the obviously supernatural stuff (chi blasts, Jusenkyo curses, Mousse's Hidden Weapons style, etc) disappearing:
    • Ranma finds himself unable to do his usual wall-walk on the way to school without concentrating heavily on maintaining his balance. When he gets to a chain-link fence, he falls off almost immediately and injures his ankle.
    • Kodachi and Ukyo learn the hard way that a rhythmic gymnastics ribbon and a gigantic cooking spatula do not make good weapons in the real world: the ribbon just flaps ineffectually against its target, and when Ukyo tries to bludgeon Akane with her spatula, it gets slowed down by air resistance to the point that she can barely swing it.
    • After Mousse's glasses get knocked off, he's still able to see and fight with Ranma, as his vision only becomes somewhat blurry rather than completely nonexistent.
    • In general, Ranma struggles to adapt to his superhuman athletic abilities becoming impossible to use as a result of the new, more realistic physics of the universe. During a sparring match with Akane, Ranma attempts to use the Kachuu Tenshin Amiguriken, but not only is he unable to punch nearly as fast as he once could, he subsequently throws himself out of rhythm, and eats both of Akane's fists as a result.

  • What Lies Beyond the Walls:
    • Characters tend to die a lot during the huge-scale battles, no matter how important they may or may not seem. While some die heroically or stay Defiant to the End, others are killed very abruptly and/or ignominiously.
    • Going to sleep alone at night while you're stuck in the middle of a Crapsack World is not a good idea. Broddigan Quarles does just that in the first chapter, and a Wicked Weasel ends up slashing his throat in his sleep and stealing his food and weapons.
    • Although they won the battle, the Long Patrol suffered too many casualties during the Battle of Blackheart's Fortress. Why? Urthquake thought their best course of action was to charge into the fortress through the front gate without much of a plan.
    • A squirrel kills Plaskin by striking the weasel in the head and splitting his scalp in half. His sword ends up getting stuck inside his skull, giving Razzik enough time to kill him as he tries to jerk it back out.
    • Morrvin decides to participate in a farting contest in chapter 19 after he ate a huge feast, along with several dried plums. He ends up shitting himself.
    • Although Tearmann has a few guard towers, there are no walls, giant fences, or any other barriers around the community. This makes it very easy for the Red Sand tribe to sneak into Tearmann at night and massacre dozens of innocent beasts.

Rosario + Vampire
  • What does Issa do when his daughters start defying him in Here In My Arms? He withdraws their tuition from Youkai Academy so they have to come home. Tsukune even laments that for all the power he's gained, he still can't protect them from everything. Averted however when his familiar gives away a gem made from her fire to pay for their tuition.
  • In Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness Act III, Apoch and Astreal become the girlfriends of Ahakon, and when they realize that Ahakon is developing feelings for Yukari, they start being bitches to her to the extent that they try to kill her in plain sight, earning them a vicious, and karmic, beating from Inner Moka. In the very next chapter, after Yukari refuses to back down, despite Ahakon having explicitly told them that he didn't want them to be mean to Yukari anymore, they get in a fight with Yukari again and are only stopped from killing her by Ahakon throwing her out of the way of the blast, with Ahakon himself only surviving because Luna pulled him out of the way just in time. Immediately afterwards, Ahakon, taking into consideration the fact that they tried to kill Yukari twice out of petty jealousy, as well as himself, along with his own newfound feelings for Yukari and the realization that agreeing to date them both was a mistake and not fair to either, dumps Apoch and Astreal for Yukari right then and there.

  • The Games We Play:
    • Throwing together thousands of unwillingly displaced people from many different walks of life doesn't lead to setting aside of differences and the formation of a new kingdom. Angry, confused and resentful, with those responsible for the displacement far away, those consigned to Menagerie find their anger turning inwards to each other. As a result, at least two faunus characters lost parents not to human racism but to faunus-on-faunus violence.
    • Training from Hell from a young age, even when successful in making the trainees strong, also leaves them traumatised and hating the trainer.
