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  • In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, there's a sign near a bed in Team Galactic's hideout that says "Please make sure the bed is unoccupied before getting into it." One has to wonder what sort of crazy faux pas made that sign necessary...
  • "This gym is great! It's full of women!" Said by an elderly man standing right outside Celadon Gym. This was bowdlerised to "strong trainers!" in the Gold and Silver remakes.
  • In FireRed/LeafGreen, there's a female swimmer on Three Island who tells you that her swimsuit is broken so she can't leave the water...
  • A song used to promote the series in Japan, called Torikaekko Please, features a part with intimate duet between a man and a woman, with the lyrics "I have what you want I've got what you want If so then Let's do it together So that "we are both satisfied"...." ...Turns out they were talking about trading Pokémon.
  • One episode of "Moves For Living" focuses on the move Low Sweep. "Moves For Living" is a show that details the effects of one move and then provides a practical use for it in every-day life. Fair enough, but this installment claims that women with short skirts can use the move to kick someone in a public situation without embarrassing themselves...
  • One of the people you battle on the Battle Subway has dialogue that's riddled with this in the Japanese version. Her starting dialogue is "Be gentle! It's my first time...!", her winning dialogue is "Ooh, I won...um, were you...Were you going easy on me?", and her losing one is "Aaah! It huuurts! But...ooh, you're just so good..."
    • The lines are very similar in the English version. The exact choices of words in the translation are slightly different from above, but the overall intent and implications remain.
  • In Castelia City, there is an alley where a shady man will jump out at you and Flash you - Well, in truth he gives you the TM for Flash. He's still doing it in Black 2 and White 2.
  • Male Bidoof's gender difference appears to be two extra puffs on the underside of its tail. Real life male rodents have large and prominent testicles. You're looking at Bidoof's 'nads.
  • The fact that Team Rocket actually killed the Marowak in Lavender Tower is dodgy for a kids' game from the 90s.
  • Bringing out Nidoqueen in Pokemon Stadium has it shake its, um, assets from side to side. Doesn't help that said assets are plainly visible and are shaped similarly to actual breasts, minus the nipples. The Japanese version has a different animation where Nidoqueen is plainly seen lifting its breasts up with its paws.
  • In the ORAS Space Museum, a girl gazing at the model rocket will say "This Rocket! Thick!"
    • This is a Brick Joke from X & Y, when a Maid from Hotel Richissime says, "This pillar... It's so thick!"
  • Another from ORAS: In Prof Cozmo's father's room in Sea Mauville, a magazine found underneath a bed with chewed-up sheets (!?) reads, "The Fame and the Shame! Champions Exposed!"
  • In ORAS's Rustboro City school, there is a middle-aged man that hastily tells you that he is not a "weird man" hanging around in a children's school.


  • The female member of the group (except for Iris) is always subject to some kind of fan service as a selling point. Misty basically fit whatever role was necessary (maybe Bare Your Midriff by default). May had an improbable bust size for a 10 year old, which actually shrunk when she made a guest appearance in the Sinnoh region. Dawn is probably the most capitalized one, having a very Dangerously Short Skirt. Serena is tamer, although once wore a Playboy Bunny-style Fennekin outfit.
  • Team Rocket are the go-to source for innuendo:
    "♫ Sceptile's shooting bla-aanks! ♫"
    "I haven't seen this many strange letters since I took out a personal ad."
    "I love a hard rod and good tackle!"
    "So size does matter."
  • Two episodes have Team Rocket trying to steal water in order to sell it, and when they blast off, we get this little exchange:
    Jessie: So much for our great bottled water plan!
    James: And all our liquid assets!
    Meowth: Yeah well speaking of that, it looks like it's time for us to kiss ours goodbye!
  • Episode 41 of Advanced gives us this gem:
    Jessie: "All of that hard work for nothing!"
    James: "So much for the fruit of our labor!"
    Meowth: "Guess we're just stuck wit da fruit we already got."
