In the 1950s, the US [[ShowWithinAShow Patriot Broadcasting Company]] brought us Atomic Tales, a series of shocking ScienceFiction stories, posing incredible WhatIf scenarios and exploring their terrifying consequences. Some of the [[NotReally original archives]] have now been unearthed, so that the shows can be broadcast, in full, including introductions and [[ParodyCommercial advert breaks]], to a more cynical 21st century audience.

The show is, of course, a Pastiche of GoldenAgeSciFi, Amateur radio plays, UnfortunateImplications, and a reminder of [[NationalStereoTypes why Americans are funny]].

Common tropes include
* Zeerust. Pretty much the basic premise of the series. WeWillNotUseAnIndexInTheFuture
* Aesops, often [[BrokenAesop Broken]]
* ReactionaryFantasy
* AsYouKnow and similar formulations
* OpeningNarration
* ScienceIsBad
* BadBadActing