Radar: The Fairly OddParents

  • "Cat-Astrophe" gives us this gem: At a retirement home, Cosmo and Wanda are trapped in a butterfly net by an Alter Kocker who shows them pictures of his grandchildren. At one point, he holds up a souvenir shirt reading "I cut a rug - and a little something else - at Ruben and Saul's Bris!"
  • In the Wishmas episode, Tootie (who has a major crush on Timmy) wishes for a pony named Timmy. Sanjay then wishes for many elephants, all named Timmy, implying he has a similar view on Timmy...
  • According to a billboard, the mascot of Adrenaland is a pill known as Phen-Phen Phil. Phen-Phen is the commercial name for fenfluramine/phentermine, which was used as anti-obesity medication until it was shown to cause potentially fatal pulmonary hypertension and heart valve problems. While it is more of a Parental Bonus joke, how often do you hear or see a drug reference on a Nickelodeon cartoon that was made after 1999 (or, at all)?
  • One example from the Tom Sawyer episode:
    Timmy: He can turn planets into plants. He can turn gravity into gravy.
    Wanda: He can turn Uranus into... Oh my gosh! We've got to stop him!
    Cosmo: What?! I don't get it—what's the threat?!
  • And the Adam West / Catman as a kid episode, where he repeatedly latches onto people legs in an... "affectionate" hug. Leading to this line:
    Timmy: "So he can stay the night?"
    Timmy's Dad: "Sure! He's part pet! But he gets 'affectionate' with my leg, he's off to the shelter!"
    • And, in a later part of the episode(where Catman is returned to normal), we get this.
    Timmy's Dad: Sure, we love Adam West. He's part legal guardian and part pet!
    Timmy's Mom: And he's so affectionate!
    • And Timmy's dad gets pissed when Adam does this to Timmy's mom.
      • It gets weirder when the two glance at each other, almost embarrassed.
  • In Power Mad, Timmy reaches a level in a virtual reality game that he describes "looks like an underwater version of my Aunt Gertrude's house." A crab version of said character suddenly comes in, saying she "wants to pinch those chubby cheeks" of Timmy's. He then replies, saying "I hope she means my face."
    • Wanda later gives that line a Call Back, when Timmy wishes for "cheeks of steel."
  • In Escape from Unwish Island, Timmy (after noticing his parents are gone) decides to do everything he ever wanted(roller coaster in the house, etc.)
    Timmy: Finally, every ten-year-old's dream! A room full of supermodels!
    • Timmy, however, promptly asks the swimsuit clad models if they can bake cookies, but we hear Cosmo later mention something about bouncing on the bed with the supermodels.
  • We get a reference to anti-racism in "Father Time".
    Cosmo: (referring to a foot race) This is a good race!
    70s!Wanda: We think ALL races are good, man.
    70s!Cosmo: We don't judge.
  • In "Operation FUN" Crocker gets hit with an exploding rocket with an "F" on it...or an F bomb.
  • "Meet the Oddparents!" is an episode designed to get past the radar.
    Timmy: Guys, hide my parents!!!
    Dad: And my nuts!
  • Another nuts joke is done in "Who's Your Daddy?" when AJ's dad expresses desire to win a large acorn shaped trophy with "I love big nuts!"
  • In "Timmy's Secret Wish," Crocker admits to dressing up as Timmy's mom to see his fairies. "Things got a little weird with [his] dad." And we are treated with an image of Timmy's dad in a robe, lying on the bed with the cross-dressed Crocker, with a rose in his teeth.
  • In "Farm Pit" Cosmo says he stole slippers from a "sleeping munchkin" then when we cut to Cosmo stealing slippers of a guy in an area surrounded by crime scene tape, and he says "at least I think he was sleeping", meaning that Cosmo looted from a dead guy.
  • In "DinkleScouts", Timmy's Dad comments that if he takes a group of boys to the theater in his troop leader uniform he'll get arrested, implying he means he'd get mistaken for a pedophile.
  • In "Genie Meanie Minie Mo!", the substance smoof is obviously a parody of hemp.
  • In "Hard Copy", Timmy's dad has a magazine stashed under his bed called Under The Bed Monthly.
  • Timmy's Dad has turned to Getting Crap Past the Radar personified; in the episode "Fly Boy", it is established that "powdering your nose" means go to the bathroom for ladies. Timmy's dad takes it Up to Eleven when he says,"I powdered my nose in my pants!" It's implied to be Bring My Brown Pants, but it can have a whole new perverted meaning.
  • Let's not forget the "magic weenie" joke from "I Dream of Cosmo".
  • In "Cosmo Con":
    • Cosmo's wide smile when Britney Britney rubs him all over her face after she mistakes him for a towel.
    • Mr. Turner wants to celebrate "proving his masculinity" in getting his wife "back" from Crocker, so he tells Britney Britney to "hit it", obviously meaning to sing. Mrs. Turner then complains that he never tells her to "hit it", and angrily tosses Britney out of the house.
  • Does no one remember the picture of crossdressing Crocker from "Information Stupor Highway" that gets sent worldwide via email? Timmy's dad sees it on Timmy's computer screen and hints at him watching porn.
    Timmy's Dad: You're not supposed to be on those kinds of websites!
    Timmy: But that's my teacher.
    Timmy's Dad: Well, it does make him look pretty.
