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"No wonder my little cousins aren't allowed to watch this show."
Noah, Total Drama World Tour

NOTE: Canada has a fairly lax rating system compared to what the United States has. Because this show was produced in Canada for Canadian audiences, and because Getting Crap Past the Radar requires intent to deceive the censors, only Canadian censorship standards determine what is or is not an example of this trope.

The Ridonculous Race has its own page.

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    Total Drama Island 
  • In "I Triple Dog Dare You!", Chef is wearing a pink dress for most of the episode. A pink, see-through dress. And you can see his underwear through it. And they didn't bother to use Barbie Doll Anatomy. They got away with showing a guy's dick on national television, on a program for kids!

    Total Drama Action 
  • Chef again wears another see through dress in "3:10 To Crazy Town" but instead of a fascia dress, he wears a salmon pink colored western bonnet dress. His underwear can once again be seen through the dress although Chris makes fun of Chef for wearing the dress
  • Lindsay's song in "Rock N Rule", though she was probably getting the lyrics wrong, this is what she sang:
    Lindsay: Ooo, your face, in my glands. Ooo, oo, oo, oo, oo, oo, oo, oo, it's you and meeee!
  • Duncan comes back to the boy's cabin after being missing all night, looking like he hasn't slept at all.
    Duncan: Don't worry, I spent the night in Courtney's trailer.
    Owen: (laughs) Nice! Well come on! Details!
    Duncan: Down boy! We just talked!
    Owen: Suuuure.
  • Justin tries to get on Chris' good side with a surprise massage on "Ocean's Eight - Or Nine"; Chris said he was making him feel uncomfortable.
  • In "Top Dog", the parrot Chris brought with him to help explain the animal buddy challenge bites Chris on the thumb. Chris gets angered and goes off screen and the next scene shows the contestants watching in horror while Chris struggles and grunts and the parrot keeps yelling out in pain and there were fighting and punching noises in the background. When Chris returns back on screen, the top of his head is covered with parrot feathers, heavily implying that he either killed or seriously injured the parrot. This allowed the producers to get away with showing a severe depiction of animal cruelty on a kids show.

    Total Drama World Tour 
  • During the sausage-making challenge in "Slap Slap Revolution", Noah taunts Cody for having "a tiny sausage". Nothing too remarkable there, except for the position of said sausage.
  • "The Am-AH-Zon Race":
  • In "Picnic at Hanging Dork", Gwen thinking she has won the challenge, says, "Ha! Suck it, Courtney!"
  • In "Awwwwww, Drumheller!", Chris's wallpaper is a photo of him getting a massage from Chef.
  • In "Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles", after Cody stole first place in the race, the scene cuts to Alejandro cursing in the confessional.
    Alejandro: Mala suerte, mierda!note .

    Total Drama Revenge of the Island 

    Total Drama All Stars 
  • The first challenge involves the teams trying to find a key that will unlock the spa/hotel. Sierra finds a key shaped like Cody, which doesn't fit the lock because it's too small.

    Total Drama: Pahkitew Island 
  • During the doom balloons challenge, Jasmine hits Ella and Sugar with several doom balloons, covering them in green, yellow, and brown substances and knocking them out of the challenge. Sugar functions as the radar in this scene as she tries to identify the substances as she says that the substances are "mustard, relish, and some third thing I can't identify" while she licks her hand to try to identify the brown substance. That third thing she is referring to is the brown substance, which makes a lot of fans wonder whether its mud or something else that is way more disgusting.

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