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Radar: Psychonauts
Psychonauts is chock full of scenes or topics that you wouldn't expect a cartoony albeit T-rated video game to cover. Here's a small sampling.

  • The Meat Circus. Enough said!
    • To piggyback on this, if you use Clairvoyance on any instance of Coach Oleander's hopping bunnies, they see Raz as a horrifically bloodied butcher wielding a large knife.
  • In Blackvelvetopia, if you use Clairvoyance on a woman who Raz has seduced with a rose, she will see him as a dashing young man. If you use it on one who hasn't been seduced, she instead sees him as a creepy smiling man wearing nothing but a trenchcoat, poised to rip it open.
    • In the memory reel that reveals Dingo Inflagrante was in fact a male cheerleader who stole Edgar's girlfriend, you can see in one of the frames Dingo in a cheerleading pyramid looking right up Edgar's beloved's dress.
  • Several references to suicide. Some are played for comedy, like Clem and Crystal, while others are portrayed with a disturbing amount of realism.
    • Heck, one of the vaults actually depicts Gloria's mother jumping from a building in a picture.
  • The tragic deaths of Milla's orphans.
  • A great deal of the G-Men's lines. Was the ESRB even listening to them?
  • On Elton's facebook, it says that after his father died, he lived with his mother in a "special hotel for ladies only" and that "lots of sailors came to visit her". Remind you of anything?
  • In Lungfishopolis, one of the propaganda broadcasts announces that the rebels have been having a wild night on the town with "inexpensive call girls".
  • Then there's that joke about a squirrel's nuts...
  • Here's a weird one: among the nonsense Boyd will randomly spew out during his ramblings, one of them is "[Subject A] got into bed with [Subject B]". This in and of itself isn't too bad for a T rated game, but due to the random nature of his dialogue, the two subjects used in that sentence can result in statements that are... well, bizarre. Some of these include: "My first cat, Seymor", "All those stupid crows", "The entire dairy industry", "My hooch", and "The last specimen of the super virus."
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