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"No wonder my little cousins aren't allowed to watch this show."
Noah, Total Drama World Tour

Canada has a fairly lax rating system compared to what the United States has, though, considering that the show was on Cartoon Network for a time, it wasn't that different from what aired in Canada — besides some edits for language (both bad language and to Americanize the slang). Here's what Cartoon Network didn't catch/care to catch:

The Ridonculous Race has its own page.

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    Total Drama Island 
  • In general, Cartoon Network made no attempt to censor any of the vomiting scenes.
  • Geoff's biography blatantly states that he was conceived on a beach.
  • During Courtney's audition tape after realizing she mixed up her two speeches she drops an F bomb
  • "Not So Happy Campers - Part 1":
    • Duncan flirting with Heather:
      Duncan: What are the sleeping arrangements? (points to Heather) Because I'd like to request a bunk under her.
      Heather: Get bent.
    • Owen mentions that he was glad the boys slept in the same cabin together. Cue silent stares from the rest of the guys. Owen's attempts to correct the Double Entendre just make it sound more and more gay.
      Owen: I mean, no! I loooove chicks! I just don't want to sleep near them!
      Owen: Wait! No! That's not what I meant!
    • Katie expresses her anxiety about the challenge, DJ tries to cheer her up.
      DJ: It's our first challenge. How hard can it be?
      (cut to contestants standing at the top of a massive cliff overlooking the lake)
      DJ: Aw, s- (censored)
  • From the second episode we have:
    Owen: Hey, check it out! I've got wood!
  • "Not Quite Famous":
    • Cartoon Network somehow missed Bridgette saying "oh, crap!" after she accidentily destroys Courtney's violin.
    • Lindsay, while spying on the Killer Bass, gets a glimpse of Tyler tied up, zooms in on his ass with her binoculars, and says "Ooh, that's not boring."
    • Heather commenting on Cody's affection towards Gwen. How exactly this got missed is unknown:
    Heather: Hey, look! The first hookup of the season.
    Gwen: (sarcastically) Oh, yeah, we were going at it big time. I need a swim just to cool off.
  • "Up the Creek":
    • Cody tries to win over Gwen so that he can get her bra and win a bet. Gwen rejects him, but gives him one as a reward for helping her get together with Trent. Then later, when Owen asks him how he got it, Cody's reply?
      "A gentleman never kisses and tells!"
    • Owen, when in a canoe with Heather for a challenge, gives us this gem:
      "If this boat's a rockin', Don't Come A-Knockin'!"
  • "The Sucky Outdoors":
    "Wow Bridgette, you pitch a tent like a guy!"
  • In "Basic Straining", during the final challenge, Courtney's uncontrollable laughing and the way she gives up the challenge to cheerily call out Chef makes it see as if she's high. She may have just been in the moment from breaking the rules, but still...
  • "X-Treme Torture":
    • Heather, in an attempt to stop Harold from winning a challenge by untying a rope attached to the jet ski she's driving gets her tube top snagged on a tree branch. She isn't wearing anything underneath. To add injury to insult, she is then pulled completely off by the momentum of the jet ski. Harold is so distracted by her chest he crashes, loses the challenge, and is eliminated by the end of the episode.
      Harold: I loved, I lost, and I saw BOOBIES! What more could a man want?
    • You've gotta wonder what happened to the censors when you consider Trent gets away with saying "hell". Granted, he was referring to it as the place, but still.
  • "Brunch of Disgustingness":
    • Leshawna grabbing her own boobs while insulting Heather for being flat chested.
    • After consuming an assortment of bizarre food, the campers are served relatively normal looking meat balls.
      Owen: Alright, meatballs! (begins eating)
      Chris: Technically, you're right. But these are kinda special. Chef?
      Chef: It's beef testicles, borginon!
      (camera cuts to an ox holding its head and groaning in pain)
      Owen: ...Testicles...? (does a Puke Take in DJ's face)
  • This exchange in "No Pain, No Game":
    Eva: You got that right, Sister Thunder-Thighs.
    Leshawna: Oh, oh, oh, TELL me the macho mama with butt-cheeks tighter than my weave did not just say that!
  • "Who Can You Trust?":
    • A blindfolded Chris tries to hit an arrow being balanced on DJ's head using a crab apple and a slingshot but ends up accidentally hitting an important part of DJ's anatomy instead. Normally this wouldn't be so bad, radar-wise, but when Chris realizes that he missed his target...
      Chris: Aw, nuts!
    • Gwen is climbing a rock wall in a race against DJ, Heather had attached an extra rope to Gwen's shorts, pulling on it when she had climbed higher than DJ, giving everyone there a nice view. She then catches the now ripped pants before exclaiming "screw it" and climbs the rest of the way in her underwear (more panty shot) winning the challenge and cheering with her pants held in the air before realizing she's giving everyone an even better view, swearing "crap" and covering herself up.
  • "Hook, Line, and Screamer":
    Owen: Owen's not getting to second base, is he?
    (Izzy shakes her head)
    Owen: I didn't think so. First base?
    (Izzy shakes her head again)
    Owen: Is he getting up to bat?
    (Izzy punches him)
  • In "Camp Castaways" Chris mentions using props from a movie called "Bigassic Park" to design the deserted island. Yes, the film was called Bigassic Park.
  • "I Triple Dog Dare You!"
    • Owen has to give a purple nurple to a sleeping bear. The moment isn't actually seen, but when Owen exits the cave, there's a shot of the bear rubbing its chest area.
    • For most of the episode, Chef is wearing a pink dress. A pink, see-through dress. And you can see his underwear through it. And they didn't bother to use Barbie Doll Anatomy. They got away with showing a guy's dick on national television, on a program for kids!
  • There was an episode where Duncan, Geoff and DJ tricked Harold into eating his underwear by disguising it as a sandwich. Harold says it's the worst thing he ever tasted. This is his underwear, and he described it as tasting like sweat and lotion.
    • It's part of a running gag that culminates with Harold standing butt naked in front of the remaining girls, with only a mosaic blur. The censors must have seen this episode and ran away.

