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Oh, SpongeBob. How we love you for all the Parental Bonuses and sneaking some questionable content into the show. Guess what other show known for adult content had a lot of the same crew... For the radar for the movie, see here.

Before you add an example, ask yourself the following: "Am I purposely taking a quote out of context?" "Am I reading way too deeply into an innocent joke?" "Is the 'hidden' joke the only joke?" If you answer yes to any, that's not this trope.

  • In the episode "The Two Faces of Squidward", Krabs tells the people crowding outside the Krusty Krab "Don't worry folks, there's plenty of Squidward to go around! Everyone will get the opportunity to touch Squidward!"
  • In "Squidtastic Voyage", Squidward accidentally swallows his clarinet. Spongebob tries to help him and we get a shot of a mother and son walking past Squidward's house. All you can hear are sounds of Spongebob grunting and Squidward making choking noises, and the mother covers her son's ears and looks disgusted.
  • A large number of episodes are pretty violent and gory, to the point the show even has it's own folder in the "Family-Unfriendly Violence" page.
  • "Squilliam Returns" has a part where Squilliam mentions that Squidward was voted "Most Likely to Suck Eggs" in high school. The phrase means "to shut up and deal with it," but in Spanish, "eggs" can refer to the testicles like "balls" in English.
  • From the 10 Year Anniversary Episode, Mr. Krabs has cameras in SpongeBob's, Patrick's, Squidward's, AND Sandy's bathrooms!
  • In the episode "Texas", SpongeBob shakes his butt and says "Tex-aaaaassss!!", much to the chagrin of a blushing Sandy.
    • In the same episode:
    SpongeBob: Patrick, your genius is showing.
    Patrick: Where?!
  • In "20,000 Patties Under The Sea":
    SpongeBob: BYE SQUIDWARD! BYE MR. KRABS! (seductively) Bye, Squidward.
    Patrick: Hey, you said 'Bye, Squidward' twice!
    SpongeBob (remaining somewhat seductive): I like Squidward.
  • All of the "Karate Island" episode. It's not the #1 most popular episode because kids get any of the jokes.
    • Sandy has to fight a French martial artist called "The Tickler". A French Tickler is a feathered condom.
    • Also, at one point, SpongeBob is tied to a chair, and Udon reaches into his robe, grasping something that makes a clicking noise. It turns out to be a pen, but SpongeBob's reaction makes it clear he thought it was a gun.
    • Let's not forget the part where Sandy faces off against Udon and expands her oh-so giant muscles, while wearing nothing but her casual bikini.
  • At the beginning of the episode "Your Shoe's Untied", SpongeBob is channel surfing. He comes across a channel with a real orange sea anemone gyrating to energetic go-go dancer-style music which SB finds "entertaining" (leaning forward eagerly in his seat at one point). Suddenly, Gary walks in on SB, who panics and changes the channel to a football game, claiming unconvincingly, "I-I-I-I was just looking for the sports channel, Gary..."
  • In "Stuck in the Wringer", SpongeBob drops his bar of soap and screams as it slowly falls to the floor.
    • They make a similar joke in the episode where SpongeBob tries to get Gary to take a bath; as he hands Gary a bar of soap, he tells him: "Doubloons! Don't drop 'em!"
  • In "Something Smells", SpongeBob says "I am ugly and I'm proud!"
  • The episode "Rock A Bye Bivalve". Writing Spongebob and Patrick to act like adoptive parents couldn't help but transition into them acting like a gay couple, with such gems as:
    SpongeBob: We made a commitment together, and you aren't doing your share!
    • Or Patrick's last line:
    "Let's have another."
    • When SpongeBob and Patrick are on the walk with the clam, they walk past a couple with a baby. Thought bubbles appear, with the equation "Sponge + Starfish = Clam?" with the woman making a confused face.
    • The scene where SpongeBob and Patrick were going to bed made it look like they were about to have sex.
    • Patrick promises he'll be back from work by 6:00 - and then stumbles into the house at midnight with a lampshade over his head, saying "Boy, that was some party!"