  • 'Hassle in the Castle' has Meowth say, "What's da big rush? I'm gettin' ta like it down here"...while reclining with his head against James's lap...
  • James cops it again, when his Carnivine starts biting his head:
  • And then we have one that's a fourth wall breaker.
    Meowth: You're giving me a pain, but I can't say where 'cause kids watch this show!
  • When being chased by Gligar, who had clung to Jessie's face earlier, James says "It's behind me and it's not my face I'm worried about!"
  • The original Kanto series in which Ash's team encounters a Snorlax belonging to an old hippie. When the Pokémon was eating vines blocking off the flow of the river after waking from its nap, the hippie says cheerfully, "Chow down, Snorlax; looks like you've got a case of the munchies!"
  • Brock, about Giselle, the top student at Pokémon Tech:
    "She can violate my rights any time!"
    • That line was actually cut out of the Kids' WB! version and partially censored on Netflix, but was uncut in syndication, on international versions, and on the DVD/VHS release.
    • Brock's line towards Casey isn't much better in the Japanese version. He says she'll be fun in eight years.
  • In the Johto episode "The Corsola Caper" Brock is telling a girl he's met about his aspirations, and Misty drags him away, telling him "It's time to get your aspirations out of here."
  • One part in a Sinnoh episode involves Brock saying about Cynthia, "I wish I were in her arms instead of that ice cream!" Right after she takes a lick of it.
  • In the Battle Frontier series, Brock states this about Lucy:
    "She relies on offense not only in battle but in love too!"
  • The song "What Kind of Pokémon Are You?", a song [on the "2.B.A. Master" soundtrack] about Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors, briefly managed to get away with these lines until American parents complained and the song was taken out of rotation:
    Good luck with Muk and its Poison Gas
    Make one wrong move and it'll kick your GRASS
    • That line was changed to:
    Dratini comes first when you chose Dragon
    But evolution's the solution if you're gonna win
    • Similarly, the (official, mind you) Pokémon Snap Strategy Guide has, as a tip title for Scyther, "A Pain in the Grass".
    • The same strategy guide makes a comment about Muk being naughty (because in the screencap it looks like it's giving us the middle finger).
  • One of Team Rocket's mottos started with:
    "To protect us from all that chafing and itching!"
    "It might finally stop all of Jessie's...complaining!"
  • The episode Sparks Fly For Magnemite had a Magnemite fall in love with Pikachu. Ash says that it's following him like a "streaker" (According to Brock, Ash meant a "stalker", which isn't much better).
  • Metapod vs. Metapod.
    Samurai: Metapod, Harden like his!
    Ash: Maximum hardness, Metapod! More power, Metapod. Samurai's is weakening.
    Samurai: Harder! You're the stronger Metapod.
    Ash: A little more!
    Samurai: Metapod! Full power!
    Misty: We could be stuck in this forest for the rest of our lives. Boys can be so stubborn.
    Ash: Don't! give! up...
    Misty: You two are more hardheaded than your Metapod!!
    • This scene is even more famous for seeing Misty sunbathing in a super skimpy red bikini while this dialog is taking place. Just think about this combination of imagery and dialog and you should get the entire picture.
  • The Diamond and Pearl episode Faced With Steelix Determination! has a Steelix - a long, hard Pokémon with a sizable head - attempting to force its way into a village of Bidoof (a beaver-like Pokémon) headfirst through the thin, vertical slit of a rockface. Meowth then comments that it "could use some mood music."
  • Of course, 4Kids ARE the devil (along with Leo Burnett) so they can't even mention themselves without backmasking...
    • Confirmed. Eric Stuart included this little line as a jab at 4Kids for not paying him for his commercial appearances.
  • In the Diamond and Pearl series episodes the job of keeping Brock's love for the Jennys and Joys and all the girls in general in check has fallen to his Croagunk, who seems to be have taken lessons from Misty's Psyduck about escaping from his Poké Ball as the plot demands. However, the way Croagunk keeps Brock in check is by jabbing Brock with his Poison Jab attack. For some reason, it always hits Brock in the butt... except for when it hit him in the groin a few times.