    Total Drama Action 
  • Harold calling his butt his "greatest ass-et".
  • Duncan almost said, "Payback's a bitch." in the confessional before the camera cut him off.
  • Beth falls on top of Izzy. Izzy says "Hey, you break 'em, you pay for 'em." Take a moment to figure out what she's talking about.
  • In "Dial M for Merger", Beth offers Courtney her French maid outfit in exchange for safety. Everyone looks squicked at this until Beth explains that it was a costume for a play.
  • From "The Princess Pride", when Duncan is trying to cheat blindly crossing a bridge guarded by Chef, who's dressed up as a toothless troll with a girly wig:
    Duncan: Seeing Chef? Good. Seeing Chef as a transgender troll? (snickers) Priceless.
  • Lindsay's song in "Rock N Rule", though she was probably getting the lyrics wrong, this is what she sang:
    Lindsay: Ooo, your face, in my glands. Ooo, oo, oo, oo, oo, oo, oo, oo, it's you and meeee!
  • Duncan comes back to the boy's cabin after being missing all night, looking like he hasn't slept at all.
    Duncan: Don't worry, I spent the night in Courtney's trailer.
    Owen: (laughs) Nice! Well come on! Details!
    Duncan: Down boy! We just talked!
    Owen: Suuuure.
  • Justin tries to get on Chris' good side with a surprise massage on "Ocean's Eight - Or Nine"; Chris said he was making him feel uncomfortable.
    • In the same episode, Chris says "aw, crap!" uncensored. Twice.
  • "One Flu Over the Cuckoos" has this gem:
    Harold: Wait a minute! That's a rectal thermometer!
  • "The Sand Witch Project":
    • Chris falling on a pole and using a special effect to look like he got impaled by it. Graphically. This, combined with a - simulated, of course - Dies Wide Open, results in what may be the most gratuitous instance of gorn in a kids' show.
    • Harold's attempt at a compliment.
      Harold: (to Leshawna) You're like Albert Einstein, but with better hair...and (creepy face) girly bits. (wiggles fingers suggestively)
  • In "Mutiny on the Soundstage" when Duncan and Beth are tied up:
    Duncan: I'm pretty much a Houdini at tying and untying anything. Comes in handy a lot of ways I don't think Ma had in mind.
  • Heather and Gwen's rivalry being described as an epic hate-on during "Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special".
  • The episode "Million Dollar Babies" gave this one from Lindsay:
    Lindsay: Okay, so he meant seeded like sport seeding, I knew that! But, if there were a gardening challenge, I'd totally kick butt! Nobody can even touch my tomatoes! (beat, as she suddenly realizes what she said)
    • In the Latin American dubbing of this same episode, after Courtney defeats Duncan in wrestling, she says 'I'm the champ at wrestling in balls'. In Mexico and other Latin American countries, saying 'In balls' is slang for 'in the nude'.