  • In the episode "Snowball Effect" when it is showcasing snow sculptures, there is a flat-chested snow mermaid. Right next to it, there are two grinning boys that are each holding a very large snowball.
  • SpongeBob creates an unfortunate situation for Squidward by telling the Flying Dutchman the things he's said about his ship in "Shanghaied"; particularly that it was dirty. The Flying Dutchman tells the group that insulting a man's ship is worse than insulting his own mother, to which he gets the response:
    "No, wait, it was his mother he said was dirty, not his ship."
  • In "The Smoking Peanut", Sandy's response to SpongeBob running off, exclaiming that he has to go get his hair cut.
    "SpongeBob doesn't have any hair...(pause with a disgusted look)...or does he?"
    • Patrick licking SpongeBob was a bit suggestive, too, even though it turned out to be a lemon-flavored popsicle that just happened to be colored like SpongeBob.
  • This little bit from "The Curse of the Hex":
    Mr. Krabs: (to SpongeBob) You gotta get up PRETTY early to sneak a pair 'o buns like that by Mr. Krabs!
    Squidward: Or at least until he takes off his sleep mask.
    Mr Krabs: ...how did you know I wore a sleep mask?
  • "Krusty Dogs" has this less-than-subtle exchange...
    SpongeBob: Well, that didn't work at all...
    Squidward: It only seemed to INCREASE their appetite for wieners!
    SpongeBob: We need stronger tactics!
    Squidward: Right. Something that would make Mr. Krabs' whole wiener thing blow right up in his face!
    SpongeBob: Yeeaah... blow up...
  • In "Squidward's School for Grown Ups", SpongeBob, while preparing for an opera, pulls out a note with a familiar intro, which he proceeds to read to the audience:
    SpongeBob: There once was a man from Nantucket...
    Crowd: (gasps)
  • In the episode "Mermaidman Begins", Mermaid Man dials a payphone asking "What are you wearing?"
  • In "Christmas Who?", as Squidward mocks SpongeBob for celebrating Christmas, a picture of a donkey shows up as the scene plays. It appears again after Squidward realizes the error of his ways.
    Squidward: I feel like a... I feel like a...! (image of donkey shows up over his face, complete with "heehaw" sound effects) ...big jerk!
  • At one point, Plankton is caught reading a sketchy magazine labeled "Mitosis"...
    • That joke was also used in the season one episode "The Paper," where Squidward tries to ignore SpongeBob playing with the paper by reading a magazine, and mutters "Mitosis, heh heh." He also muttered erosion, though.
  • In "Overbooked", when SpongeBob trying to get Patrick a birthday cake, the cake he got originally said "Sorry about the scabies" written on it in frosting.
  • During "Sailor Mouth", you can actually read their lips, they have been animated to actually say the swear words.
    • Furthermore, it's pretty obvious what they're actually saying. "Hi Patrick, how the fuck are you?"
      • Their lips are meant to say "phony."
  • Bubble Bass; try saying it really fast.
  • In "Suction Cup Symphony" where Squidward is trying to compose a piece of music but SpongeBob and Patrick keep making noises and distracting him (what else is new?). They're playing doctor, and SpongeBob looks like he is about to reach under Patrick's hospital gown. The camera cuts away as we hear Patrick give a happy scream and a squeaky noise. It's revealed later in the episode that they were actually playing with an unseen rubber duck.
  • The commercial for "License to Milkshake" has a part where SpongeBob is dancing rather suggestively to "Milkshake" by Kelis.
  • In "Mid-Life Crustacean", where Mr. Krabs wants to feel young again, he leaps into what he believes is a nightclub yelling "Any port in the storm?!". However, it sounds so much like "Any porn in the store?!"
    • And who can forget the classic Radar-nuking moment of the panty raid? Yes, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs literally sneak into a woman's house at night and attempt to rifle through her drawers.
  • The episode "Donut of Shame", where SpongeBob appears drunk.
    • Patrick cheering on a stuffed toy as she accepts another cup of tea, later mentioning how "she can really pound 'em down". As well as Patrick cheering on SpongeBob by chanting "Chamomile! Chamomile!"
