''Franchise/RatchetAndClank'' is a platforming & third-person shooter series that stars Ratchet, a gun-wielding Lombax, and his robot friend Clank. Although the game is animated and is generally rated E10+ or T by the ESRB, they often get away with certain things that defy their kid-friendly ratings. Hell, even developers Insomniac Games stated that Ratchet & Clank's main audience isn't kids, but late teenagers and adults.

[[AC: In General]]
* Almost every title of the series contains a sexual joke or pun. Some were so explicit that Sony shot their idea down and forced them to replace it with one that was less explicit.
* The focal point of the games are guns: shotguns, handguns, rifles, grenades, nuclear bombs, flamethrowers, tazers, etc. Some may be wacky, like a burp gun, or a dance-hypnosis mine, but most of them are realistic guns that fire bullets. In ''Tools of Destruction'', when a weapon is fired, red blood spills from the creature, although sometimes the blood is green for the centipedes.
* The Crotchitizer is depicted as either a dildo or a self-masturbation device. Constant jokes about it were made in ''Up Your Arsenal'', and it has returned in the recent games, such as ''All 4 One'' and ''Full Frontal Assault''.
* The use of mild-to-moderate profanity such as "shit", "ass" and "bitch".
* Some of the titles for the games are quite innuendo-ridden too, particularly the US ones. "Going Commando", "Up Your Arsenal", and "Size Matters" are a few examples. They finally got caught in that part of the world with "A Crack in Time". The original title was going to be "Clock Blockers". And "All 4 One" had working titles such as "4-Play", "Bros before Foes" and "Fiends with Benefits". "Ratchet and Clank: ''Full Frontal Assault''" also got through.


[[folder:Ratchet & Clank]]
* In Novalis, you can see the plumber's butt crack.
-->'''Ratchet:''' Hey, look! Plumber's crack!
-->'''Plumber:''' What did you just say?
-->'''Ratchet:''' I said, uh, 'Look, the Plumber's back!'
* The cover art in the back tells you to "blow $@!& up".
* Swapping the syllables of Planet Kerwan reveals the British vulgar slang word ''wanker''.
* In Blackwater City, the (in)famous trick where performing flips over the hoverboard race announcer's head will cause her boobs to enlarge. See it in action [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRaMIW8Z2cM here]].
* One moment that didn't get past the Radar in the original game; in demos for this game when you're watching Qwark's infobot for Umbris and see the pic of him fixing a dam leak with his finger, there is a sign hanging nearby that says "Leaky Dyke". While the pic of Qwark fixing the dam leak is still in the game, the sign was obviously removed.
** However, the uncensored "Leaky Dyke" sign appeared later in Qwark's flashback in ''Up Your Arsenal'' not once, but ''twice'', but it [[FreezeFrameBonus goes by so fast that it's very easy to miss.]]
* After giving Ratchet the Swingshot:
-->'''Ratchet:''' I bet Captain Quark uses stuff like this all the time.
-->'''Helga:''' Please! Real men can swing without silly toys like that!
* After Qwark's ship cannons are destroyed by Ratchet in Gemlik Base's aerial assault:
-->'''Qwark:''' Why, you son of a- [[CurseCutShort *static*]]
* During Planet Novalis' infobot:
-->'''Chairman Drek:''' And if you don't like it you can take your whiny, snivelling, snot-nosed populations, form a line behind me and kiss my- We're still on? Well turn it off, you idiot!
* The name "[[UnfortunateName Drek]]" seems like a harmless villain name, until you know it's a Slovenian slang word for feces.
** Though this is more likely inspired by the ''English'' word "drek," which means junk or garbage.
* One of the unlockable spoof magazine covers is blatantly a robot girly mag.
* A skill point you earn on Veldin for killing ten Troopers with the wrench is called "Going Commando."
* During the commercial for the Hygeniator with Qwark, he states that it can take care of any grooming needs. Qwark then turns it on to "demonstrate" and it cuts to a shot of Ratchet and Clank watching the ad. Ratchet closes his eyes, but Clank is [[HoYay suprisingly into it]]. Cue excessive moaning from Qwark.
--> '''Ratchet:''' Turn it off, TURN IT OFF!
* The robotic lieutenant on the planet Eudora, as soon as he spots Ratchet [[BringMyBrownPants drops an Infobot from his behind]].