    • "Try Again". So it turns out that the slaughter of hordes of Grimm isn't exactly something that goes unnoticed; nobody might be in a hurry to shed tears over their demise, but the presence of powerful unknown parties makes people nervous, so Mistral has still had lookout machines installed in an attempt to track down the perpetrator.
    • Once Jaune reaches the higher tiers of power, he recognises that against the sheer power high-level Grimm and Huntsmen can bring to bear, 'throw a horde of basic mooks/redshirts with guns into the fray' quickly ceases to be a relevant strategy - at worst, the mooks would spontaneously evaporate.
    • Following from the above, Jaune also is forced to hold back a lot when outside Naraka or in occupied areas because when your basic punches start at building-wrecking, collateral damage would be massive otherwise. He is also clearly said to damage the environment with the strength and speed of his movements.
    • Meeting with someone you haven't seen for decades isn't going to result in some heartfelt reunion. You'd be lucky if you even remember them.
  • Redemption:
    • Being forced to spend a long period of time in the hospital because you've depleted your Aura leads to a major loss of fitness and stamina, as Russel learns the hard way.

Star Wars
  • Paranormalities
    • Over the course of the story, Zolph suffers several injuries, and said injuries sometimes put him out of commission for times ranging from days to months depending on how severe the injury in question is. The more severe examples of these injuries include getting pinned to a wall, getting his arm cut off, having a hand dug into his chest and having his heart squeezed on.
    • Valkoran trooper Will Helms' treatment by his own peers in regards to his inability to stay dead. If they haven't known him long or do not know of his inability, they are shocked by both his death and resurrection (especially if done an accident). If they've known him long enough and are on generally good terms with him, they are desensitized to his deaths and sometimes have him take the bait for things that would kill anyone else permanently. On the other hand, people like Masochus will kill him over and over again for their own amusement. By the time of Episode II, Helms has learned to abuse this trait to his own advantage, but still finds getting killed annoying.
    • Episode I: Chapter 2 - Zolph tries to take on Maesterus, who had just came close to killing Luke Skywalker after cutting off his prosthetic hand. However, as Luke is the Jedi academy's headmaster and Zolph is only simple knight, Zolph doesn't fare any better against Maesterus - in fact, he fares worse, as while Luke is able to bounce back and curb-stomp Maesterus back, Zolph gets nailed to a wall.
    • Episode I: Chapter 10
      • Zolph and Gahmah Raan engage each other in an evenly matched duel that lasts 10 minutes in-universe. It ends with both of them fatigued, and hampers Zolph in two ways. Not only did the duel get every Valkoran personnel on Kratzar's attention, it puts Zolph at a disadvantage when he runs into Maesterus.
      • When Zolph loses his right arm to Maesterus, Zolph tries to invoke being a Handicapped Badass and fights back in spite of losing his sword arm. Maesterus knocks the lightsaber out of Zolph's hand with little effort and destroys it.
    • Episode I: Chapter 11 - a few members of the Galactic Alliance's Red Shirt Army have their first encounter with a Forceless Archfiend, Hydrojus. After Hydrojus demonstrates its ability to kill people by crushing them with their own insides or making them burst, the surviving Red Shirts of that mission are traumatized and ordered on leave for at least a month.
    • Episode I: Chapter 12 - Similar to his mission on Kratzar, Zolph disguises himself as a Valkoran Trooper, but carries his lightsaber in case he runs into a Force-sensitive Sensor Character like Maesterus or Dynn Manthis. He thinks he can work around the blatant giveaway by claiming it's a battlefield trophy, but not only can the sensor characters tell who he is, Admiral Gravlek is easily able to out him as a Jedi because Valkoran army procedure prohibits battlefield trophies and was having the rest of the ship's crew play dumb to lure Zolph into a trap. (Gahmah Raan was easily able to out him in Chapter 10 as well, and unlike Gravlek's case, it was the exact same lightsaber he saw a chapter earlier and Gahmah just took the time to annoy Zolph into fully exposing himself).