    Total Drama World Tour 
  • "Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1":
    Chef: Chris is such an idiot. ...Why's the PA still on? Oh, sh- (PA cuts off)
    • Not to mention calling the contestants "fruitcakes" for the singing.
    • Chris introduces Alejandro as being able to "charm the pants off" any living creature. Think about it.
    • Ezekiel says "What the shizzle?". Anybody familiar with Snoop Dogg speak most likely know what this means.
  • The writers have snuck crap past the radar with Alejandro's Gratuitous Spanish at least once, having him say, "malditos incompetentes" which means "damned incompetents".
  • "Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2" had a mating song that nearly killed the radar.
    Alejandro: (singing) Scarabs, get busy now.
  • This deleted scene from "Broadway, Baby!" has Cody falling into the Statue of Liberty's boobs and almost dying. Unfortunately cut from the US version, but still very radar-shattering.
    Chef: But what a way to go!
  • "Bridgette, will you kiss this pole?"
  • Noah's line during the sausage-making challenge in "Slap Slap Revolution". Made hilarious by the size of the two's relationship in fanon:
    Noah: (snickers) Cody's got a tiny sausage!
    • Not to mention the position of said sausage.
  • "The Am-AH-Zon Race" didn't just kill the radar, it killed it, slept with its wife, shot its dog, stole its car and then killed it again.
    • Owen says that Alejandro might slightly not totally like him, and that hitting him in the face didn't help...
      "Unless he likes that kind of thing. Fingers crossed!"
    • Cody instructing Gwen on how to administer an allergy shot.
      Cody: You'll have to jam the needle into my naked butt-cheek. (winks)
    • Gwen being forced to rifle through Cody's pant pockets to find a flashlight.
      Gwen: You are not allowed to enjoy this.
      Cody: (grins sleazily) Gwen touched my butt. I was wearing pants, but it was pretty much my butt.
    • Gwen finds a pair of X-Ray glasses in Cody's pocket. He's on a team with four girls, guess what he does with it.
    • Heather gets Gwen to look through the X-Ray glasses to see Cody's undies. Unfortunately, he isn't wearing any. After that, Sierra asks to borrow the glasses (we all know why), and says she plans to have her arms extended, so next time, she will be the one to reach Cody's pants.
    • The above is made even worse by a scene soon after, where Intoxication Ensues-mode Gwen makes a hysterical call to Chris to report what had happened to Team Amazon:
      Gwen: Chris, Chris, Chris! The Zingies! Caught by the tree, tied up, my hands are in Cody's pants, this trouble is big!
      Tyler: (overhears on other line, without knowing what's really going on) Way to go Cody!
      Cody: Thank you!
  • "Newf Kids On The Rock":
    Courtney: I was a C.I.T!
    Heather: More like a B-I-T-C-
    • No wonder Noah's cousins aren't allowed to watch this show!—one of Noah's only two confessional uses ever was used to lampshade Getting Crap Past the Radar. And then Owen had one a minute later for no other purpose than to echo that Lampshade Hanging. Obviously the writers are very comfortable about their current situation with the censors.
  • "I See London" absolutely slaughtered the radars. To wit:
    • "I'd like to top his honor roll!...Did that sound creepy?"
    • The downloadable version of "Strip Them Down":
      Sierra: I can only strip Cody! And he can only strip me!
      • The broadcast version was changed to "I made a vow that Cody is the only man for me." Still on the verge of being vulgar, but it passed.
      • "Before our honeymoon or marriage? Cody, you're a trip!"
    • When Gwen distracts the dogs with the shiny egg, she says, "I guess dogs are just as trainable as lizards, and just as inbred."
    • "Ow, my wiener!" It's like they're not even trying anymore.
  • "Greece's Pieces":
    Heather: I'm fast AND flexible.
    • Then Alejandro upstages her by tying his hair with his legs.
    Gwen: (in confessional) No man should be that flexible!
  • "The EX-Files":
  • "Aftermath: Aftermayhem":
    • This part of "Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley":
      Geoff: She's so full of you-know-what, she has to double flush the can!
      Blaineley: What? I eat a lot of fiber!
    • Then when Blaineley's hauled off the show:
      Geoff: Well now, ain't karma a-
  • "Picnic at Hanging Dork":
    • Heather drops a Mondegreened f-bomb while trying to catch a sheep:
      Heather: Stand still you stupid fuzzball!
    • When Gwen thinks she won, she gives us this line:
      Gwen: Ha! Suck it, Courtney!
  • "Chinese Fake Out":
    Cody: I don't want kids! (terrified) She can't make me have kids, right!?
    • Blaineley calling her personal trainer a "[ste]roid monkey."
  • "African Lying Safari":
    Alejandro: (to Heather) Well "loser" is what the lion called you, when you when you couldn't find your baaaalls... (quickly) Tranq-balls that is.
  • "Awwwwww, Drumheller!":
  • "Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles":
    • After Cody stole first place in the race, it cuts to Alejandro cursing in the confessional.
      Alejandro: Mala suerte, mierda! (which translates to "how unlucky, shit!").
    • Alejandro and Heather are using their walkie-talkies and get annoyed with one another.
      Heather: Guess what? I can just turn you off!
      Alejandro: Of course you can, you’re an expert at turning people off!