    • On one occasion, we get this line after getting attacked.
    Fire burns in other places as well. *DONK*
  • The Advanced Generation episode A Six Pack Attack! where Team Rocket got drunk. They appear to be drinking water or vodka, but 4Kids did nothing to the scene except change the shape of the glasses from wine glasses to normal cups (only in the Kids' WB! edit, though). Meanwhile, Team Rocket is slurring their speech and blushing, obviously drunk (the liquid was blue even in the Japanese original, since at the time the producers were "pre-sterilizing" the show to make it more acceptable for foreign audiences). Meowth even says "I'll drink 'ta dat!". Now take a look at the episode title again.
  • In one episode, Ash gets turned into a Pikachu via a magic spell and lots of strangely colored smoke. It Makes Sense in Context. Just before he transforms, not only does he mention that he feels kinda funny about it, but the look on his face suggests that he is completely stoned out of his mind.
  • Pokémon Hunter J is nicknamed (though not to her face) a 'Hunter Hussy' by Team Rocket on more than one occasion. Even the yearly Pokémon annuals and seasonal activity books that are released here in the UK kept those two words in!
  • During one of Jessie's contest performances, Meowth remarks that "After this there won't be a dry seat in the house!".
  • In Best Wishes episode 19, we are introduced to Burgundy. The camera shows her crotch first, then rises up.
  • The Advanced Generation episode "Pros and Con Artists" has a moment in the beginning where a Medicham is telekinetically lifting items—plus a woman's skirt (all affected items were outlined in blue).
  • The Pokemon version of Twas The Night Before Christmas. Before the ten seconds mark:
    Misty: Close the door! Did you get more wood?
    Ash: Oooh yeaaah!
    *disordered clunking noises of several small objects failing to the floor*
  • In the episode, The Dunsparce Deception, two trainers are arguing about which of their Pokémon is the largest. Then, somebody offers to measure it. Hmm...
  • Butch's name is never pronounced right. What is the first thing you would think of as a variation?
    • Dr. Namba has the same problem...and an equally unfortunate possibility. It's a good thing no one tried to sneak "NAMBLA" or "numb-balls" or similar past the radar.
  • In Kaboom with a View, after seeing Heracross attempt to go and feast on Venusaur's tree, Spencer admits that he'd probably be doing the same thing as well, which caused the aforementioned Venusaur to blush. What.
  • Sometimes, Meowth's Imagine Spots just go too far. In It's Still Rocket Roll to Me, we have Giovanni waking up, looking through a window to see a rocket just outside. In perspective, the rocket makes it look like Giovanni's got morning wood...
    • One of the more infamous examples of this is from Some Enchanted Sweetening (DP30). It had to do about bug Pokémon and some honey. Basically, Meowth imagines Giovanni covered in honey and running through some areas, while bug Pokémon chase after him and then suck the honey off of Giovanni. The scene was even removed in some places.
    • "Just Add Water" has Meowth's idea to capture Water Pokémon to accompany Giovanni in his swimming pool—though he's going into detail of Giovanni peeling off his robes for his morning dips (while we see Giovanni wearing a speedo). James' commentary?
    James: He is wearing swimming trunks, right?
  • In BW041, Bianca spends the entire tournament arc trying to befriend Luke's Zorua. It gets to the point where she finally thinks she understands who Zorua likes disguising herself as and then glomps Georgia. Georgia is not amused. While the camera focuses on Iris yelling at Luke, you can see Bianca rubbing her head into Georgia's breasts...
  • "Hot Springing a Leak" features Jessie in the hotsprings...naked! True, we only see her from the back, but there is no indication of her having a shirt or anything on top.
