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Ratchet & Clank is a platforming & third-person shooter series that stars Ratchet, a gun-wielding Lombax, and his robot friend Clank. Although the game is animated and is generally rated E10+ or T by the ESRB, they often get away with certain things that defy their kid-friendly ratings. Hell, even developers Insomniac Games stated that Ratchet & Clank's main audience isn't kids, but late teenagers and adults.

In General
  • Almost every title of the series contains a sexual joke or pun. "Going Commando", "Up Your Arsenal", "Size Matters", and "Full Frontal Assault" are a few examples. Some were so explicit that Sony shot their idea down and forced them to replace it with one that was less explicit: the original title of "A Crack In Time" was going to be "Clock Blockers," and "All 4 One" had working titles such as "4-Play", "Bros before Foes" and "Fiends with Benefits".
  • The focal point of the games are guns: shotguns, handguns, rifles, grenades, nuclear bombs, flamethrowers, tazers, etc. Some may be wacky, like a burp gun, or a dance-hypnosis mine, but most of them are realistic guns that fire bullets. In Tools of Destruction, when a weapon is fired, red blood spills from the creature, although sometimes the blood is green for the centipedes.
  • The Crotchitizer is depicted as either a dildo or a self-masturbation device. Constant jokes about it were made in Up Your Arsenal, and it has returned in the recent games, such as All 4 One and Full Frontal Assault.

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    Ratchet & Clank 
  • The cover art in the back tells you to "blow $@!& up".
  • In Blackwater City, the (in)famous trick where performing flips over the hoverboard race announcer's head will cause her boobs to enlarge. See it in action here.
  • One moment that didn't get past the Radar in the original game; in demos for this game when you're watching Qwark's infobot for Umbris and see the pic of him fixing a dam leak with his finger, there is a sign hanging nearby that says "Leaky Dyke". While the pic of Qwark fixing the dam leak is still in the game, the sign was obviously removed.
  • After giving Ratchet the Swingshot:
    Ratchet: I bet Captain Quark uses stuff like this all the time.
    Helga: Please! Real men can swing without silly toys like that!
  • One of the unlockable spoof magazine covers is blatantly a robot girly mag.
  • A skill point you earn on Veldin for killing ten Troopers with the wrench is called "Going Commando."
  • During the commercial for the Hygienator with Qwark, he states that it can take care of any grooming needs. Qwark then turns it on to "demonstrate" and it cuts to a shot of Ratchet and Clank watching the ad. Ratchet closes his eyes, but Clank is suprisingly into it. Cue excessive moaning from Qwark.
    Ratchet: Turn it off, TURN IT OFF!
  • The robotic lieutenant on the planet Eudora, as soon as he spots Ratchet drops an Infobot from his behind.

    Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando 
  • The title. It was changed to "Ratchet & Clank: Locked & Loaded" for the European edition.
  • The Platinum Trophy for the game is called "He Went Commando".
  • After it is revealed that Abercrombie Fizzwidget is really Qwark in disguise:
    Angela Cross: Alright, just what the *boop* is going on?
  • At the end of the game, Qwark tries out the Crotchitizer. It grabs his crotch and begins twisting it, causing Qwark to scream in pain.
  • The infobot for Planet Snivelak:
    Thugs-4-Less Leader: Cause I've got wind!... Err, I mean, I'm like the wind! You never know where I might show up next. And I blow hard, and I can be cooling on a warm summer day...
  • The cutscene introducing planet Barlow has this from one of the Desert Riders;
    Rider:: Before I became a desert rider, I didn't fit in anywheres. I had low self-esteem, bad breath, and...thing for ladies' undergarments.
  • On the back of the game, it says, "Kicking @$$ one planet at a time".
  • During The Reveal when Fizzwidget reveals himself to be Qwark in disguise, the camera shows him from the back and looks like he's opening his fly. Ratchet freaks out.

    Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal 
  • The title. Again. Edited to "Ratchet & Clank 3" in other parts of the world.
  • The Nature's Mysteries TV commerical:
    "I seen 'im run right through our camping site. He was butt-naked, screaming, and holding a bananner! Or, maybe it weren't a bananner... It could be- ONE OF NATURE'S MYSTERIES!"
  • On Planet Marcadia, when the President is introduced to Ratchet:
    President: My daughter tells me you're a man who's good with his hands, Ratchet.
    Ratchet: Sir, I swear, I never!
  • The Courtney Gears music video. It features her doing suggestive moves and pole-dancing.
    • After the video, Ratchet makes breasts with his hands, and pretends to do her sexy dances.
  • When Qwark rounds up everyone for the Q-Force, he picks Helga for her "sensual powers of seduction".
  • During Qwark's "funeral":
    President: The man was a hero...
    Clank: (actually Klunk) What a load of bullsh- *slapped by Ratchet*
    Ratchet: SHHH!
  • Sometimes the announcer for Annihilation Nation screams, "Oh baby, let's get it on!"
  • When Dr. Nefarious malfunctions, he suddenly switches to "Oh, Lance! I can't, it's not right. You're my cousin's uncle's son!"note .
  • During the first Arena Battle in Metropolis:
    Galactic Ranger: Holy shit, he survived! I can't... I mean, I mean, I mean, we never doubted you, Sarge.
  • During the ride to Zeldrin Starport:
    Qwark: Stand down, soldier. This is your captain speaking!
    Ratchet: Captain, my a-
    *random chaos and exclamations can be heard*
    Ratchet: Don't sit on the flight stick!
    Qwark: AAUUUOOOGGH!!!
  • This gem:
    Qwark: I'll bet your prom date came in a box that said "batteries not included"!
  • Courtney Gears tries to seduce Clank. It doesn't work.
    Gears: I've got a few secrets of my own that might need your "special" investigation.
    Clank: Uh, yes, um... *Ahem* I will report your concerns to the proper authorities.
  • A conversation with Skrunch the monkey:
    Qwark: It was mating season! How was I to know she was your sister? *notices Ratchet and Clank (actually Klunk)* Uh... heh... Uh, how long have you two been standing there?
    Clank: (actually Klunk) Too long.
  • After finding out Qwark abandoned them at the Crash Site:
    Clank: We must have just missed them. This pocket crotchitizer is still warm.
    Ratchet: Aw, gross!
  • During Skidd's robot transformation at Obani Draco:
    Skidd: Woah, like, I never knew you were this kinky, Miss Gears.
  • This conversation:
    Nefarious: My, my, Qwark, you've put on a lot of weight!
    Qwark: Yeah? Well, Courtney Gears didn't seem to mind. *winks*
    Nefarious: QWAAAAAA—-
    Lance: But that's what makes it so good, Janice. Feel it; my heart is pounding like an anvil!
    Lawrence: Oh, this is the best part of my day. *hits Nefarious*
    Nefarious: ——AAAAAAARKKKKKKK!
  • Qwark Vid-Comic 4:
    Janice: The baby isn't yours.
    Lance: What? Who? Who is the father?
    Janice: Oh! Your evil twin brother, Englebert!
    Lance: But Janice... I AM Engelbert!
  • Qwark is dressed up in drag for the Supernova Taxi to come pick him up, with big boobs for maximum effect. And then we get this gem:
    Qwark: Do you have a spare charge pack for this thing?
    Taxi Driver: B20 crotchitizer huh? This gets better every second!
  • When Al shows Ratchet Vid Comic #5:
    Al: We found something... interesting in Qwark's quarters.
    Ratchet: Hey, if it's another crotchitizer, I don't even wanna-
  • In the command center, Ratchet has this conversation with a Tyhrannoid in Tyhranesse:
    Ratchet: Look, if you let me through, I'll lend you my "Amoeboids Gone Wild" holo-disc..
    Tyhrannoid: Director's cut?
    Ratchet: Of course. You won't believe what those slimy coeds are doing when the cameras are rolling!
  • After Qwark breaks into Nefarious' headquarters:
    Nefarious: Whoever kills his ass first gets a free lube job from me!
  • During the introduction of an Annihilation Nation contestant:
    Announcer: Fred is a Gadgetron accountant who claims he once had a Morph-o-ray go off in his pants. What a champ! note 
  • On the manual, it states that "Ratchet will uncork the next smartass who gets in his way".
  • On Aquatos Ratchet and Clank find Slim Cognito hiding out after ‘A small run in with the cops concerning a Suck Cannon upgrade which was mistakenly sold to a minor’. Now consider what ‘alternative’ uses a teenager (although gender was undisclosed) might have for essentially a supercharged vacuum cleaner.

    Ratchet: Deadlocked 
  • Many of the skill points.
    • All Balls.
    • The Turn-On
    • Drunk on Joy
    • Get Some Balls
  • "Ooh... it makes you wet, doesn't it?"
  • When The Dreadzone Arena is about to get blown up, you hear the announcers go through a Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! scene. It sounds a lot like roleplay. In case you're too dense to catch it, the male one comments on how hot it was to call his female co-host "Mama."

    Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters 
  • The title. Yet AGAIN.

     Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction 
  • "You killed his parents, you burned down his home, well, you actually didn't do any of that stuff, but he's pissed off anyway."
  • "The Alpha Disruptor is guaranteed to deliver a galactic can of whoopass."
  • On Planet Ardolis, Captain Slag and Rusty Pete sing this:
    Me hearties sing chanties of girls in loose panties
    Who linger by the shore
    For sixpence I'll love 'er, then ditch that landlubber
    A pirate evermore!
  • In the Rakar Star Cluster, one of the aerial fights is against a boss named "Iron Crotch Caruso".
    • You also get a skill point for killing the "Iron Crotch" in under 2:30.
  • "Watch where your swinging that thing! Almost cut me bloody head off!"
  • Qwark's color commentary during Ratchet's arena battles provides some eyebrow raising moments. When Ratchet is fighting two huge enemies at once, Qwark says this:
    Hasn't seen two on one action like that since the new Courtney Gears video hit the web!
    • Qwark also mentions starring in the Hero Sandwich.
  • This conversation about testicles:
    Zephyr: You rookies got the stones for a HALO jump?
    Clank: I do not understand. What are stones? Do I have them?
    Ratchet: I'll tell you later. And, no.
  • "Attention lads! Usage of IRIS supercomputer is restricted to educational purposes only. Do not download games, music or... alternative cinema without me approval!"
  • On Planet Ardolis:
    Captain Slag: Pete! Skewer that saucy wench!
    Rusty Pete: Aye, Cap'n! Skewering! (sounds of metal clashing)
    Captain Slag: Arr! Me wee cannonballs!

    Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty 
  • The title. AGAIN.
  • After sighting the BS-33 Omegatron station:
    Ratchet: At least we know what the BS stands for.
  • "Aw, S%&$#!"
    • Edited to "Aw, crap!" for the European version.
  • An exceptionally overt example, wherein Space Pirate Rusty Pete describes a Noodle Incident which heavily implies he went to a party and got extremely drunk, then... well...
    Rusty Pete: Well, I was a bit sauced at the time. Woke up three days later wearing an evening gown and spooning a Kerchu.

    Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time 
  • The original title was supposed to be "Clock Blockers".
  • "I'm just a BLOODY head on a BLOODY stick!"
  • "Oh crap! Abort! Abort!"
  • During the battle with Ratchet:
    Azimuth: Aw, shit!
  • The end of the game has Snowball raping Qwark. You see him thrusting back and forth, while Qwark says...
    Qwark: Hey! Don't touch my goods!

    Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One 
  • The list of all the original titles.
    • "4-Play"
    • "Bros b4 Foes"
    • "Fiends with Benefits"
    • "Multiple Organisms"
  • The platinum trophy for the game is called 4-Play.
  • This:
    Nefarious: Kick some squishy ass!
  • After getting his ship knocked down:
    Nefarious: Son of a- BLAAGGGGH!
  • Qwark says this quite a lot when you play with him:
    Qwark: I'm gonna deliver a galactic can of whoop-ass.
  • After Qwark is implied to have slept with someone during the journey:
    Ratchet: Quit screwing people, Qwark!
  • After leaving Luminopolis and heading out to Aldaros Plains:
    Qwark:"Bad news, my friends. I think I left my hero underwear back in Luminopolis...my presidential pair is a bit too tight on the crotch."
  • Sometimes when playing with Clank, he will say this:
    Clank: "I will respect your right to attack, but I am afraid after this fight your logic may only revert back at you in your stones."
    • Doubles as a reference to TOD, in which Clank asks what stones are and where he has them.
  • This conversation:
    Qwark: OH GOD! This sucks!
    Nefarious: You know who else sucks?
    Qwark: Who?
    Nefarious: YOU DO!!! HA HA HA!!!
  • This exchange between Clank & Qwark:
    Clank: [to Commander Spog] I know someone who can fix you.
    Qwark: Well I don't mean to brag, but I did modify my crochitizer with a vibrate function that I like to call: "The Happy Platypus".
  • For the "Copernicus Qwark" manual inside the art, it says "CROTCHETIZER ENABLED".

     Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault 
  • The title. AGAIN. Edited to "Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force" in other countries.
  • During the opening sequence, Ratchet mentions Qwark's "private sector". Clank starts to chuckle.
  • After finding out who Zurgo is on the Korgon Refinery:
    Qwark: He wrote some pretty disturbing fanfiction...
  • After the Phoenix II gets hijacked by Zurgo:
    Zurgo: All those arrests and scandals! The nude pictures! The protopets! The malfunctioning crotchitizers!
  • When Zurgo transforms into Qwark to ruin his reputation:
    Zurgo: I'm a big, narcissistic blowhard!
  • After Zurgo admits his plot to assassinate Qwark over the Phoenix II speakers:
    Zurgo: You know, those things in your room that you don't want your parents to see... because you're dead!

     Ratchet & Clank comics 

Volume 1: Ears of War
  • "Ah, crap."

Volume 2: Friends With Benefits
  • The title.
  • "You know I was this close to breaking my ass out of here?"

Volume 4: Thanks for the Armories
  • "Oh, crap."

Volume 5: Multiple Organisms
  • The TITLE.
  • "Holy crap! ...No, I mean holy crap, I didn't know what this was and almost used it to make pancakes last summer."