Radar: Wacky Races

  • In "Fast Track to Hackensack", a sheriff calls the racers "city slickers"—using an accent that causes the "s" sound to come out as "sh". Guess how he pronounces "city".
  • In "Dash to Delaware", Penelope Pitstop, washing her car with a hose, accidentally hoses down Peter Perfect's Turbo Terrific with cold water, which causes it to shrink.
  • In "Speeding for Smogland", the announcer pronounces "turn" at one point in a manner that sounds very much like he's calling Dick Dastardly a "turd".
    • Penelope Pitstop apparently has a vibrator in her car. Granted, it's supposed to be some kind of massager, but the way the car vibrates and Penelope says, "Ooh, it's so relaxin'!" is very suggestive.