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Radar: Transformers Prime

Darkness Rising, Part 1
  • Arcee's wisecrack about NYC's finest soiling themselves at the sight of Cliffjumper's robot mode.
  • Jack gushing over and feeling up Arcee's motorcycle form comes across as awkward considering the audience is aware she is a gynoid Cybertronian.

Darkness Rising, Part 3
  • Bulkhead makes this sly remark about Agent Fowler:
    "He has some pretty big bearings...for a human."

Darkness Rising, Part 4

Darkness Rising, Part 5
  • It's very much a blink-and-miss-it moment but when Soundwave is busy taking over the observatory, he is shown going past a human soldier that is shown slumped against a wall, almost certainly dead by his hand.

  • Fowler holds a Mook over the side of a speeding Optimus. High speed chases and driving besides tree branches don't mix, kids. Throughout the rest of the episode, multiple casualties amount, but this one stands out.

Deus Ex Machina
  • Knockout gives Optimus a wolf whistle while commenting on his paint job.

Speed Metal
  • This quote, accompanied by a gesture that almost made it look like Knockout was giving Starscream the finger:
    Knock Out: (In response to Starscream's order to cease street racing) Buff this.

Rock Bottom
  • Starscream cornering Miko in the cave has some outright pedophilic undertones:
    Starscream: You like playing with the big robots, don't you, little girl?

One Shall Rise, Part 1
  • Agent Fowler storms into the Autobot base and says:
    Agent Fowler: What have you learned, Prime? And you'd better not blow smoke up my-(notices June standing nearby) Er, oh, ahaha, Mrs. Darby, what a nice surprise!

Operation:Bumblebee, Part 2
  • Knock Out, having recently obtained a Cybertronian artifact, asks Megatron what it is. Megatron demonstrates that it's a shield generator by firing at him with no prior warning. After it narrowly works, Knock Out gives us the following line:

Loose Cannons
  • This line from Wheeljack:
    "Scrap's hitting the fan-blades out here."

Hard Knocks
  • Bulkhead uses the "bearings" joke again, except this time he actually says "ball bearings".

  • After the kids are brushed off by Ratchet...
    Miko: "What crawled up his tailpipe and died?"

  • The bearings joke again, this time from Wheeljack.
    Wheeljack: (To Vehicons) Where is Screamie? Doesn't have the bearings to do this himself?

Chain of Command
  • Apparently "bearings" isn't the only stand-in for "balls," as Wheeljack demonstrates when he remembers that he's carrying a passenger (possibly an unintentional example, but just as easily not).
    Wheeljack: "Ah, bolts."

Plus One
  • Knock Out rather openly complains that the idea of humans "interfacing" disgusts him.
  • Knock Out mentions "a pair of Autobots riding [his] rear" in his status update.

  • This example comes from the otherwise tame Hungarian dub. Starscream's line "Curse you and your logic!" is translated roughly as "Go screw your logic!" — although the swear word he used ("cseszd meg") is a tad more vulgar than "screw".

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