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Radio: Janet And John
"What fun!"

Janet Marsh and John Marsh with stories told by Sir Terry Wogan, these stories usually take the form of John parting Janet's company, doing something, returning to Janet to explain the day's events (all of which form double [sometimes triple] entendres), Janet being displeased and John being attacked finishing the tale with the words "Poor John" (or sometimes, "Run John. Run").

An example.

Came with a mandatory warning before being told so people driving could pull over and avoid accidents.

Originally, Janet and John really was a series of children's books. Clean ones. Honest.

Sir Terry's retirement from the breakfast show in 2009 meant that the segment transferred to his weekly Sunday show, Weekend Wogan.

Here are still the books and CD collections. Buy them, it's for charity.
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alternative title(s): Janet And John
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