In {{Radar/Looney Tunes}} tradition, ''WesternAnimation/TheLooneyTunesShow'' includes plenty of [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar adult subtlety]].

[[AC:101 -- Best Friends]]
* On the game show "Besties," the Goofy Gophers say they like "cruising".
** And they're both male.
*** Although, well, [[CampGay anybody who didn't notice about fifty years ago...]]
* The dock where the cruise leaves from is called [[ToiletHumor "Port of Potti"]].
* The Grilled Cheese Merry Melodies music video contains a lot of sexual innuendo. For example, the music sounds sexy and romantic, second, Elmer "fingers" the picture of the grilled cheese, and finally, Elmer sits on a heart cushion with the grilled cheese at the end.

[[AC:102 -- Members Only]]
* Some stripper-like martians are featured in the "I'm a Martian" song. ''Boom-shaka-laka'' indeed.
* Not to mention that in the same video, Marvin stands at a rally, on a podium with red banners and drapes, with countless martians standing to attention infront of him singing "I'm a Martian, I'm a Martian, lalala, la, la, lalala." ... to the tune of Deutschland Uber Alles.

[[AC:103 -- The Jailbird and Jailbunny]]
* Bugs and Daffy chained at the ankle. When Bugs mentions it to a police officer, his response is priceless.
-->'''Officer:''' Your ''personal lives'' are your business.
* In the WesternAnimation/MerrieMelodies short, especially towards the end, the background dancers breasts are very large, with some cleavage showing. To say nothing of the generous attention paid to their shaking hips.

[[AC:104 -- Fish and Visitors]]
* While crashing at their place, Yosemite Sam instructs Bugs and Daffy, "Wake me up at 4:30. Unless I'm having night terrors... ''or if there's a tie on the doorknob."''
** In that same episode Daffy tells Sam under no circumstances to ever open the third drawer on the left. He does it anyways and finds some [[PornStash DVDs]]. The look Bugs levels at a sheepish Daffy is particularly damning.
* In the WesternAnimation/MerrieMelodies short, Foghorn Leghorn recommends eating a "fish taco".

[[AC:106 -- Reunion]]
* Wile E. Coyote gets an email from the ACME Catalog with the headline, "Wanna be bigger?!"
** He first tries it out on his tail... which gets longer.
* "You peaked too soon!"
* In the WesternAnimation/MerrieMelodies short "Cock of the Walk", Foghorn Leghorn sings about how attractive he is to the lady chickens (becoming a literal ChickMagnet). In one scene, said hens start laying hundreds of eggs at the very sight of Foghorn, in a manner very reminiscent of [[TheImmodestOrgasm another particular bodily function]].

[[AC:107 -- Casa de Calma]]
* The Hollywood starlet [[NoCelebritiesWereHarmed Starlet Johanssen]] is pretty curvy, especially with the bikini. In one scene, she ''takes off her towel'' while entering a massage room.

[[AC:109 -- The Foghorn Leghorn Story]]
* Daffy's description of Foghorn, specifically, "...with two big balls hanging from his chin." Also, Yosemite Sam is hanging his laundry out to dry, one of which is a banana hammock (slang term for a scandalously revealing thong).

[[AC:110 -- Eligible Bachelors]]
* When Porky is auctioning off Daffy, he does some very interesting dance movements.
* Upon Daffy's discovery that Granny just wants him to clean her attic, he remarks that isn't very romantic for a date. To which Granny gives this immortal line:
-->'''Granny:''' "I'm a ninety year-old woman. [[GetYourMindOutOfTheGutter Get your mind out of the gutter.]]"

[[AC:112 -- Double Date]]
* When Daffy tries to convince Bugs to ask Lola for a favor, he insistently refers to it as [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything "hooking me up"]]. Bugs's uncomfortable reaction to the phrase only furthers the hidden implication.
* Lola (after falling for Daffy): "You have a really big beak."
-->'''Daffy:''' ''(About Tina)'' "Her beak is bigger than mine."
* When Daffy sees Lola in his house lying on his bed ''...suggestively,'' his towel falls off.
-->'''Lola:''' [[Film/TheGraduate "Hello, Daffy"]].

[[AC:116 -- That's My Baby]]
* The basis of the "couple fight": Daffy sees Tina with a baby duck and assumes it's hers [[ParentalBonus that she had with another duck]]. [[DontExplainTheJoke The assumption that she was cheating on him is the reason why Daffy says that she is dead to him...]] until she says that she's babysitting her sister's kid.
* When Tina starts feeding Zachary in the park, Daffy repeatedly criticizes her feeding method. The criticisms fly so fast that one could be forgiven for missing the last one: [[ParentalBonus "That's not the right nipple."]]
* Everything about "Skunk Funk" -- ''especially'' the ShoutOut to ''The Continental'' (the ''[[Series/SaturdayNightLive SNL]]'' recurring sketch with Creator/ChristopherWalken as the title character, though it was shown in black and white like the original version) with the woman running for the door whenever The Continential says or does something really raunchy to his unseen guest.

[[AC:117 -- Sunday Night Slice]]
* When the elderly Giraldi leaves his restaurant, he gets in his car with [[MayDecemberRomance a much younger]] Mrs. Giraldi. Considering how Mr. Giraldi remarks that he's now fairly wealthy, it makes the age difference [[TrophyWife very explainable]].