[[folder:Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando]]
* The title. It was changed to "Ratchet & Clank: Locked & Loaded" for the European edition.
* The Platinum Trophy for the game is called "He Went Commando".
* After it is revealed that [[spoiler: Abercrombie Fizzwidget is really Qwark in disguise:]]
-->'''Angela Cross:''' Alright, just what the *boop* is going on?
* At the end of the game, Qwark tries out the Crotchitizer. It grabs his crotch and begins twisting it, causing Qwark to scream in pain.
* The infobot for Planet Snivelak:
-->'''Thugs-4-Less Leader:''' Cause I've got wind!... Err, I mean, I'm like the wind! You never know where I might show up next. '''And I blow hard''', and I can be cooling on a warm summer day...
* During the Giant Clank battle above Dobbo, the Thug Leader tells Ratchet when the battle begins that he's gonna "kick your arse", but because it's quickly drowned out by the subsequent noise of battle, it's easy to miss.
* The cutscene introducing planet Barlow has this from one of the Desert Riders;
-->'''Rider:''': Before I became a desert rider, I didn't fit in anywheres. I had low self-esteem, bad breath, and...thing for ladies' undergarments.
* A cutscene on Planet Notak:
-->'''The Thief:''' If your men aren't here pronto, you can kiss this contract goodbye!
-->'''Thugs-4-Less Leader:''' Er, oh yeah?! Well, ''you'' can kiss your, uh, uh... your, your... Ugh. You know what I mean! Ah, dangit.
* In Planet Todano, when robot Fizzwidget is talking about the model rockets:
-->'''Fizzwidget:''' This is the triple B, or big badass bomb.
* "Son of a Qwark!"
* After rescuing Angela on Planet Greblin:
-->'''Angela:''' Here's my employee card.
-->'''Ratchet:''' 20% off discount at Groovy Lube?
-->'''Angela:''' Oh! Whoops! Wrong one!
** The Groovy Lube grand opening is also mentioned in the game's first cutscene.
* On the back of the game, it says, "Kicking @$$ one planet at a time".
* [[spoiler: During TheReveal when Fizzwidget reveals himself to be Qwark in disguise, the camera shows him from the back and looks like he's opening his fly. Ratchet freaks out.]]

