Radio / Les 2 Minutes du Peuple

Les 2 Minutes du Peuple ("The 2 Minutes of the People") is a series of comedic radio skits by Quebecois humorist François Pérusse. Its Quebec French version debuted on radio in 1990, and its French version in 1996.

Each skit is about two-minutes long, and tackles subjects such as everyday situations, the life of historical characters, current events, and parodies of TV shows, game shows, songs, and celebrities. The series dialogue is a never-ending Hurricane of Puns mixed with some Surreal Humor, and is most remembered for its sped-up high-pitched voices, which enforced its Rapid-Fire Comedy.

The series has received numerous awards, and has become a staple of Francophone culture. It has notably been parodied or referenced by numerous Audio Plays.

Les Deux Minutes provides examples of:

  • Hurricane of Puns : It. Never. Stops. There is literally a pun every five seconds. At minimum.
  • Separated by a Common Language: Some skits have French and French Canadian versions. "Vive l'amour" ("Celebrate Love", 3 minutes of as many insults as the singer can cram in) is remarkable in that it illustrates the profound differences in themes in both countries (the French ones are scatological or sexual, French Canadian sounds like they came from a playground or a church inventory).
  • The Unpronounceable: Many characters, such as inspectors or doctors, have names that sound like complete gibberish.