  • In "Barnacle Face", Pearl's high school is shown and we see a (male) student pull and twist another (male) student's nipple.
  • In "Ghost Host", the Flying Dutchman is seen hitting on a female fish at a party. She eyes him skeptically and asks him "Is that a wedding ring?!"
  • In "Are You Happy Now?" SpongeBob tries to make Squidward happy by doing various activities to no avail. Eventually Squidward goes into a depression and refuses to leave his house. At one point, he throws a rope up into the air hanging it while muttering that perhaps "this would make him happy" as if to signify... Oh No! Turns out he was just hanging up a cage with a pet scallop inside.
    • Right before he sticks his head in the oven... and pulls out some brownies.
  • This commercial for SpongeBob vs. The Big One.
  • When SpongeBob does his Madness Mantra of "I don't need it" taken out of context it can sound like he's going through alcohol/drug withdrawal.
    SpongeBob: "I NEED IT!!!"
  • In "Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm" SpongeBob has tattooed on his backside "Property of Sandy Cheeks". (Because she's saved his behind on so many occasions.)
  • In "My Pretty Seahorse" a fish called Scooter tries to insert a coin into a seahorse that he thinks is a kiddie ride. "I can't find the coin slot... here it is!" Judging by the (female) seahorse's reaction and where he was looking, he inserted it into her vagina or her anus. Most likely the vagina since "coin slot" is a vulgar term for one.
  • Chum has now become the aquatic version of "shit". Examples had included "Holy chum!" or even a barrel full of chum that says "Aaw chum!"
    • Used to be "shrimp", at least when "The Sponge Who Could Fly" aired. In fact, in "Fear of a Krabby Patty", SpongeBob actually does say "Holy shrimp", emphasis on the "shrimp". The whole show's use of Unusual Euphemism from "Barnacles" to "Tartar Sauce" to "Fish-paste" are basically used in place of swear words.
    • Another euphemism is "exhaust fan", meaning "ass".
    • And the name "Chum Bucket" begins to make a lot more sense.
  • In "Shell of a Man", SpongeBob is offered grog and accepts it. Grog is a form of watered down rum. Seriously, was the radar even on?
  • The word Barnacles is also considered vulgar withing the SpongeBob universe. Here's an example from "Shell of a Man".
    SpongeBob: Barnacles!
    Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob!
    SpongeBob: Sorry about the foul language, Mr. Krabs, but you're acting like there never was a man in that shell.
    • In "SpongeBob's Last Stand", Plankton says "I don't give a barnacle". SpongeBob and Krabs are left confused.
    • Also, more than once Plankton has yelled out "What the barnacle?!"
  • How they got Plankton's attempted suicide in "One Coarse Meal" past standards we'll never know.
    Plankton: Can't you see I'm trying to get run over!
  • "Clams" has Mr. Krabs constantly rubbing his dollar in between his legs and behind.
    SpongeBob: What's wrong with Mr. Krabs?
    Mr. Krabs: Nothing, lad! *holds up dollar* Do you know what this is?
    Squidward: A very dirty dollar?
    • A similar joke is used in the later episode "Larry's Gym" with a towel, rather than a dollar, and possibly even more suggestive dialogue.
    Larry: Do you have to do that in front of me?
    Mr. Krabs: Yes.
  • In one episode, SpongeBob mentions, "Those X-Ray goggles I got, they didn't let you see through people's skin at all! [disgusted face] Just their clothes."
  • In "The Krusty Sponge", SpongeBob, who thinks the Krusty Krab... uh Sponge, is being attacked by zombies, he pounds on Mr. Krabs' office door. Mr. Krabs then says "Uh, go away please, I'm busy." For any older fan of the show, it could have been implied that Krabs was on A Date with Rosie Palms, or since he's a crab, claws.
  • In "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler", there are two blink-and-you'll-miss-it shots of Squidward dancing with a lampshade on his head during a party. He also seems unusually happy in that episode whenever you see him, especially since he's happy to go to SpongeBob's party, which he normally would never do.
    • This happened to Gary in the party episode, but Gary had the lampshades over his eyes.