[[folder:Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal]]
* The title. Again. Edited to "Ratchet & Clank 3" in other parts of the world.
* The Nature's Mysteries TV commerical:
-->"I seen 'im run right through our camping site. He was butt-naked, screaming, and holding a bananner! Or, maybe it weren't a bananner... It could be- ONE OF NATURE'S MYSTERIES!"
* On Planet Marcadia, when the President is introduced to Ratchet:
-->'''President:''' My daughter tells me you're a man who's good with his hands, Ratchet.
-->'''Ratchet:''' Sir, I swear, I never!
* On Marcadia again, you get a skill point for reflecting a laser with a gadget, and killing a number of enemies for a high score. Name of the skill point? [[NerdsAreVirgins Reflect on how to score.]]
* A literal case of Getting "Crap" Past the Radar; On Aquatos in the sewers where you mine crystals for the Plumber, his response to what the sewer crystals are once you're finished collecting them basically states that they're hardened ''Amoeboid Turds'', nothelped that the King Amoeboids make a very questionable expression during their death animation, just before their sewer crystal flies toward you.
-->'''Plumber:''' (sniffs crystal) "Fresh from the bowels of a King Amoeboid..." *cue disgusted reaction from Ratchet*
* Everything about Courtney Gears, from her ultra-revealing outfit, to her suggestive dances and her seductive tone. Ratchet explains this clearly.
-->'''Ratchet:''' She's not the hottest pop star in the galaxy because of her ''singing''.
* The Courtney Gears music video. It features her doing suggestive moves and pole-dancing.
** After the video, Ratchet makes breasts with his hands, and pretends to do her sexy dances.
* On Planet Daxx after infiltrating Courtney Gears' headquarters:
-->'''Clank:''' It seems this computer was recently used to edit one of her music videos.
-->'''Ratchet:''' Oh! Let's watch it! I... uh... mean it...uh... it might contain a clue, or something.
* On Holostar Studios:
-->'''Director:''' Alright, Clank, go kick some a- *speaker screeches*
* When Qwark rounds up everyone for the Q-Force, he picks Helga for her "sensual powers of seduction".
* During Qwark's "funeral":
-->'''President:''' The man was a hero...
-->'''Clank: [[spoiler:(actually Klunk)]]''' What a load of bullsh- *slapped by Ratchet*
-->'''Ratchet:''' SHHH!
* Sometimes the announcer for Annihilation Nation screams, "Oh baby, let's get it on!"
* When Dr. Nefarious malfunctions, he suddenly switches to "[[IncestIsRelative Oh, Lance! I can't, it's not right. You're my cousin's uncle's son!]]"[[note]]In other words, her brother.[[/note]].
* During the first Arena Battle in Metropolis:
-->'''Galactic Ranger:''' Holy shit, he survived! I can't... I mean, I mean, I mean, we never doubted you, Sarge.
* During the ride to Zeldrin Starport:
-->'''Qwark:''' Stand down, soldier. This is your captain speaking!
-->'''Ratchet:''' Captain, my a-
--> *random chaos and exclamations can be heard*
-->'''Ratchet:''' Don't sit on the flight stick!
-->'''Qwark:''' AAUUUOOOGGH!!!
* In the Crash Site, the Supernova Taxi man smokes a big, thick cigar.
* During the Battle of Red Rock Valley on Aridia:
-->'''Galactic Rangers:''' Go give those four-eyed scum-sacs a whooping!
* This gem:
-->'''Qwark:''' I'll bet your prom date came in a box that said "batteries not included"!
* Courtney Gears tries to seduce Clank. It doesn't work.
-->'''Gears:''' I've got a few secrets of my own that might need your "special" investigation.
-->'''Clank:''' Uh, yes, um... *Ahem* I will report your concerns to the proper authorities.
* A conversation with Skrunch the monkey:
-->'''Qwark:''' It was mating season! How was I to know she was your sister? *notices Ratchet and Clank [[spoiler:(actually Klunk)]]* Uh... heh... Uh, how long have you two been standing there?
-->'''Clank: [[spoiler:(actually Klunk)]]''' Too long.
* After finding out Qwark abandoned them at the Crash Site:
-->'''Clank:''' We must have just missed them. This pocket crotchitizer is still warm.
-->'''Ratchet:''' Aw, gross!
* During Skidd's robot transformation at Obani Draco:
-->'''Skidd:''' Woah, like, I never knew you were this kinky, Miss Gears.
* This conversation:
-->'''Nefarious:''' My, my, Qwark, you've put on a lot of weight!
-->'''Qwark:''' Yeah? Well, Courtney Gears didn't seem to mind. *winks*
-->'''Nefarious:''' QWAAAAAA---
-->'''Lance:''' But that's what makes it so good, Janice. Feel it; my heart is pounding like an anvil!
-->'''Lawrence:''' Oh, this is the best part of my day. *hits Nefarious*
-->'''Nefarious:''' ----AAAAAAARKKKKKKK!
* Qwark Vid-Comic 4:
-->'''Janice:''' The baby isn't yours.
-->'''Lance:''' What? Who? Who is the father?
-->'''Janice:''' Oh! Your evil twin brother, Englebert!
-->'''Lance:''' But Janice... I AM Engelbert!
* Qwark is dressed up in drag for the Supernova Taxi to come pick him up, with big boobs for maximum effect. And then we get this gem:
-->'''Qwark:''' Do you have a spare charge pack for this thing?
-->'''Taxi Driver:''' B20 crotchitizer huh? This gets better every second!
* When Al shows Ratchet Vid Comic #5:
-->'''Al:''' We found something... ''interesting'' in Qwark's quarters.
-->'''Ratchet:''' Hey, if it's another crotchitizer, I don't even wanna-
* In the command center, Ratchet has this conversation with a Tyhrannoid in Tyhranesse:
-->'''Ratchet:''' Look, if you let me through, I'll lend you my "Amoeboids Gone Wild" holo-disc..
-->'''Tyhrannoid:''' Director's cut?
-->'''Ratchet:''' Of course. You won't believe what those slimy coeds are doing when the cameras are rolling!
* Dr. Nefarious' "Galactic Idol" audition:
-->'''Nefarious:''' You are my... ROOOOBOT LOOOOOVER!!!! Makin' my spark plugs go ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! with your love!!! Ooh...
* After Qwark breaks into Nefarious' headquarters:
-->'''Nefarious:''' Whoever kills his ass first gets a free ''lube job'' from me!
* During the introduction of an Annihilation Nation contestant:
-->'''Announcer:''' Fred is a Gadgetron accountant who claims he once had a Morph-o-ray go off in his pants. What a champ! [[note]] In case you don't get the joke, the Morph-O-Ray is a gun that turns things into chickens. [[StealthPun His cock became a cock!]] [[/note]]
* On the manual, it states that "Ratchet will uncork the next smartass who gets in his way".
* On Aquatos Ratchet and Clank find Slim Cognito hiding out after ‘A small run in with the cops concerning a Suck Cannon upgrade which was mistakenly sold to a minor’. Now consider what ‘alternative’ uses a teenage boy (Although gender was undisclosed) might have for essentially a supercharged vacuum cleaner and remember that once again this game is supposed to be for kids...


