Radar / The Brave Little Toaster

  • In one scene, the TV, playing up his Insane Proprietor act, pulls some pictures out of a cabinet. They're pictures of a topless woman with star pasties, but they're only visible for a second.
  • In the song "Worthless", the beach car originally sings the line "there were bikinis and buns, there were weenies". While it could just be reading too much into it, in the official soundtrack the line is changed to "there were bikinis and hot dogs and weenies", so apparently someone higher up caught on to the Double Entendre.
    • Not just that line. The whole beach car segment is full of innuendo. It's about the rise of the surfer culture and sexual freedom, under the threat of nuclear war. Fellini refers to Federico Fellini, who is known for movies such as Satyricon and Casanova. And you can probably guess what the line 'I had a hand in the lay of the land' refers to.
  • The radio says "damn" and "hell" when quoting Moby Dick. Double Standard, but still jarring in a family film.
  • One of the sequels gave us this scene. They even managed to sneak in a few seconds of Sexophone.
  • The reel-to-reel at 0:41.
  • One of the most subtle, ingenious examples is this exchange:
    Blanky: (to Kirby) You can't fool us! We love you!
    Radio: Like Mrs. Roosevelt loved her husband.
    • For those unaware of American politics, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was rumored to be in a lesbian relationship with a friend.
  • At least in an old VHS copy of the film, Lampy very clearly says, "To the showers!" in his flashback when his bulb burned out and he thinks he is a "goner." It is possible this was edited out of other versions, but you can find the quote listed on the film's Amazon.com page, and its Facebook group.
  • Air Conditioner's line. "Hey, I'm real scared, Kirby. Whaddya gonna do, suck me to death?"
  • During the "City of Light" song, Kirby goes behind a tree to empty his vacuum bag, and Toaster scolds Blanky for watching. Kirby was obviously doing something synonymous to taking a dump, which is exactly what he's doing: dumping himself out.