Radar / Wacky Races

  • In "Fast Track to Hackensack", a sheriff calls the racers "city slickers"—using an accent that causes the "s" sound to come out as "sh". Guess how he pronounces "city".
  • In "Dash to Delaware", Penelope Pitstop, washing her car with a hose, accidentally hoses down Peter Perfect's Turbo Terrific with cold water, which causes it to shrink.
  • In "Speeding for Smogland", the announcer pronounces "turn" at one point in a manner that sounds very much like he's calling Dick Dastardly a "turd".
    • Penelope Pitstop apparently has a vibrator in her car. At least one episode, "Speeding for Smogland'', shows a VIBRATOR option on Penelope Pitstop's dashboard. Granted, it's supposed to be some kind of massager, but the way the car vibrates and Penelope says, "Ooh, it's so relaxin'!" is very suggestive.
  • Take a good, hard look at the shape of Peter Perfect's car and then try to say that it wasn't intentional on the part of the designers. (Though it may simply be a mashup of a vintage F1 and an old school dragster.) Then let's add the fact that his love interest drives a car with big lips named "The compact pussycat"...