    Total Drama Revenge of the Island 
  • From the same episode, Sam complains he's overstimulated. Scott then trips into him and falls on his back, and the giant spider webs them together. Scott gives him an awkward look while Sam says "Yep...definitely overstimulated..."
  • "Backstabbers, Ahoy!":
  • "Truth or Laser Shark":
    • When Scott enters the boys' cabin covered in dirt (from being chased down by mutant animals and searching for the immunity idol) the other guys ask why he's dirty. He says something along the lines of, "Just had a morning make-out session with one of the ladies." And then when they ask which girl it was...
      Scott: A gentleman never kisses and tells.
    • "Zoey's ripe for the plucking, and as everyone back home knows, I'm a great plucker."
  • Jo working out "like the ancient Olympians." Even though it was just her shadow, it doesn't take much for the imagination to wander...
  • Speaking of Jo, Lightning seems to think she's a guy, resulting in this:
    Jo: I never kissed a guy.
  • In "Grand Chef Auto", Cameron get attacked by mutant chipmunks. His reaction:
    Cameron: They're all over me! And they're biting my nuts! (holds up a bag of peanuts)

    Total Drama All Stars 
  • When Chef is bailing Chris out from prison, you can clearly see one prisoner making a kissy face. Black Comedy Rape, anyone?
  • Chris re-introduces Lightning as "Athletic non-supporter". Really?
  • The first challenge involves the teams trying to find a key that will unlock the spa/hotel. Sierra finds a key shaped like Cody, which doesn't fit the lock because it's too small.
  • After Sam is hit in the groin in "Evil Dread", Chris offers Chef some nuts.
  • When Lightning's team votes him off.
    Lightning: You're gonna regret this! Especially you, Jo! You're a total
  • The evil beaver giving the Villains the finger.
  • Larry the mutant venus flytrap turns out to be a girl and hatches an egg sac. One of her babies looks like Chris. Chris' reaction is an innocent whistle. Um... what.
  • Gwen mistaking "fracking drill" for a Precision F-Strike, even asking Chef if he's allowed to say that on TV.
  • Gwen and Courtney's friendship, while very heartwarming, at some moments they can get a bit too friendly. This moment in particular.
  • Duncan's exclusive scene in prision has him writing to his mom. Near the end, his cellmate smiles at him and he asks his mom for a lawyer as well. I think we all know what the inmate wants to do...

    Total Drama: Pahkitew Island 
  • In "A Blast From the Past", what Chris says when he fires the twins:
    "And to make it fair, maybe Samey should come out first this time!"
  • In "Three Zones and a Baby", when Topher causes an avalanche, Jasmine says to him: "I'm going to rip you a new..." before being cut off by snow falling onto them.
    • The title alone sounds rather sexual. When saying it out loud, it sounds kind of like 'threesome.'
  • In "Pahk'd with Talent", Sugar calls the song she performs a "Craptry" due to combining "Country" with "Rap". The name really fits considering how the song came out.
  • In the finale, Dave accidentally makes a prostitute joke while talking about helping Sky win the prize money.
    Dave: The boy gets the girl, the girl gets the money... that sounds wrong.
  • In "Sky Fall", Sky tells Sugar at the beginning of the challenge to hurry up because Chris likely rigged booby traps all over the mountain. Sugar promptly explodes in a fit of laughter, both while running with Sky and in the confessional.

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