[[folder:Ratchet: Deadlocked]][[note]]Rated T for Fantasy Violence, Mild Language[[/note]]
* This:
-->'''Ratchet:''' ...me outta this thing you Blarg-headed Frakmonkey! I can barely breathe and my tail feels like it's shoved right up my a-"
* Many of the skill points.
** All Balls.
** The Turn-On
** Drunk on Joy
** Get Some Balls
* "Ooh... it makes you wet, doesn't it?"
* "It's time to blow S$#!@# up!"
* "He's a pompous B$#%@$ with a charisma of Blargian-gnat cheese!"
* "Well, I'll be damned, that's hot!"
* "Damn, how do you like me now?"
* "Kick his furry ass!"
* When [[spoiler: The Dreadzone Arena is about to get blown up]], you hear the announcers go through a GetAHoldOfYourselfMan scene. It sounds a lot like roleplay. In case you're too dense to catch it, [[LampshadeHanging the male one comments]] on how hot it was to call his female co-host [[IncestIsRelative "Mama."]]

[[folder:Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters]][[note]]Rated E10+ for Animated Blood, Fantasy Violence[[/note]]
* The title. Yet AGAIN.

[[folder: Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction]][[note]]Rated E10+ for Alcohol Reference, Animated Blood, Crude Humor, Fantasy Violence, Language[[/note]]
* "You killed his parents, you burned down his home, well, you actually didn't do any of that stuff, but he's pissed off anyway."
* "The Alpha Disruptor is guaranteed to deliver a galactic can of whoopass."
* On Planet Ardolis, Captain Slag and Rusty Pete sing this:
-->Me hearties sing chanties of girls in loose panties
-->Who linger by the shore
-->For sixpence I'll love 'er, then ditch that landlubber
-->A pirate evermore!
* In the Rakar Star Cluster, one of the aerial fights is against a boss named "Iron Crotch Caruso".
** You also get a skill point for killing the "Iron Crotch" in under 2:30.
* "Watch where your swinging that thing! Almost cut me bloody head off!"
* Qwark's color commentary during Ratchet's arena battles provides some eyebrow raising moments. When Ratchet is fighting two huge enemies at once, Qwark says this:
--> Hasn't seen two on one action like that since the new Courtney Gears video hit the web!
** Qwark also mentions starring in the Hero Sandwich.
* This conversation about testicles:
-->'''Zephyr:''' You rookies got the stones for a HALO jump?
-->'''Clank:''' I do not understand. What are stones? Do I have them?
-->'''Ratchet:''' I'll tell you later. And, no.
* "Attention lads! Usage of IRIS supercomputer is restricted to educational purposes only. Do not download games, music or... alternative cinema without me approval!"
* On Planet Ardolis:
-->'''Captain Slag:''' Pete! Skewer that saucy wench!
-->'''Rusty Pete:''' Aye, Cap'n! Skewering! (sounds of metal clashing)
-->'''Captain Slag:''' ''Arr!'' Me wee cannonballs!

