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Radar: Pokémon X and Y
Previous Pokémon related media have pushed the envelope for its age rating, but with certain French stereotypes alive and kicking these games may be the most radar-dodging Pokémon related media to date.
  • In a street in Lumiose City, there's a pair of NPCs who use the standard "lovers" models, holding hands and staring at the Prism Tower. If you pass by them, you overhear their conversation: "You know, my Emolga really wants to shock your Dedenne..." The other NPC's reaction is a confused, "...What?"
  • You can work part-time for the Hotel Richissime, cleaning out the rooms. Sometimes, you can find beds that have apparently been drenched in perfume.
    • It's also possible to find bedclothes that look as though they've been chewed on.
    • And some are even wet.
  • One of the maids in Hotel Richissme is describing something that is "thick" and "big". It was a pillar.
  • Attract (a move that causes the target to fall in love with the user) is given to you by a little girl that says that she feels like the Skiddo used it on her. The implications are disturbing...
  • After a charged fireworks viewing with Shauna at Parfum Palace, the butler gives you TM17 Protect. He picked up on the sexual tension and gave you protection. Few dialog boxes later you are given a Poké Flute. This is especially amusing if you're playing as Serena instead of Calem.
    • On the other hand, the Ship Tease is a bit more blatant with Calem, thus making the implications with Protect more obvious.
  • Viscountess Beatrice in the Battle Chateau loves "going wild" with her Pokémon for "stress relief". Her only Pokémon is a Tentacool.
  • Mr. Bonding is found in hotels in the room furthest from the exit. He wears a pink suit and says "It's bonding time!" as the screen goes dark and he gives you something called O-Power, that gets stronger/better the more you use it. He even recommends you use it more often!
  • "How do you like it, long or short?" He's talking about focal length in photography.
  • The Fairy-type move "Play Rough". Even its animation implies something dirty. In fact, the Japanese name is worse.Explanation 
  • You can encounter a battle with a Swimmer (female) in a beach-like route. She says (before the battle) that if she loses another battle, she will 'take her top off'. After you win the battle, this is suddenly subverted, as she will say that she means to change into another swimsuit after taking said top off. In a private place, luckily.
    • Another raises the question of where she's keeping her Poké Balls, if all she has is a bikini—her answer? "Women's secret!"
  • There's a girl and her Furfrou on the fifth floor of Hotel Richissime who says this upon talking to her:
    Girl: Wait...This smell is... arrrggghhh, Furfrou! Marking territory in a place like this!?
  • A female Pokemon Ranger on Victory Road talks about putting a hand on her hip and puffing her chest out...she's only practicing her victory pose, but still...
  • From the Battle Maison:
    • Upon defeat, one Youngster trainer will exclaim "Aww sh.....shucks!".
    • A Beauty says before battle how she's had a transformation in her life: when defeated she says that half a year ago she was a Black Belt. Seems like a normal way of changing your life around, until you realize that Black Belt is a male trainer class. Even though there is a female equivalent for Black Belt, the Battle Girl. Then, once you put two and two together...
      • The Japanese version makes it even more obvious.
    English version: Yes, a mere half a year ago I was a Black Belt! Quite the transformation, wouldn't you say?
    Japanese version: To think I was a Karate Kingnote  just half a year ago. Modern medicine sure is amazing!
    • This might count: a Maid who, fitting as it's in France, is a French Maid (but without any sort of revealing outfit), says before battle "You know I am very popular because of this costume of mine."
    • Lass Lauren talks about your lack of focus. Upon defeat she says:
  • The Japanese version got away with a literal example of getting crap past the radar: one of the punks you can fight in Lumiose City is named "Merde", which is French for shit. Unsurprisingly, he was renamed Faust in the English version.
  • There is a female trainer (a Beauty, no less) hiding in the grass on Route 6 who wants to have a "secret battle in the tall grass" with you.
  • Some Pokémon (like Pikachu and Floatzel) have their least favorite places to be touched in Pokémon-Amie as the crotch area.
    • Or, even worse, for some Pokémon (such as Mareep and Raticate) it's their favorite place.
    • Similarly, Jynx has no problem with being touched on her breasts.
    • Farfetch'd & Druddigon seem to have the worst of it: Every time they get attacked by the opponent, the animation shows the Pokemon getting hit in the crotch.
  • Near the Juice Shoppe in Lumiose City, a female NPC will comment on how the juice from there vitalizes humans in tandem with Pokémon. Her example? The previous night, her husband was frolicking like he was a teenager again. Um...
  • There's a Baron in the Battle Chateau who says he's going " latch on to some nice Duchess and Aqua Jet [himself] to the top of society". While the literal impression is that he's a self-admitted Social Climber or Gold Digger, it's not that hard to see the Double Entendre. (Even worse, it's very possible that you could have the female character and have the rank of Duchess yourself when you talk to him, in which case this brings up even worse connotations.)
  • Besides all the innuendo, this E-rated game's backstory has war and death. Lots and lots of it. It's just kind of behind many Never Say "Die" terminologies.
    • "One man's Pokémon participated in the war." "He was later handed a tiny box." Said box totally looks like a coffin. And the phrase "it [the Pokémon] came back to life" is used later, so it's kind of unambiguous that it had died.
    • A Fantastic Nuke killed a lot of humans and Pokémon in the Great Offscreen War.
    • It's easy to believe that Team Flare's leader Lysandre dies in the Collapsing Lair, even if easily missable postgame quotes hint that he survived in Pokemon X; it's possible his fate is even worse, having become immortal, but trapped forever under the ruins of his lair.
    • The Holo Caster was made by a man who was trying to essentially achieve a mass-murdering of people and pokemon with the exception of those in Team Flare. Considering this is in Europe, think what you will.
    • The antagonists Team Flare are Omnicidal Maniac eco-terrorists.
  • Honedge, Doublade, and Aegislash's shiny forms resemble bloodstained swords. Especially telling with Aegislash, whose shiny form is only red around the edges.
  • A girl in Lumiose City's Poké Ball Emporium asks you if you like round things.
  • A Pokémon Breeder on Route 12 tells you "I like to bury my face in the fur around Tauros's neck and take a big whiff of its scent!". Make of that what you will.

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