    • Episode I: Chapter 13-14 - Being only 18 years old, losing close friends and loved ones finally takes its toll on Zolph's psyche, especially when he's forced to Mercy Kill his girlfriend, Dynn Manthis, due to unusually horrific circumstances. In Episode II, this culminates in him not only experiencing some horrifying (and potentially lethal) PTSD episodes in places strong with the Dark Side of the Force (such as the cave on Dagobah), but also temporarily becoming a Death Seeker. Zolph goes through some psychotherapy (and is prohibited from taking missions as a personal distraction) in response to this and it helps out his mental health significantly, but no amount of therapy is going to make one's PTSD just go away. Even when the end of Episode II provides a slight glimmer of hope that Dynn may or may not be Back from the Dead but way out of reach, Zolph acknowledges that he may still be affected by her death for the rest of his life.
    • Episode II: Chapter 5-6 - Zolph knows Machinus is a droid, so he decides to take the practical approach and try to have him disabled with an EMP grenade next time they meet. However, since Machinus is both a droid that used to be a living being and one of the Valkoran Empire's biggest technological geniuses, he already knows about the weaknesses of technology in general and is equipped with electroshock absorbers to counter such methods.
    • Episode II: Chapter 7
      • Just because the Kur'Ada Equalisits have turned on the Valkoran Empire doesn't mean they're suddenly going to be friends with the Galactic Alliance and Jedi Order, especially since the Kur'Ada have a historical vendetta with Force users. This is emphasized by them destroying an Alliance ship during the Battle of Kashyyyk.
      • Zolph and Hiriss may miss Dynn Manthis, but some others in the Alliance who didn't know her as well only know her as an enemy or a traitor, unaware of the fact that she was playing the role of a deep cover double agent.
      • Replacement Goldfish characters aren't supposed to be substitutes. When Zolph points out that he sees a lot of Dynn in Hiriss (her cousin), Hiriss has set to him straight and point out that using her to fill in the void Dynn left isn't psychologically healthy for him.
    • Episode II: Chapter 8 - The Battle of Alpheridies is very one-sided in the Valkoran Empire's favor. The Valkoran forces, an army of normal people that mostly use blasters and commanded by a Force user with years of training vs. the Kur'Ada Equalists, a clan of space ninjas that use swords most of the time and haven't been learning to use the Force long enough in preparation. Likewise, training in the ways of the Force when you're not as naturally attuned to it as would-be-Jedi can be very difficult, and the lower-ranking warriors only get experience with it enough to help them see without their optics.
    • Masochus is an example of how a Sith Lord would be viewed in a society of mostly rational people. When he was still a Sith, the other Sith exiled him because he was too psychotic and wasteful even by their standards (why the Dark Council didn't execute him as would be expected is a different story). As a commander of the Valkoran Empire (whose other commanders outside Emperor Valkor are Well-Intentioned Extremists at worst), he's hated even worse.
    • Episode II: Chapter 10 - After blowing the lid open about Grein's former allegiance to the Valkoran Empire, Masochus tries to generate animosity between Zolph and Grein, but it doesn't go as planned. Not only was Grein already planning to tell Zolph she was a former Valkoran agent after the mission to Guaymar and treated it like it was really easy to guess, they've been friends long enough to trust each other regardless of background, Grein hasn't really done anything that would be considered treacherous to Zolph and Zolph's opinion of the Valkoran Empire has mellowed out by that time. When Masochus tries to inject Zolph with a Forceless symbiote in an attempt to trigger his berserk Force-channeling form and make him kill Grein for keeping secrets, Zolph targets Masochus instead since he's already done more to piss Zolph off than Grein has (specifically, grafting the Forceless arm on Dynn) and would have killed him with little effort had the dosage he was injected with been bigger.
    • Episode II: Chapter 11 - In a subversion of No Biochemical Barriers, when Gahmah Raan (a Krishari) offers his guests from off planet some tea, Zolph (a human) shows some caution in regards to what he and his team are drinking because the tea was brewed by an alien species that hasn't culturally integrated itself into the galaxy yet and said tea could potentially be toxic to humans and near-humans. It was only confirmed to be safe when Grein (who can use her self-liquefaction ability to filter out toxins) taste-tested it.
