Radar: Wander over Yonder

Craig McCracken, being Craig McCracken, slipped an adult joke or two into Wander over Yonder.

  • The red-on-black pattern of Hater's cloak makes it look liked it's covered in blood.
  • They get a jump start on this in the first minute or so of "The Picnic"— Emperor Awesome says that he's taking Hater "all the way down to awesome-town" while pointing at his crotch.
  • In "The Greatest", when Wander starts mimicking the Watchdog's chant and changing the words.
    Wander: Hate's great, best villain! Taste cake, it's fillin'! Fix gate, needs drillin'! Date Kate, she's willin'!
    • When he says this, there's a noticeable eyebrow wiggle, making one wonder just what it is Kate's willing to do...
    • It might have been unintentional, but when Wander yells "I'M SO NERVOUS!", it looks like he's copping a feel at Lord Hater.
  • "The Pet" is not subtle about the fate of the now seemingly-abandoned spaceship's crew, with bones and skulls littered everywhere. Add to that the fact that the episode also features a malevolent black monster that spits acid and has More Teeth than the Osmond Family, and it's clear that "The Pet" is a giant Shout-Out to Aliens. Yes, the R-rated action horror film featuring bloodthirsty extraterrestrials. The icing on the cake is the gender-flipped variant of that film's famous line:
    Sylvia: "Get away from him, you..."
    Wander: "SYLVIA!"
  • In "The Birthday Boy", Hater tries to blast Wander with a Death Ray that looks like a giant bottle. What does Wander think?
    Wander: Spin the bottle? Why Hater, you sassy man! You do want to get this party started, don't you?
  • In "The Bounty", after Peepers' Imagine Spot in which Lord Hater takes over the galaxy and he is demoted to "Janitor Peepers" due to the plant having taken his spot, he yells "FORGET THAT!" and uses the sharp end of his hat to cut around the center of the plant bounty hunter and escape and jumps out. There was no Gory Discretion Shot. Unfortunately, in later airings, it is cut and simply, after yelling, he is shown jumping out of the plant.
  • In "The Date", in order to stop Lord Hater from marrying a disguised Sylvia, Wander (also disguised) calls her a "cheap horse".
    • The censors must have been asleep for the entire wedding scene, because Peepers also gets away with the line "some broad he met at a restaurant."
    • During the carnival part of the date, at one point we see a bored Sylvia being rocked harshly back and forth and we hear spring-like squeaking, but when it zooms out we can see they're riding the dodgems and Hater's just ramming her repeatedly.
  • Quite literally in The Buddies. Since he couldn't get food, Wander got for Lord Hater a eyeball, a caterpillar, and shit. No literally.
    • Made funnier by the fact Hater's own minions are eyeballs.
  • In The Rider, this bit of dialogue:
    Sylvia: This is my old partner. Goes by the name of...
    Ryder: Ryder. Because I used to, um, ride her.