Radar / The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

In a similar vein to most, if not all, of Cartoon Network's original programming note , this show sneaked stuff past the censors all the time.

However, Billy and Mandy just might single-handedly be the most blatantly obvious "children-friendly" trope codifier on the whole Western Animation page. The first season is a series of dark and violent shorts that Cartoon Network's censors (if any of them did anything remotely resembling a good job at monitoring content) wouldn't allow these days that begin with the fact that two children befriend Death itself. After this angle was dropped, the show kept its edgy status by delivering at least one stealthy sex joke per episode. Not that the episodes still weren't still full of Nightmare Fuel and Black Comedy; it was there, but toned down.

Here's some examples:

  • The episode "Hill Billy" has Billy visiting Uncle Chokey the chicken juggler.
  • In "Here Thar Be Dwarves", Billy is cut off reading writing off a wall that says "For a good time call—".
    • In a very similar case, Professor Toadblatt mentions that someone from Weaselthorph House drew his picture on the restroom wall and added a "For a good time call..." message on it.
  • In "Sickly Sweet", Billy accuses Grim, among other things, of "watching Mom and dad's 'special' DVD."
  • In earlier episodes of the show, Grim watches TV programs with some barely audible but still somewhat dirty dialogue, such as:
    Actress: Doctor, I'm pregnant!
    Doctor: That's the third time this week!note 
  • In "Just the Two of Pus," Sperg is faced with hideous acne, and eventually goes to a fortune teller for help. After asking if she can help him in some way, she puts a paper bag over his head, then delivers this line:
    Fortune Teller: Sorry, kid, I'm all out of plastic. They always want plastic.note 
  • In one episode, Billy and Mandy find out that Irwin's mother is a mummy (as in, the Egyptian, wrapped-in-bandages kind), leading to this exchange:
    Dick: Yes, Irwin's mom is actually a mummy. Nobody can tell you who to fall in love with, but we've managed to make it work all these years. Leaving a whole lot of questions that don't need to be answered.
    Grim: Eh, works for me.
    Irwin: Ditto.
    Mandy: Me too.
    Billy: ...Yeeeeeaaah, but how did you and Irwin's mom...
    Dick: (in the exact same tone of voice) Leaving a whole lot of questions that don't need to be answered.
    • From the same episode, Billy uses dog crap as shampoo. He says it tastes good.
      Grim: Billy, that's not really shampoo. It's dog-
      Mandy: Steak sauce.
      Billy: Dog STEAK SAUCE? No wonder it tasted so GOOD!!
    • And then during the credits:
      Billy: WAIT A SEC!! This isn't steak sauce! IT'S DOG- *credits end*
  • "Honey! I have great news!" "You got the surgery!?"
  • In "Short Tall Tales" we get this: ""You set things right this very instant, or "I'll sue you so hard, your bank account won't know its fees from its assets!"
    • From that same episode: "This ain't fair, yo! That thing's on 'ROIDS!"
  • One of the early episodes featured a swimsuit commercial for Speedos. Although it lasted only a few seconds... what a few seconds those were...
  • In "The Secret Snake Club", when Grim tries to access the "Shnissugah" site, and commits a typo, he's accidentally taken to what appears to be a porn site, with monkey wailing sound effects. He even tries to hide it from the kids!
  • Another episode has Billy fail to recognize his de-aged mother, where he claims "My mother is ancient and grappling with the onset of menopause."
    • It didn't help that she told Billy to go to his room when he said that.
  • When Grim starts dating a goth girl, she asks, "So how do you know when someone's faking it?" and he suggestively says, "Trust me. I know," which prompts the girl to fake a painful screaming death a la the "fake orgasm" scene from When Harry Met Sally....
  • Wishbones. It's pretty violent and filled with Family-Unfriendly Death such as an infamous scene in which Pud'n' wishes for a bunny. The segment ends with a bunny, with half of its body blown off, approaching an innocent little kid to probably kill him. Or the one where Skarr asphyxiates in the middle of space. And then he explodes.
    Pud'n': [grabs two chocolate eclairs] SUCK CUSTARD!
  • In one episode, "Whatever Happened to Billy Whatishisname?", Bobby takes Mandy to see a movie called Black Beard's Booty. She slugs him when they leave, saying, "That's the last time I let you pick the movie. There wasn't a single pirate in it."