[[AC:118 -- The DMV]]
* At the beginning of the episode, Bugs tells Daffy (who is dressed in drag in order to get a 'student discount') that he is driving them to the movie theater, which Daffy replies with:
-->'''Daffy''': What are you, the ''man'' of this relationship?!
-->'''Bugs''': ''(Deadpan)'' We're not ''in'' a relationship.

[[AC:119 -- Off Duty Cop]]
* As Daffy shows him "Off Duty Cop", Porky has to ask "Does he handcuff everyone he meets?" right as the action hero appears to be getting into a romantic scene. And it ends in handcuffs, too! ...because she was a criminal, like with all the other handcuffings.
* Bugs getting [[GRatedDrug addicted]] to an energy drink, right down to negotiating a deal to meet up with a "supplier" to get his fix. The drink in question also causes him to become hyperactive, engage in compulsive housework, and complain of itching, symptoms of crystal meth and amphetamine use.
* Yosemite Sam running away from the cops bare-ass naked.

[[AC:120 -- Working Duck]]
* Daffy is unemployed for several months, claiming to be looking for a job on the computer. When Bugs comes into the room asking how the job hunt is going, Daffy attempts to bring up his resume... closing NUMEROUS windows in the process, while Bugs looks on with shocked and disgusted facial expressions. When Daffy finally thinks he's arrived at the right window, there is a silent pause as both look on, and Daffy responds "Sorry... that was DEFINITELY not my resume." [[DontExplainTheJoke Daffy was looking at internet porn on Bugs' computer instead of looking for a job.]]

[[AC:121 -- French Fries]]
* "Porky is a big....piece of......''(stops)''....[[CurseCutShort GARBAGE!]]
** Even worse: "What a garbage move!"

[[AC:122 -- Beauty Shop]]
* Bugs posing as Porky's girlfriend for dance school and Speedy falling in love with him.

[[AC:123 -- The Float]]
* Daffy literally strips Porky.
* Then Porky tackles Daffy, naked, and Bugs watches... rather interestingly into it.
* During the gophers' "Best Friends" song, they lick a vanilla ice cream cone.

[[AC:124 -- The Shelf]]
* "[[MyEyesAreUpHere My eyes are up here]]" is said at least twice.

[[AC:202 -- You've Got Hate Mail]]
* When Tina finally checks Daffy's e-mail, she says something along the lines of, "Whoa! You really laid into those gophers." Obviously it was the most offensive and possibly derogatory section of his "hate-filled e-mail". Especially when one considers the [[AmbiguouslyGay relationship]] of said gophers.

[[AC:204 -- Rebel Without a Glove]]
* Daffy is revealed to wear a [[VisualInnuendo pearl necklace]].
* When Bugs gets a tattoo, the tattoo artist says, [[DoubleEntendre "I'm sorry if it hurts."]] He replied, [[DoubleEntendre "I didn't even know you started."]]

[[AC:207 -- Customer Service]]
* Lola's daydream has her in a suspectly short dress at Copyplace.
** Plus, the beginning of her daydream (or, more appropriately, fantasy) looked almost like an adult movie.
* The Spanish movie Speedy watches has a rather... interesting plotline.

[[AC:216 -- Mrs. Porkbunny's]]
* The beginning of the episode when Bugs is making a list for shopping after seeing one of Daffy's items.
-->'''Bugs''': What do you need with sixteen tubes of lip balm? You don't have lips.
-->'''Daffy''': It's not for my lips.
-->'''Bugs''': (Eyes widen) I don't wanna know.
* When Daffy tried out for a commercial the first time after being asked to see his profile viewpoint.
-->'''Casting Judge''': Oh my, that's a really big beak.
-->'''Daffy''': Thank you, it gets the job done.

[[AC:217 -- Gribbler's Quest]]
* In the Merrie Melody "Parade Float" where Daffy describes his parade float.
-->'''Singer:''': Parade Float, just don't try to pass... Parade Float, or he'll flatten your car!
** You think they could have found a word to rhyme with pass. Oh wait, there is. Ass.
*** DontExplainTheJoke

[[AC:218 -- The Grand Old Duck of York]]
* Daffy's parade float has a back door. Guess where it is. After exiting it, Daffy mentions needing to oil it.
* At one point, Yosemite Sam interrupts Bugs while he's reading the newspaper. The 'article' Bugs was looking at at the time was an ad for a discount on swimsuits, with a picture of a woman in a bikini.

[[AC:219 -- Ridiculous Journey]]
* During an argument, Sylvester and Tweety have this exchange:
-->'''Sylvester''': You tempted me.
-->'''Tweety''': By taking a ''bath?'' You got problems, man!

[[AC:220 -- The Shell Game]]
* Lola's response to Bugs regarding a recliner he bought.
-->'''Bugs:''': (Trying to justify the recliner) It's nice.
-->'''Lola:''': (To Bugs) Bugs, you're good in a lot of areas but home decor is not one of them.
** I wonder what other areas Bugs is good in.
* Daffy used a display toilet to relieve himself.

[[AC:221 -- The Year of the Duck]]
* I'm sorry - I lost count of how many times the word "tit" was either said or shown during the 2-minute-long "Tit For Tat" ShowWithinAShow segment.

[[AC:223 -- Here Comes the Pig]]
* After Daffy says that he promises he will find a female pig for him to go out with, Porky says that [[InterspeciesRomance the woman doesn't have to be a pig]].