  • In "The Good Krabby Name", SpongeBob and Patrick leave a bathroom stall in the Krusty Krab and approach a customer fixing to use the bathroom. What SpongeBob says takes the cake:
    SpongeBob: We left a present in there for you!
    • Also, the way Mr. Krabs getting the mailman ready to eat a Krabby Patty...it looks like he was getting him ready for a date...or maybe even ready to kiss him.
  • In "Demolition Doofus", Mrs. Puff will do anything to make sure SpongeBob is dead. All this is because he punctured her inflation sac. They weren't being sneaky about it, either. At one point, she angrily shouts "Why are you still alive!?".
  • The episode "Gary's New Toy" is 11 minutes of Does This Remind You of Anything? and Double Entendre. Gary gets a new red ball, and wants to be alone with it. When SpongeBob walks in, Gary moves away from him. And Gary *really* likes that ball.
  • In "Pranks a Lot", Mr. Krabs calls SpongeBob and Patrick "Live-Nude Pranksters." Patrick and SpongeBob then cover each others' asses and crotches. HOLY SHRIMP!
    • Not to mention the wolf whistle near the end and Mrs. Puff taking pictures. The whole episode in general. Yes, they're cartoon sea creatures, but they were in the nude majority of the time.
    • "No guts, no glory."
  • "The Sponge Who Could Fly" has one point where someone calls SpongeBob on the phone to mock him for trying to fly. He asks who's calling, but misinterprets:
    SpongeBob: No, I certainly do not live in a birdcage! Who is this? Joe Mama? Well, listen up, Joe, I hate to break it to you, but flying is impossible!
  • In "Chocolate With Nuts," SpongeBob and Patrick are lamenting their inability to make any sales.
    Patrick: I got it! Let's get naked!
    SpongeBob: No, let's save that for when we're selling real estate.
    • Shortly thereafter, SpongeBob is trying to explain to Patrick how companies exaggerate or lie in advertisements.
    SpongeBob: Take that billboard, for example. "Eat Barnacle Chips. They're Delicious!" They most certainly are not delicious!
    Patrick: Not the way I use 'em!!
  • In the episode "The Algae's Always Greener", Plankton mentions the only thing he's ever reviewed were "foreign exercise videos" his cousin sent him. Also, Mr. Krabs spends most of his screentime in the switched reality completely naked. And the one article of clothing he does don? A bra.
    • And his reaction? "Well, at least it's underwire."
  • In the episode "Procrastination", there was a scene where SpongeBob looks out the window and sees his friends having fun, and at one point it shows Patrick rubbing sun tan lotion on Sandy's back while Patrick happily shouts "Come on, SpongeBob!" This scene was never shown again for unknown reasons, but some say it was because it looked like Patrick was trying to take Sandy's bikini top off.
    • Another reason is they were afraid children would try and imitate the racing car stunt.
    • However, this scene was included in DVD releases.
  • "Bummer Vacation" has Squidward telling SpongeBob a customer's order of "One shell on a shingle". This is a shout-out to military slang for standard mess hall dining fare, except in the military they say "shit on a shingle".
    • "I've been waiting for you, Patrick!" can be taken the wrong way.
  • In "Little Yellow Book", SpongeBob says "I need a break" and goes outside and starts blowing bubbles. The way he does this is VERY similar to smoking on a kids show.
  • In "Fry Cook Games", Patrick is wearing yellow underwear at the end and says "You know, these were white when I bought 'em."
  • Davy Jones' Locker is mentioned in a few episodes, occasionally as an exclamation. Davy Jones' Locker? Bikini Bottom Hell.
    • This is most obvious when The Flying Dutchman threatens to send Mr. Krabs, who is nearly dying, to Davy Jones' Locker for his greedy nature.
    • In "The Algae's Always Greener," when Plankton first awakens and discovers that he's in the Krusty Krab, he picks up a picture of Pearl the Whale. He doesn't know who she is or why he's in a picture with her, so he says to himself, "Who the Davy...?" Obviously a substitute for "Who the hell..."