  • "Dracula don't suck! He licks!"
    • "You're a vampire! Vampires suck...blood!"
    • When Grim discovers scrape marks on his arm from Dracula, he says so in a way that the "s" is practically non-existent, thus making it sound like he's saying "rape marks!" It doesn't help that this is immediately followed by him saying "But that means-!" before cutting to a flashback of Dracula kneeling over an unconscious Grim, looking around and saying "Dracula sure hope nobody see him do this..."
  • When Billy asks his father why he shaves, his father answers, ''When Daddy shaves his face, Mommy shaves her legs."
  • In "The Problem with Billy," Billy's father recollects of an "academic decathlon" Billy and Irwin did as toddlers. When the fathers meet, Billy's dad greets Irwin's with "Hi Dick!" to which he responds "Hi Harry!"
  • This exchange from the episode Terror of the Black Knight:
    Irwin: Good morning, Lady Mandy and... (snickers) Lady Grim.
    Grim: Don't make me get medieval on your-
    Irwin: -AS I was saying...
    • ...And yes, he pronounces it as "ass".
  • And of course, the leader of the Dinobonoids is called Professor Gaylord.
    • Doesn't sound like much 'til you see the rainbow on his helmet.
  • "Ahoy, matey! Do you want to be a chocolate sailor?"
  • In "Everything Breaks", Billy breaks his umbilical cord while he's still in his mom's womb. Some expecting mothers might get paranoid if they watched this episode.
  • In "One Crazy Summoner", when Nigel Planter spots his love interest Herphenie Hefferpheffer, he just happens to be sitting on his broom. The handle goes upwards with a "sproing" sound effect; he then strokes and kisses it.
  • In the "Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears" episode, Irwin names his Happy Huggy Stuffy Bear "Mandy 2" and tells it that he is going to "teach (it) the meaning of looove" in a rather... suggestive manner.
  • "Sassy Cat, Sassy Cat, full of sass, full of sass, if you don't like it you can kiss... her... butt!"
  • Then there's Irwin in the Halloween special: "Hey, Mandy, have you ever kissed a banana?"
    "But don't you find me a-pealing?"
  • "Mandy'll take your pants off!" "...Beat your pants off." "Beat your pants off!"
  • In 'Keeper Of The Reaper' when Jeff is called to the stand, the judge asks him what his relationship is with Billy, to which Jeff replies, "He's my dad!" Everyone in the courtroom voices their disgust until Grim says, "He just hatched the egg, that's all!" and everyone sighs in relief.
  • When Billy is dancing to a song sung by a brain-shaped meteor he's seen dressed like a pimp.
    • That's actually a zoot suit (which, of course, is what the pimp suit was based on), much like the ones worn by anthropomorphic wolves in 1940s cartoons (to show that they're playboys looking to get laid) and, of course, The Mask (from the comic book, movie, and cartoon of the same name).
  • The narrator in 'Dream Mutt': "Now that's what I call doggy style!"
  • In the Mars episode when Mandy is about to fall from a platform Irwin says "I'll save you Mandy, grab my hand" and Mandy replies "Ew, no way, I know where that hand's been!"
  • One episode has Grim taking off his robe at a playground and shouting "Look at my body!" repeatedly at several children. It Makes Sense in Context.
    Billy: "Okay I can explain that!"
  • There's also the instance where Mandy has been cursed to grow whenever she's mean to someone. Needless to say, she's eventually several stories tall. Billy, however, rather approves of the situation.
    "I like 'em large and in charge, mama!"
  • This little exchange from "The Loser from the Earth's Core":
    Nergal: And so you see, Billy, I'm a sad, sad failure. I can't ever show my face in that household again.
    Billy: Well, maybe you can show some other parts of your body.
  • In "Substitute Teacher", Nergal and Aunt Sis start nuzzling, before the camera rapidly cuts to show their son Nergal Jr. looking revolted as assorted... questionable sound effects occur from the off-camera antics:
    Nergal Jr.: Ewww. Old people love.
  • In " Billy Gets an A" Irwin asks Mandy to be his study buddy, then continues to say "we can stay up all night together...studying".
  • In the go-cart race episode:
    Billy and Irwin (singing): Well, we built our go-cart all by ourselves, and if you don't like it, you can go to...heck!
