!! The Disney movie
* After Ariel nearly gets the TrueLovesKiss required to remain human forever, Ursula exclaims "That little ''tramp''! She's better than I thought..."
* Ariel being pretty clearly completely naked from the waist down for at least five minutes of the movie after she gets her legs.
* Ursula has an ''interesting'' way of telling Ariel about the "importance of [[HelloBoys body language]]" in getting a man's love.
* In "Poor Unfortunate Souls": ''"They weren't kidding when they called me, well, a {{witch| with a capital B}}''". I don't think ''that's'' what they called you, Ursula...
* Scuttle asking Ariel "New seashells?" Referring to her SeashellBra.
* It's a "blink and you'll miss it" thing, but when Ariel first springs up above the surface, there is a very quick glimpse of light that reveals her naked body as she throws her head back.
* Ariel's ''[[TheImmodestOrgasm reaction]]'' to first breathing above water.
* In the ''Encyclopedia of Disney Characters'' book, for the entry of this film, the book takes note of Ariel not wearing any clothes when she first becomes human, and identifies this as a [[{{Fanservice}} "fun fact'']]. A wonder how they got away with that.
* After Ursula sing's the line, "But on the whole I've been a saint, to those poor unfortunate souls!" She uses the plant she first wore as a shawl to vigorously rub her back, shaking her chest [[MaleGaze as the camera zooms in on it]]. "Saint" is not the word to be used, in more ways than one.