    • Episode II: Chapter 13
      • A weapon that can control gravity is going to need protection from itself. Because the shield got sabotaged before the gravity control ship was sent to Christophsis, it ended up crushing itself under pressure when it greatly increased gravity not long after entering battle. Furthermore, according to its developer, Machinus, not only was the gravity control ship not really supposed to be used as a weapon (it was designed as a support vehicle for use on worlds with unusual gravity), he thinks doing so is incredibly stupid due to the collateral damage it would cause (as demonstrated on Christophsis, it ends up killing some Valkoran fighter pilots too).
      • It takes getting stabbed in the torso only once for Zolph to be debilitated in his first duel against Valkor. The other amounts of Cold-Blooded Torture he goes through not long after results in him getting hospitalized for a month at the end of the chapter.
      • General Ven Choi may be an excellent swordsman and may have landed a few hits on Valkor, but as a member of the Kel Dor species, being dependent on life-support is a major handicap. When Valkor's close enough to him, he simply rips his respirator mask off of Choi's face, setting him up to die from oxygen poisoning (although that's not what ultimately kills Choi).
      • Zolph somehow manages to resist the Force-harvesting power Mortaqa used to kill everyone else (minus Grein and the Valkoran forces) on Christophsis, but rather than breaking down over it, Valkor simply orders her to behead Zolph, albeit slowly by letting her lightscythe burn through his neck.
      • Ordering the deaths of a planet's entire civilian population when he has the means to avoid collateral damage - and just for the sake of emotionally tormenting a 19-year old boy - hurts Valkor's public approval by a huge chunk of his own empire, as many in that chunk now know how Ax-Crazy he is if they didn't know before. With the exception of his more fanatically loyal followers, this hurts morale with his own troops for the rest of the Battle of Christophsis (especially with Valkor threatening to eat the family of one of his generals), causes division within the ranks of one battalion and one trooper almost commits suicide out of guilt. As Maesterus bluntly points out to Valkor at the end of the chapter, he's walking on thin ice after that, even if he's a nightmarish Eldritch Abomination that could kill with relative ease.
    • Episode II: Chapter 14:
      • With the one person confirmed to be immune to her powers put out of commission for a month, Mortaqa has put the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi Order in a stranglehold. This means that the Alliance has lost every battle they encountered her within minutes of starting, and even Luke Skywalker is constantly on the move. The only reason they haven't completely lost yet is that Valkor's toying with them.
      • Grein may have survived the annihilation of Christophsis, but that was only because Emilin had just enough willpower to keep Facadma from making her kill Grein. As such, she doesn't risk traveling to Chilades with Zolph, even to save her sister from Facadma's possession.
      • The political repercussions of the Christophsis massacre have reached their peak by the end of the chapter, as half of the Valkoran Empire - now under the leadership of Maesterus - has defected from Emperor Valkor, leaving Ockla Prime more vulnerable. Even having Mortaqa/Facadma score Valkoran victories without causing any more civilian casualties has done nothing to win their favor back.
    • Episode II: Chapter 15 - The Valkoran Separatists acknowledge that even if they made a Heel–Face Turn and make an Enemy Mine with the Galactic Alliance against Emperor Valkor and the Forceless Collective, they most likely won't be Easily Forgiven, as they're still guilty of war crimes against the Alliance such as piracy and terrorism, some of those under Maesterus's orders (even if Maesterus was trying to wage a soft war to subtly alert the Alliance to the Forceless Collective in the wake of the galaxy still recovering from the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion). As such, the leadership expect to be facing military tribunals and imprisonment, if not execution. In turn, Zolph thinks about negotiating to get them a lighter sentence if not amnesty after the Valkoran War.