    • From the same episode, Skarr is told to count to 10, but deliberately skips 2 because he doesn't like the sound of it. Right after saying so, he heads straight to the bathroom.
  • This line from Dracula can sound extremely and horribly wrong especially if used out of context.
    Dracula: Well, if you didn't make your babies so delicious, Dracula wouldn't have had to eat 'em!
  • A rather interesting (and quite expected) one can be seen in the Halloween special "Underfist." When Hoss Delgado is freed from Mindy the Witch's binds, he readies his chainsaw/crossbow/fist thing and growls "Who wants the first spanking?" to an army of mutant brownies. If you look close, you can see one raise its hand...
  • Grim's rather macabre phrases can be considered the next best thing to mentioning death in the show.
    Come on, Mandy. This should be fun... like watching a train wreck.
    (laughs) This is more fun than the French Revolution!
  • In Big Boogey Adventure, future Billy, at the end, says "Suck it, lord of horror!"
  • One particular episode involves Mandy entering a portal the leads to... Irwin's bathtub, which Irwin is currently using. Instead of being horrified or embarrassed, Irwin is ecstatic that "dreams do come true".
  • Throughout the entire series, the occult is presented in manners that otherwise Moral Guardians wouldn't even bat an eye at. In one instance, Mandy says "Lower Heck" in obvious reference to "Hell."
    • Cthulhu even makes an appearance, on top of demons, demonic possession, and- oh, I don't know- the GRIM REAPER?
    • Don't forget Mandy. She's billed as being akin to the Anti-Christ.
  • Episode title: "A Kick in the Asgard"
  • One episode has reverse-aging Mandy call Grim a "No good pile of-- before being unborn.
  • In episode "The Good, The Bad and the Toothless" At the very end of the episode Billy finally gets his cash from the tooth fairy. It is a giant wad of dollar bills and Billy shouts "Im going to go show Mandy my wad". Immediately after that during the credits billy is running towards the tooth fairy and he keeps shouting "Coming" over and over again.
  • In the the episode "Five O'Clock Shadows", Billy meets a even stupider version of himself, who happens behaves like a stereotypical special needs child by making loud noises and wearing a football helmet.
  • Billy to Grim in 'The Show That Dare Not Speak Its Name': "Now bend over and let me RIDE YOUR HUMPS!" Granted, this was immediately following a flashback of him hallucinating that Grim was a strange camel creature, but it still fails to sound innocent in all regardsand it doesn't help that Billy is a child...
  • "Mandy Bites Dog": Mindy calls her dog, Li'l Delicious, a tramp after seeing her getting married to Cerberus.
  • In "Here Thar Be Dwarves", Billy has an encounter with Yogi Bear and Boo Boo, who are depicted as junkies. Yogi Bear is seen with bloodshot eyes, a torn hat and tie, scratching his arm, and desperately trying to steal Billy's "pic-a-nic basket", even chasing after him. Boo Boo is seen with dark bags under his eyes and gives the impression of being high. Luckily for Billy, they stop when he enters a cave, since the bears fear caves.
  • In "Creating Chaos", there's a scene which shows Billy riding Eris, Goddess of Chaos, like a horse as one of the "chores" he needs to do before they can use Eris's apple to create chaos (long story). The first scene shows Billy merely hopping on her back while's she's down on her knees, but when the shot changes to a closer shot of Eris it looks like Billy's riding her like a horse in the other sense. Eris's expression in the shot and the fact that Billy was wearing only his underwear at the time doesn't help...
    • And then afterwards we see Eris hiding in a dark room in fear of Billy, repeating to herself "Happy thoughts...". Granted, this was the result Eris going insane from having to wait for and watch Billy perform all of his idiotic "chores", but considering the above scene...
  • The "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" parody in "Reap Walking" is called "Fister's House for Crazy Weird Made-Up People", "fisting" referring to a sexual act where one inserts their fist into their partner's vagina or rectum.
  • An averted example - A rare example of Cartoon Network's censors actually working is from the episode "One Crazy Summoner". When Billy's parents are attacked by a giant anaconda, Harold was supposed to say the snake was trying to eat his Bismarck (You're probably better off not knowing what he's referring to), but CN forced them to change it to a far less dirty sentence.