Radio: Sarah Kennedy

A cheery voice, a dodgy joke, opinions Margaret Thatcher might have thought extreme... and we loved her.

A quintessentially British radio presenter, now retired, who presented an early morning radio show on BBC Radio Two for fifteen years. She previously worked on TV in several shows, most importantly the set-up show Game for A Laugh. Her performance style on radio was characterised by fumbling, bumbling, on-air gaffes, ocassional lapses into non-politically correct jokes and references, and the suggestion that she sometimes arrived at work in an over-medicated state.

Despite this, her on-air personality, reminiscent of a boarding school matron, was loved by many fans, who protested vocally when her association with the BBC was severed in mysterious and still unexplained circumstances in 2009.

This radio presenter's career presented examples of these tropes:

  • Author Tract: her conservative views and opinions, often blatant and breaking BBC rules about political impartiality.
  • Creator Breakdown: on at least one occasion her show was taken off the air because she was incoherent, rambling, and clearly in no fit state to continue. Suspicions of Drinking On Duty were levelled. Allegedly.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: the jokes about black people that got her into trouble at least twice.
  • So Bad, It's Good: listening figures were boosted by those who tuned in early in the hope of hearing another classic Kennedy gaffe.