      • More likely, it's a substitute for "Who the Devil".
  • In "Walking Small", Plankton asks SpongeBob about his new tan.
    Plankton: Is that an all-over tan?
    SpongeBob: Well, not all of me.
  • In "Best Frenemies", the Kelp Shake is shown to be quite addictive, as the townsfolk desperately want more after drinking one.
    • Squidward is seen drinking one only when no one is around.
    • Karen warns Krabs and Plankton that drinking the Kelp Shake is a bad idea. She also mentions that there is an extra ingredient in the shake, but she never mentions the name.
    • The town starts having side effects a little while after drinking the Kelp Shake.
    • People in hazmat suits clean out the restaurants after they close.
    • Krabs and Plankton share the same Kelp Shake that Krabs bought. Like sharing a needle.
    • It seems like they drugged the Kelp Shake!
  • In "Squiditis", SpongeBob telling Mr. Krabs that he was howling for pleasure makes it sound like he was having sex.
  • In "Roller Cowards", SpongeBob and Patrick plan to ride a scary roller coaster, but end up chickening out due to fear. They decide to distract themselves by heading to other attractions, and the bathroom line, which leads to this:
    (SpongeBob and Patrick run to the back of the line, cheering): ONE MORE TIME!
    Tom: (the fish in front of them) You know, this is the line for the bathroom.
    SpongeBob: We've gone eight times!
    Patrick: And I went three times all by myself.
    Tom: I'm going to walk away now.
  • In Sand Castles In The Sand, Patrick yells at one point "FEEL ME!"
  • In "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V", The Chief says that Barnacle Boy's group of villains is tormenting kids in Make-Out Reef. Squidward then says this;
    Squidward: Ahhhh, Make-Out Reef. Good times, good times.
    • Also in that episode, Mermaid Man is telling everyone how superheroes get their powers from costumes. Then we get this:
    Mermaid Man: Of course! Why else do you think we'd be running around in colored undies?
    Squidward: (smirking) I can think of three good reasons.
  • In the episode "New Digs", where SpongeBob moves into the Krusty Krab, Squidward is about to put some dishes in the in the dish washer, only to realize that it's "jammed". He reaches inside the machine, unaware that SpongeBob is showering inside, causing SpongeBob to let out a loud shriek.
    • There's also Mr. Krabs pulling down the floral print curtains in his office, only to reveal SpongeBob's mother showering behind them.
  • During a scene in "Slide Whistle Stooges", Squidward is called a "''baby assaulter''". Then if you listen closely, one of the background characters shouts to him "Go assault your own baby!".
  • In "Rule of Dumb", a royal minister informs Patrick he's the heir to the throne. When Patrick doesn't understand, he says, "Allow me to show you something!"note  — and starts rummaging around in his trousers. SpongeBob and Patrick exchange confused glances.
    • Double points for also being a Shout-Out to a very adult joke from Blazing Saddles ("S'cuse me while I whip this out...").
  • In the beginning of "The Bully", SpongeBob is seen constantly rearranging his pencils. When he asks a student where one pencil goes, she says "I think that one goes stuck inside your-".
    • Just prior to that line, the same student immediately responds with "I don't want to have to report you again." when SpongeBob tries to get her attention.
  • In "Chimps Ahoy", SpongeBob's reactions while scratching his back with the Goofy Goober Back Scratcher look like orgasms.
  • At the end of "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic," the anchovies in the Jelly Spotters take Kevin the Sea Cucumber's crown and give it to SpongeBob, who exclaims, "I didn't know this was a hat!" A tearful Kevin responds, "It wasn't." In marine biology, the sea cucumber's "crown" actually corresponds to its anus, something marine biologist Stephen Hillenburg was undoubtedly aware of.
  • From the same episode, SpongeBob tells Kevin he'll do anything for him, and Kevin asks him to jump off a building. [spoiler: He does, and comes back fine]. Yes, Kevin literally told Spongebob to kill himself.
  • In "No Weenies Allowed", SpongeBob, while faking a fight with Patrick so he can get into the Salty Spitoon, tells his friend that he doesn't care if he is the demon seed of Davy Jones, which in context is basically saying that he doesn't care if Patrick is the Antichrist.