[[folder:Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty]][[note]]Rated E10+ for Fantasy Violence, Use of Alcohol[[/note]]
* The title. AGAIN.
* After sighting the BS-33 Omegatron station:
-->'''Ratchet:''' At least we know what the BS stands for.
* "Aw, S%&$#!"
** Edited to "Aw, crap!" for the European version.
* An exceptionally overt example, wherein SpacePirate Rusty Pete describes a NoodleIncident which heavily implies he went to a party and got extremely drunk, then... well...
-->'''Rusty Pete:''' Well, I was a bit sauced at the time. Woke up three days later wearing an evening gown and spooning a Kerchu.

[[folder:Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time]][[note]]Rated E10+ for Animated Blood, Comic Mischief, Fantasy Violence[[/note]]
* The original title was supposed to be "Clock Blockers".
* "I'm just a BLOODY head on a BLOODY stick!"
* "Oh crap! Abort! Abort!"
* During the battle with Ratchet:
-->'''Azimuth:''' Aw, shit!
* The end of the game has Snowball raping Qwark. You see him thrusting back and forth, while Qwark says...
-->'''Qwark:''' Hey! Don't touch my goods!

[[folder:Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One]][[note]]Rated E10+ for Crude Humor, Fantasy Violence, Language[[/note]]
* The list of all the original titles.
** "4-Play"
** "Bros b4 Foes"
** "Fiends with Benefits"
** "Multiple Organisms"
* The platinum trophy for the game is called 4-Play.
* This:
-->'''Nefarious:''' Kick some squishy ass!
* After getting his ship knocked down:
-->'''Nefarious:''' Son of a- BLAAGGGGH!
* Qwark says this quite a lot when you play with him:
-->'''Qwark:''' I'm gonna deliver a galactic can of whoop-ass.
* After Qwark is implied to have slept with someone during the journey:
-->'''Ratchet:''' Quit screwing people, Qwark!
* After leaving Luminopolis and heading out to Aldaros Plains:
-->'''Qwark:'''"Bad news, my friends. I think I left my hero underwear back in Luminopolis...my presidential pair is a bit too tight on the crotch."
* Sometimes when playing with Clank, he will say this:
-->'''Clank:''' "I will respect your right to attack, but I am afraid after this fight your logic may only revert back at you in your stones."
** Doubles as a reference to ''TOD'', in which Clank asks what stones are and where he has them.
* This conversation:
-->'''Qwark:''' OH GOD! This sucks!
-->'''Nefarious:''' You know who else sucks?
-->'''Qwark:''' Who?
-->'''Nefarious:''' YOU DO!!! HA HA HA!!!
* This exchange between Clank & Qwark:
-->'''Clank:''' ''[to Commander Spog]'' I know someone who can fix you.
-->'''Qwark:''' Well I don't mean to brag, but I did modify my crochitizer with a vibrate function that I like to call: "The Happy Platypus".
* For the "Copernicus Qwark" manual inside the art, it says "CROTCHETIZER ENABLED".

[[folder: Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault]][[note]]Rated E10+ for Comic Mischief, Fantasy Violence[[/note]]
* The title. AGAIN. Edited to "Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force" in other countries.
* During the opening sequence, Ratchet mentions Qwark's "private sector". Clank starts to chuckle.
* After finding out who Zurgo is on the Korgon Refinery:
-->'''Qwark:''' He wrote some pretty disturbing fanfiction...
* After the Phoenix II gets hijacked by Zurgo:
-->'''Zurgo:''' All those arrests and scandals! The nude pictures! The protopets! The malfunctioning crotchitizers!
* When Zurgo transforms into Qwark to ruin his reputation:
-->'''Zurgo:''' I'm a big, narcissistic blowhard!
* After Zurgo admits his plot to assassinate Qwark over the Phoenix II speakers:
-->'''Zurgo:''' You know, those things in your room that you don't want your parents to see... because you're dead!

[[folder: Ratchet & Clank comics]]

[[AC:Volume 1: Ears of War]]
* "Ah, crap."

[[AC:Volume 2: Friends With Benefits]]
* The title.
* "You know I was this close to breaking my ass out of here?"

[[AC:Volume 4: Thanks for the Armories]]
* "Oh, crap."

[[AC:Volume 5: Multiple Organisms]]
* The TITLE.
* "Holy crap! ...No, I mean holy crap, I didn't know what this was and almost used it to make pancakes last summer."