    • Episode II: Chapter 16 - The design and production problems of the Valkoran Fortress Tanks are detailed in this chapter. Since these things are the size of a capital ship, they take a lot more resources to build than the average land vehicle and because they are built within a planet's atmosphere (and thus the builders have to deal with gravity), it takes longer to build than a capital ship, and as such, there are only less than ten Fortress Tanks finished by the end of the Valkoran War. Also because of their size, they are virtually impossible to transport from planet to planet and their interiors have a self-contained artificial gravity system to keep the crew from being thrown around by the fortress's movements. When Besh Squad hijacks one and uses it to destroy another Fortress Tank defending the Valkoran capital's surface, the five-man squad is only able to rotate it and aim its hyper-velocity gun and decide to destroy the vehicle once they are done rather than use it during the rest of the Ockla Prime campaign, as not only does the vehicle need a large crew to operate and defend, the Valkoran could easily just take it back. This turns out to be a good thing later in the campaign when the Forceless Collective's fleet shows up because with their numbers and willingness to sacrifice themselves, they could easily take better advantage of the tank than the Galactic Alliance could.

Team Fortress 2
  • Free to Play - it turns out asking for random volunteers to join RED and BLU just because they like the "Meet the [Class]" promotional videos isn't exactly the world's most efficient recruitment method.

  • Imperfect Metamorphosis:
    • The second act begins with (almost all of) the most powerful residents of Gensokyo meeting in order to fight a powerful new threat together, a common Fandom-Specific Plot for Touhou fics. Turns out that a bunch of distrustful, violent megalomaniacs don't make the best alliances, and a combination of differing priorities, politics, and centuries-old grudges cause the union to fall apart before it began, the various factions and sub-factions either leaving or starting their own schemes.
    • Nearly every Alternative Character Interpretation the fandom has come up with gets put through the wringer, some more viciously than others. Rumia has a Super-Powered Evil Side, but not only does it need to be evil enough to justify sealing it (as opposed to being befriended like everyone else), but also needs to be powerful enough that it needed to be sealed in the first place instead of just destroyed. Yukari is a Manipulative Bastard, and not only does no-one trust her, but she's only manipulative because her methods tend not to get everyone's approval. Eirin is a Mad Scientist, and her callous cold-hearted experimentation (and attempted disposal) of a certain character disgusts the other characters, eventually getting even her loyal servant to slightly turn against her. Yuuka is The Dreaded, because she's a serial rapist (another common ACI for her) torturer and mass murderer who does all this for funsies, and the level of power needed to get away with this in a land of super-powered beings means she's so far beyond the other characters its almost funny.
    • Yukari assembles a dysfunctional Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, uniting them against a powerful enemy with massive odds stacked against them. They lose, horribly. Turns out going against a freaking Outer God was not her wisest course of action.
  • Touhou Ibunshu is largely based on how real people would react to things that the canon characters brush off as inconsequential. The incidents - thick mist blocking the sun, Spring Is Late, The Night That Never Ends - are treated as potentially apocalyptic scenarios that the characters race against time to fix before irreversible damage is done to the biosphere. Sakuya's time stop abilities make her almost unstoppable, capable of killing the protagonists in an instant (and she does in the second arc). Flandre's isolation-driven insanity and Mokou's immortality-driven insanity are not quirky or a chance for quick angst, it's terrifyingly tragic and does irreversible damage to their psyche. Instead of being a Drunken Master Suika is just The Alcoholic, being just as useless as most people are when they're drunk. Sanae, much like canon, is taken from the mundane into Gensokyo, a wonderful world full of magic and monsters, and she's utterly terrified and nearly dies several times due to inexperience and ignorance.
  • From the Gensokyo 20XX series, we have this a few times Played for Drama:
    • From 20XXII onwards, we have the fact that an age-regressed Reimu was mentally reconditioned (deconstructing the Fearless Infant and Feel No Pain tropes), which is shown have had terrible effects on her psyche, especially since she is shown to have problems with Self-Harm and had developed mental illness. It's also been noted fully, throughout, that the kind of circumstances the characters went through are something that no child should go through or, for that matter, no child would come out of without some damage. In that vein, innocence did not protect, as it had left the aforementioned age-regressed Reimu with memories she was unable to cope with, also playing a part in her mental illness.