  • "Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob" has Plankton accuse his computer wife Karen of cheating on him with Mr. Krabs.
  • "The Cent of Money" has a scene where Mr. Krabs is using Gary to find loose change on the beach. At one point, he ends up having Gary pull out change from a fish woman's bikini, which causes her to glare at Krabs and Krabs to chuckle nervously before bolting off.
  • In "The Hot Shot", three boating school students, two male and one female, ask Tony Fast, Jr. to sign their stuff. The first male fish asks Tony, Jr. to sign his lunchbox and the second one asks him to sign his steering wheel, but the female boating school student is cut off before she explains what she wants Tony, Jr. to sign and isn't shown holding anything, which infers that she wants him to sign her breasts.
  • In "Bubble Buddy Returns", SpongeBob describes Bubble Buddy's son Shiny as being full of soap and vinegar, which is a play on the phrase "full of piss and vinegar".
  • Karen 2 from the episode "Karen 2.0" has a noticeably shapelier body than the original Karen, which is even commented on when Plankton describes Karen 2 as having "a sleek space-age design" while his new computer wife poses provocatively. At the end of the episode, when Plankton uses Karen 2's battery to restore power to the original Karen, the battery is located in Karen 2's rear.
  • In "Hello Bikini Bottom", Nazz (the bluish-green fish in the red bikini) is seen playing a loaf of bread like an accordion. During this, she appears to be topless.
  • In "Pickles", SpongeBob wears a pair of underpants over his head. His nose makes a prominent imprint in his underpants, making it resemble an erection.
  • At the end of "Sanctuary", Bob Barnacle, a stand-in for Bob Barker who is even voiced by him, tells SpongeBob to remember to spay and neuter his pets.
  • At a Universal Studios table-read of the first episode, Plankton interrupted out of nowhere for his own unique segment, and announced he was screening a short film he made last night. The film itself is just footage of various organisms...however, the dialogue during this sequence is very suggestive (see for yourself here):
    Patrick: Shut it off!
  • In "Party Pooper Pants," SpongeBob walks past the grog aisle. That's right, the liquor section.
    • From the same episode, during one of the live action segments, there is a brief moment with a well-endowed women made up to look like a figurehead from the bow of a ship. A wooden sea captain slides across the floor with his eyes clearly pointed at her cleavage. Her smile quickly turns into a frown.
    • Also, Larry says he's aired out the bathroom enough, clearly indicating the bodily function he had just performed.
  • In "Plankton's Army," Mr. Krabs flushes Plankton down the toilet ... and then says "And now for the chaser!" just before it cuts away. It's not hard to guess what Mr. Krabs was planning to send down after Plankton ...
  • In The Camping Episode, Squidward refers to SpongeBob and Patrick as asstronauts (his emphasis).
  • "Employee of the Month". Squidward badmouths the titular award but is interrupted by Patty Meat being sprayed from a fan and a loud fart-like sound. So both times it sounds like "a loud of (ffffft!) garbage" and "a bunching of (ffffft!) balony". Perfect censor to another F sounding word...
  • When SpongeBob first walks through the Krusty Krab with his new long pants in "SpongeBob LongPants", a child points at him and asks his mother if he is his father, implying that his mother is single or at least was left by her husband before her child was born. The child's mother replies by giving a lustful look at SpongeBob and saying "I wish".
  • While not from the show itself, the short "Gemini" from the miniseries Astrology With Squidward has this line.
    Squidward: This month, Gemini's moon is in Uranus. So, you smell funny.
  • At one point in "Bubble Buddy" Squidward is getting tired of having to wait on the titular inanimate object hand and foot. One of Spongebob's many complaints about the food he is bringing leads to an outburst from Squidward. Though Mr. Krabs cuts him off, it's fairly obvious what he was about to suggest:
    Spongebob: Bubble Buddy's lactose intolerant! He can't eat cheese! What should we do?
    Squidward: We?! How about you take these patties and sh-
    Mr. Krabs: Mr. Squidward!