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Sonic the Hedgehog: so fast that not even the censors can keep up with him.
  • Amy probably doesn't wear a bra. Her open back dress shows her bare back but not bra straps.
Video Games
  • Sonic Adventure 2 was rated 3+/E for everyone, perhaps surprising when you consider that the lyrics to "Kick the Rock!" of the Wild Canyon stage are rather suggestive just listening to it. It manage to get away with such references such as Rouge being described as "sexy" along with being jabbed at with the line "Give up the emerald or die, I don't love you!" Also included in the lyrics to the Wild Canyon stage is the line "they wanna play with my emeralds?", and considering that the phrase 'the family jewels' is often used an a euphemism for... down there... well...
    • The theme for Sonic Adventure 2's stage Death Chamber says "You're damn right, Knuckles!", though only in the original Dreamcast version of the game. note 
    • Rouge got away with jiggle physics — to the point of Gainaxing at certain points — throughout the game. The Jiggle Physics of Rouge become funnier when you realize that her boobs bounce in time with her ears.
    • The absolute example of Rouge's radar busting: Within Rouge's textures in Sonic Adventure 2 is a texture that features her mysteriously detailed nethers.
    • The game's final boss, The FinalHazard. The fact that it's a moaning, writhing beast which shoots lasers from its underside could be unintentional, but where's the Eclipse Cannon pointing?
    • Sonic Adventure 2 actually managed to get away with not only having the government kill everyone aboard the ARK, but also manage to have Gerald Robotnik being executed by firing squad. Sure, they didn't show the actual death, but the fact they clearly implied it in an E-rated game is astonishing.
    • Also a part of the game's story, we have Maria. Like with Gerald, Sonic Team implied that she died instead of blatantly showing it. However, flashbacks about it appear much more frequently than Gerald's death scene in the game. It's rather surprising how this showed up in a Sonic game, of all things.
    • The scene with Amy being held hostage. Dr. Eggman points a gun at Amy's head! And immediately afterwards, he sends Sonic out into space in a basic equivalent of being CHAINED TO A BOMB.
      Eggman: "Hand over the Chaos Emerald, and then we'll talk about your girlfriend. That is, if you really care for her."
      Sonic: (to self) "Handing over the fake Emerald? I can kill two birds with one stone!"
  • In the first Sonic Riders game, the tricks you do are named, though you have to know the right series of button presses to perform specific ones, and S rank and higher trick combos unlock character-specific moves. A lot of these are VERY suggestive. One of the tricks Rouge can do while using a Skate-type gear easily  is named "Sexy Shot", and her default board is called "Temptation." Wave's easy-to-perform signature move is called "Double Swallow".
  • In Sonic Heroes, Amy blasphemes. Nothing severe ("Holy Cow!" "Oh my God!") but it's something that rating boards in English-speaking countries tend to frown on. And yet, it didn't hurt their rating in the least.
    • Another Heroes example: before Vector asks Amy a question, Amy assumes that he's asking for a date and that it will have to wait another time. In hindsight, Amy, a 12-year-old girl rejects going out with a 20-year-old Vector.
  • In Sonic Adventure there is little girl in front of the Central Station who is about ten years old (or younger), and says the following to a 16 year-old echidna when he talks to her.
    Sonic is blue. Tails is orange. Amy is pink. And you’re red. The color of passion. Cool!
    • Knuckles' theme song , "Unknown From ME", contains the line "Wild and hungry ain't a damn thing funny".
    • An ongoing dispute since Sonic Adventure was released in 1999 rages: just what exactly did the singer say at 1 minute into "My Sweet Passion (Theme of Amy Rose)"? Nobody seems to know for sure, but to paraphrase Blades of Glory, it's (probably) provocative. Just listen to the lyrics all the way through. Consensus: "The Sphinx looked so cute, I had to shave it." In a sultry voice. And the song was long enough to be played during Amy's end credits sans lyric-masking dialogue. It doesn't help that the background music (Awesome Music that it is) wouldn't feel out of place in a porno... and some of the rest of the lyrics are pretty... suggestive. It is about a pre-teen in love, after all.
    • Amy herself crosses straight into this from the very moment you choose her at the Character Select screen. Her character model has very 'loose' skirt physics, so in certain windy areas and in the Pinball boards in the Casino, her skirt will billow up a lot.
  • Sonic Chronicles managed to pack a bit in with...Hoo boy, Rouge.
    • And Amy: "You'll get Rouge germs all over you!" You'd think she'd be too old to believe Girls Have Cooties...
    • Here's also Rouge's calling Sonic "Big Blue" in said game. Let that sink in for a minute.
  • Sonic Rush has awesome music, but is rather blatantly iffy with "Vela Nova." Especially when taken in account the context it was used (a fight between Sonic and Blaze). The moans, the noises of deep breathing, and the sexy female voice moaning "Let's do it" in the ending? Veeeeery subtle.
    • The song's title is Portuguese for "new candle", and from there, even with Blaze's pyrokinesis, it's not too hard to interpret that in the context of something like "Sonic's new flame." Make of that what you will.
  • The Wii version of Sonic Colors gives us a nice gem too as Orbot and Cubot pick up pieces of Rotatatron, though it only really falls into this if you think about it.
    Cubot: The bossman said to wrangle every piece o' this mess. When you consider what we're doin' from a robot's point of view, it's actually pretty gruesome.
  • In Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic, Rouge gets into a personal confrontation with Julie-Su, leading to this exchange:
    Julie-Su: Let go of me, you b
    Rouge: Bat, dear. Remember it.
    • And ten issues later:
      Knuckles: You'd do that, Rouge?
      Julie-Su: She'd do anything.
      Rouge: Watch it, pinky.
  • In Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic, Blaze has been having visions about Sonic in her sleep, and seeks him out. They fight, and afterwards, we get the following exchange:
    Blaze: You are indeed the one I have sought out. No question.
    Sonic: You've been looking for me? Who are you exactly?
    Blaze: The one who will now haunt your dreams the way you have haunted mine! Farewell, Sonic... Until I have need of you!
    Sonic: (thinking to himself) Haunt my dreams, huh? I wonder...
  • Also Archie Comics-verse, we get this little jewel after Tails asks if Antoine n' Bunnie will be bored while he's off at his little workshop.
    Antoine: "Will we be bored", he asks.
    Bunnie: You hush. He's still a young'un.
    • If you keep in mind that they're supposed to be on their honeymoon, one doesn't have to guess what they plan to do with their alone time...
  • An earlier example from the aforementioned Rouge examples: In Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic Spin-Off Knuckles the Echidna, one arc is centered around one of Charmy Bee's friends dying of Lemon Sundrop Dandelion poisoning. Take the first letter from each word and what do you get? Subtle, huh?
  • Inverted in Sonic the Comic: At first the writers almost got into a lawsuit once due to the fact they weren't listening to their guidelines, but later Sega stopped paying attention. Thus the writers were given a major amount of freedom that other adaptations weren't. Sonic and friends could be in the presence of alcohol (not a G-Rated Drug, and they refused to drink it though), one arc was name "Village of the Damned", and violence was abound (though oddly bloodless).
  • In one of the old Sonic Grams online for the comics, Fiona and Scourge have this exchange.
    Fiona: Time for bed, babe.
    Scourge: But—
    Fiona: You wanted the letter, remember?
    Scourge: (mutters)
    • Thinking about his character, what else might he have wanted?