  • In the "Chimpsdale" segment of the Abra-catastrophe movie, there are repeated jokes that get literal crap passed the radar.
    Wanda: (gets hit in the face with a gooey brown substance) I hope that's mud...
    • And later, Cosmos takes it a step further:
    Cosmo: (singing) Oh, I love the species, that throws its own feces!
  • In "So Totally Spaced Out", a Yugopotamian father is shown smoking a lit pipe, despite Nickelodeon's strict no-tobacco policy since the late 90s.
  • From "A New Squid In Town", after Cosmo thinks Mandie is flirting with him, to Wanda's dismay, and Mandie tries to kill them:
    Wanda: Cosmo, do something!
    Cosmo: I can't. I'm married.
  • In "Poof's Playdate," one of the signs of bad parenting is a child staying alone in their room for long times, refusing to let anyone in, and using a lot of paper towel.
  • In "F.L.A.R.G.", Timmy wakes up the day after Amnesia Day with a heart tattoo that says "Carly". Later he runs into an adult woman named Carly with a matching Timmy tattoo.
  • "Channel Chasers":
    • This, just this:
    Cosmo: Uh, you know, they're easier ways to get on TV. Have you considered a low-speed chase?
    • While Timmy is going through all the channels, he ends up in a Fat Albert parody. Timmy then finds them playing instruments made out of random objects they found in the dump, like in the original show. When Timmy joins the band he is handed a dirty pooper scooper, to which Cosmo and Wanda reply to with this:
    Wanda: I hope Timmy washes his hands.
    Cosmo: And those filthy kids!
  • The title of one of the later episodes: "Crock Blocked". Jesus Christ Nickelodeon...
    • In this very episode, there's a scene where Timmy finds Crocker hidden in his bed in a cockroach costume. Mr. Turner arrives to hit the "crocker-roach" in the eggsac. This joke repeats itself when he thinks Crocker is a chicken ghost.
  • That's nothing compared to these episode titles: "Who's Your Daddy?" (Timmy wishes he had A.J.'s, Chester's, and Sanjay's fathers) and "Home Wrecker" (Timmy wrecks Vicky's house so she'll get blamed for it).
  • Throughout the episode "Fairly Odd Baby", Poof's unidentified sex becomes a running gag, and Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda keep wanting to "check" (which they do by almost peeking under his diaper). In the end, they never find out by means of what Poof's got down there, but by the fact that he suddenly has a water squirter, in which Timmy concludes it's a boy because "boys love water squirters".
  • Mr. Birkenbake, the New-Age Retro Hippie teacher at Dimmsdale Elementary School, has a name that's a subtle portmanteau of "Birkenstock" (a type of sandal stereotypically worn by hippies and butch lesbians, but mostly hippies) and "bake" (slang for smoking marijuana).
  • Quite a few fly by based on a gag in "Anchors Away" where Cosmo is wearing a skirt:
    • "...I'm totally flying al fresco under my skirt!"
    • "Timmy! The breeze tickles my cha-chas!" *holds up maracas and giggles*
    • Most of the subsequent slips are related to his "cha-chas" being referenced: "I landed on my cha-chas!" "Ouch, not the cha-chas!"
  • In "The Past and the Furious," Sparky and Timmy are repairing damage to the timeline. After they repair the first part, Timmy says that it's "fixed." Sparky replies with...
    Sparky: (while covering groin) Don't EVER say "fixed" to a dog, Timmy!
    • There are actually a lot of neutering jokes, most of them about Vicky's dog.
  • In "Mission: Responsible" Timmy says he doesn't want Mama Cosma to babysit because she pinches his cheeks way too hard. Cosmos adds "We are a hard cheek-pinching family. Front and back!"
  • In The Big Problem upon seeing the older Timmy, Vicky blows a loud whistle and beats him up before throwing him out of the house. When it happens again on the street, two cops show up to arrest Timmy calling him "one creepy adult". It's clear 16-year-old Vicky thought of some not-so-nice images of the older Timmy and was blowing a rape whistle.
  • In The Fairy Beginning, Mr Turner mistakes Timmy for a beaver. Later he said that he didn't know that he had a beaver girlfriend, but then again, he isn't sure if it's even legal. In the same episode (specifically, in the flashback), Juandissimo asked Wanda to go to the janitor's closet with her. Yeah... it was for a different reason, though, but still.
  • At the end of "Love Struck", Tootie starts outright moaning in delight as she showers Timmy with heavier and heavier love.
  • In "The Big Fairy Share Scare" Timmy's dad doesn't recognize his wife after she gets a makeover. He tells her "Be gone you evil temptest. You are giving me the tingles."
  • In the episode "Whittle Me This!", Timmy is excited about a new video game called Hillbilly Road Rage. He starts listing the reasons he thinks that hillbillies are cool, mentioning how they can park their cars on their lawn and not brush their teeth, and that they can take their cousins to the school dance.
  • In "This Is Your Wish", Timmy and Wanda are seated between the kicthen and bathroom at The Pointy Crown restaurant in Fairy World. At one point, a waiter comes up to him and asks...
    Waiter: Would you like some chocolate pudding?
    Timmy: That depends. Which door did you come out of?
    • A moment later, Billy Crystalball tells them that it's not really pudding they're eating, resulting in a Spit Take.