    • From 20XXIII to most of 20XXIV, we have the whole entire nuclear war thing and how it would clash with the Cosy Catastrophe, in that things are far from cosy; survival and living is a struggle for the characters. After the nukes are dropped, Ran finds Chen pinned under a roof beam. Likewise, we have Sakuyya and Reiko's death of radiation-caused illnesses.
    • Yukari and then Ran's experiences in 20XXII and 20XXIV did do something to their psyche as one would expect for it to and not in good ways, although the former's experiences did worse.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
  • Hilariously in Never Gonna Learn My Lesson, Kurogane, Fai, Sakura and Syaoran aren't allowed to participate in the Piffle Firefly Race because they don't have any secondary education and have to pass an equivalency exam. And despite studying for a week, neither Fai nor Kurogane actually passed the test as they barely skimmed the surface of the topics they had to study and they succeeded due to Syaoran bribing the test administrator.
  • Shatterheart:
    • Despite being a skilled fighter, when Syaoran is jumped on his way back from the library he gets his ass handed to him as 4 armed thugs to one unarmed man without backup are terrible odds. He's also noted to have a slower reaction time than his clone due to years of imprisonment atrophying his skills and not having the actual training.
    • When Syaoran and Kurogane suffer severe injuries such as Syaoran getting his knee shattered and Kurogane cutting off his own arm they spend months recovering from the injuries.
    • When Kurogane gets a concussion after having a roof fall on top of him he has most of his memories in tact, but doesn't remember the short amount of time that lead to his concussion as in most real cases of amnesia.

  • The basis for a number of fics on Twispitefic:
    • Spendthrift has Alice making a very large purchase at a fashion boutique. The cashier not only isn't surprised by the amount of money Alice is willing to spend, but he insists on seeing Alice's ID before ringing up the purchase to make sure she hasn't stolen her parents' credit card.
    • Tough Love:
      • Bella is revealed to have flunked her senior year, blown off her part time job, and let her truck fall into disrepair as a result of her four month Heroic BSOD following her breakup with Edward. She also finds herself facing a large fine for riding a motorcycle without the required licence, with the aforementioned motorcycle facing impoundment.
      • The Cullens are shown to be living far beyond their financial means: while Carlisle does earn slightly more than $190,000 a year, it's not enough to pay for the Cullens' lavish lifestyle, which includes high end cars and designer gowns for a junior prom, among other expenses. In addition, Alice's use of her foresight powers to play the stock market has led to the Securities and Exchange Commission investigating the Cullen family for insider trading.
    • Class A Felony and Trustworthy both take place after Jacob forcefully kisses Bella, and in both of them, Charlie is furious at Jacob for sexually assaulting his daughter.
    • Conversed twice in Of Sense and Sunlight:
      • One of the vampires in Victoria's newborn army points out that if there really are days where vampires can safely walk in sunlight, they wouldn't be able to use them to launch a surprise attack on the Cullens, since the far older vampire clan would almost certainly know about - and be prepared for - attacks on these days.
      • The same vampire then points out that thanks to the rest of the newborns sinking a ferry and draining everyone onboard, the newborn army is screwed; human law enforcement will almost certainly investigate such an event, and while the humans are physically inferior to the vampires, they have the advantage when it comes to technology and numbers. Riley's claim that the humans will think that animals or fish were responsible is also immediately dismissed, since their teeth are very different from those of humans/vampires.
    • Resisting Devotion has Quill tell Claire about how he's imprinted onto her. She is disgusted that he's been lusting after her since she was a toddler, and their friendship is well and truly over, to the point that Claire plans to get a restraining order against Quill.
      • There's also a possible in-universe version of the trope. In theory, a werewolf that imprints is supposed to be whatever the imprintee needs them to be, but in practice, the werewolf and imprintee end up together every single time. Quill fully expects this to be the case with him and Claire, only to learn that Claire is gay, so no chance of a romantic relationship there.
