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->''"Audiencia Publica! El tremendo juez de la tremenda corte va a resolver un tremendo caso!"'' [[labelnote:English]]''"Public Address! The tremendous judge of the tremendous court is going to solve a tremendous case!"''[[/labelnote]]
-->--'''The Secretary''', at the start of every case.

''La Tremenda Corte'' (''The Tremendous Court'') was a highly popular Hispanic SketchComedy series that began in radio on Cuba in the 1940s. After Fidel Castro came to power, the show's staff emigrated to Mexico (but not, contrary to rumor, because they had offended Castro) where they turned it into an equally successful TV show. Both versions are still being rerun across Latin America today.

The basic plot was simple: on each show, the Judge had to solve a case involving the same criminal -- a ConMan by the oddball name of Tres Patines (Three Skates) (played by Cuban comedian Leopoldo Fernandez) and his victims. The cases were always zany (the show was very much tongue-in-cheek.) After a lot of witty repartee (often adlibbed, as the show was aired live) between all the characters, Tres Patines invariably ended giving himself away because he just couldn't keep his mouth shut. The judge then sentenced him on the spot, usually to jail time. [[NegativeContinuity Not that it prevented everything from happening again the next time]].

Some episodes added a short conversation between The Judge and the (male) secretary right before the trial, completely unrelated to the case- time filler, most likely.

While the show itself was [[StrictlyFormula highly formulaic]], its great humor came from the talent of its performers, specially Tres Patines and the Judge (they were all professional standup comedians.)

Other characters in the show included: Rudesindo, an immigrant from Spain who was always trying out a variety of businesses, and Nananina, a highly spirited woman. After the show moved to Mexico, they were replaced by other characters.

After Fernandez's death, his son (also named Leopoldo) starred in a remake of the show.
!!Tropes in ''La Tremenda Corte'':
* BreakingTheFourthWall: Occasionally, the characters would make reference to the fact they were in a radio/TV show.
* {{Catchphrase}}: Lots.
** Tres Patines always shouted "A la reja!!" (To the bars!) when summoned to take a stand (it's a reference to Cuban prisoners being summoned to talk to a visitor- at the bars of a cell.)
** The Judge, on being informed what the crime of the week was, had the habit of calling it a [[PerfectlyCromulentWord by the corret crime name + "idio" (cide)]]; eg a robbery would be a "robberycide".
** Nananina would say "Aqui como todos los dias!" (Here like every day!) when summoned.
** [[OncePerEpisode At the end of each episode]]:
--> '''The tremendous judge:''' ''"Escriba ahí secretario" ("Write this down secretary!")''
--> '''Secretary:''' ''"Venga la sentencia" ("Here comes the judgment").''

* DeadpanSnarker: Everyone, but mainly The Judge and Tres Patines. In fact the only person who rarely snarked was The Secretary (because he rarely spoke.)
* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep:
** The Judge's name was never revealed. He was billed as The Tremendous Judge, but not called that in the show.
** Rudesindo often called him "Doctor" and other (incorrect) honorifics.
** The Secretary also went unnamed.
* GetRichQuickScheme: Tres Patines always tried one, but always by swindling the other characters. Rudesindo sort of counts too.
* HangingJudge: Not quite literally, but the Judge was ''very'' short tempered and would fine anybody (even the Secretary) at any moment for saying anything that annoyed him.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: Tres Patines, who seemed completely unfazed each time, and in fact seemed to be taunting the Judge into asking the right questions.
* JustAStupidAccent: Tres Patines spoke in heavy Cuban speech, and stuttered too, making him somewhat hard to understand (but hilarious). Rudesindo spoke with a deep Spanish accent as well. True story: when the show was broadcast in the Dominican Republic, a politician tried to have it removed from the air because he was afraid Dominican children were going to start to talk like Tres Patines! Not only he failed, it made him so unpopular that he lost his job.
* RhymesOnADime: The Judge, whose final case summation and sentencing were done as a quickly spoken poem.
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: Nananina was the only female character.
* OnceAnEpisode:
** The Secretary introduces the Judge, then the case.
** The Judge interrogates all the involved parties, revealing their stupidity in the process.
** Tres Patines accidentally gives himself away.
** The Judge dictated the sentence -- in rhyme!
* OnlySaneMan: The Judge and The Secretary. Though they had their silly moments as well, mostly when the judge went overboard with the fines. The Judge in fact showed off his high education a lot. The other characters were pretty dumb, especially Tres Patines. Well, he was BookDumb. But he was quite clever when taking advantage of the others.