    • Small Victory, when Bella finds out Edward sabotaged her truck, she's furious and demands he fixes it. Edward refuses, claiming he's trying to protect her so Bella runs to her father who threatens Edward at gun point and Bella breaks up with him.
    • In Hospital Rules, a nurse refuses to give Bella a sedative just because Edward says so. Not only is he not the doctor assigned to her, the nurse doubts he's one at all. When he continues to insist, she discreetly calls security.

  • In canon Worm, many characters curse Tinkers for seemingly always having the solution to their opponents at hand. In A Cloudy Path, we see the other perspective: Building superscience toys requires time and gathering material, and things go poorly when one enters the field before being ready.
  • This post does an in-depth exploration of how difficult a Tinker!Taylor in general would have it.

Young Justice
  • In episode Misplaced, all the grown-ups were sent to one dimension and kids were sent to another. In With This Ring version of the episode "Displaced", the Orange Lantern Self-Insert, Paul finds out the hard way that what happens to all the adults flying planes, driving cars, operating delicate machinery, performing operations. In a small town like Happy Harbor, most of kids in car crashes survived and were easily rescued by Superboy with minimal injuries. In a big city like Gotham, Paul find crashed cars with dead and dying children and fires breaking out with no firefighters to stop them. Paul even makes a speech beseeching the Justice League to focus find the perpetrators due how bad things were getting.
    Paul: Tell Batman to imagine a world where in every hospital, every clinic, every doctor's surgery... Doctors: gone. Surgeons: gone. Anaesthetists: gone. Critical care nurses: gone. Any child who was undergoing surgery when the separation occurred is most likely already dead. Most children who were in critical care wards will be dying without the constant attention they need. Small babies were being bathed when their parents disappeared stand a good chance of drowning. And good as autopilots are I don't know how long we've got until planes start falling out of the sky with no pilots. Major roads are covered in crashed cars, the injured and the dead and there aren't enough of us to help. I will be astonished if we keep the death toll to a mere five figures -most of whom will be children- and I will shout the praises of any deity who feels like chipping in, we cannot afford- We can't afford to pay any unessential attention to secondary objectives. Please pass that on.
    • The final death toll rose to be eight hundred thousand children dead and with it having massive effects on the international community.
    • It also dives into a topic not talked about in story disasters: the clean-up. Orange Lantern spent five days cleaning up the bodies of the children killed in plane crashes due to either autopilot failure or the plane flat out disappearing.
    • The story also deconstructs the superhero Mentor relationship as seen with Miss Martian and Martian Manhunter. While Miss Martian is a gifted student, having Manhunter as a mentor ends up hindering her as Manhunter is not a good teacher. He ends up overwhelmed by her talent outstretching what's he knows how to teach and ends up screwing the Team over in a critical moment. Unlike canon, the resulting disaster is correctly blamed on his carelessness and he resigns as M'gann's teacher.
    • Dana Dearden, a GBS intern, gets a pivotal interview with Orange Lantern post-Displaced where the public is finally given the details of what happened. Despite the huge success of the interview and Dearden being responsible for finding OL's phone number and getting him to agree to an interview in the first place, Dearden is fired because she didn't properly inform OL that the interview was live. OL gave the interview thinking it was one-on-one and it would be edited for later. Being responsible for a pivotal interview doesn't clear reporters of the responsibility of informed consent.
    • When Superman decides that he wants to know Superboy, he's not Easily Forgiven. In fact he's called out for his willing neglect of Kon and his decision to get involved when Kon's emotional wounds caused by him healed.

  • Braid of the Limbo Clone Squad. When he was facing his demise he was plucked from his universe by a mischief god and given his choice of powers. His choice: the natural laws of his Earth will always rule him. How does this count as a power? Well, the universe he was thrown into is an anime universe, meaning that the only reason the heroes haven't died is that the universe's laws seem to want to protect them. Which means he can see through the flimsy disguises that most people use and has no problem just killing the fuckers when they're not powered up with a simple sniper shot to the head.