  • In "Delcatty Got Your Tongue" where May's Skitty lost its voice from inhaling Torkoal's smoke and they take it to a Pokémon massage therapist (who of course is a young woman), Brock says to her something along the lines of "Give me a massage and we'll be ready to rock and roll."
  • One episode of the Advanced Generation series has May stripping. And then posing her bikini (one of the skimpiest in the series) for Ash and her brother. Even worse, while it happened they panicked because they thought she was about to be naked.
  • In Best Wishes episode 47 of the Nimbasa Subway two-parter, when the group gets on the train, Cilan gets way too excited about being on the train. However, the camera pans to Iris who is sitting next to a random kid and her mom. The kid is pointing at Cilan and calling him weird. This might seem normal but the camera is on Cilan's ass and the kid is obviously pointing to his ass. And of course, Iris is embarrassed at Cilan's behavior but she seems to be looking at his ass too and blushing. (The pictures are on the bottom of this page so you'll have to scroll down.)
    • It's not the first time the camera focused on Cilan's ass. (Again scroll down a little.)
  • During "The Eighth Wonder Of The Sinnoh World", when Team Rocket are trying to break into Sunyshore Tower again, James suggests 'Let's try the back door! Works at home!', which could be taken one of two ways...
  • This. To make it even worse, Frillish is the Unova region equivalent of the Kanto region Pokémon Tentacool. Which, of course, even has "tentacle" in its name.
  • Alder hitting on Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny in BW052. It's one thing when Brock is doing it (because he's technically a teenager) but Alder is way older than Brock so him hitting on the ladies puts him in another trope entirely.
    • Also, if you look closely at some scenes, it would appear her Pokémon are looking right up her skirt. (They don't react beyond the situation, but still.)
  • In the third part of the Club Battle arc, after Ash beats Georgia, she and Iris argue. When Stephan and Cilan comment on the situation, the camera is focused on a sideboob view of Georgia and Iris. (Once again, scroll down a bit.)
  • In episode 34 of Season One, where Ash and co. go to the Safari Zone they meet a boy who was raised by Kangaskhan. The first thing he does after kicking Brock in the face is ogle Misty's chest and ask if he can drink milk from her breasts. She's ten. It was censored in the American version to him asking if they were people or Pokémon, but she still slapped him and told him not to say things like that.
    • Incidentally, this is why the boy's father randomly opens up his shirt a few scenes later.
  • In episode 48, "Holy Matrimony," James follows Jessibelle to the vault beneath the mansion at Jessie and Meowth's urging. When the vault door is opened, the vault is revealed to be a room full of suspicious looking gym equipment that quite closely resembles bondage apparatus. Jessibelle appears moments later in thigh-high leather boots, brandishing a whip. The scene cuts to Ash and gang watching these events unfold, and as the camera pans over their faces, you can see Brock and Misty blushing.
    *Sound of a whip cracking*
    Jessiebelle: You can't do whatever you feel like anymore, now you obey! (...) Let the taming begin!
  • In the Hoenn episode "Love, Petalburg Style!", they manage to actually portray Norman and Caroline's marriage falling apart (although it is all better by the end of the episode). They even have everyone except Max thinking Norman is cheating on Caroline with Nurse Joy, Caroline threatening to leave, and Brock giving a rather realistic speech to Norman about how he shouldn't cheat (but since he wasn't actually cheating, Norman didn't understand it). May not be much, but this is way more explicit than what you would expect from Pokémon. Also, an earlier episode has a character named Max who's an almost complete lookalike of the protagonist Max, which could make it seem as though Norman's cheating is a habit and he even had an illegitimate child. The other Max was never seen again, though.
    • Actually, none of the suggestions of cheating appear in the dub. While there's some vague problem between Norman and Caroline, there's no indication that Joy is part of it, and Brock doesn't accuse Norman of anything more than neglecting her.
  • In the first season episode "Bye Bye, Butterfree", Butterfree falls in love with a pink female after seeing her backside. Make of that what you will...
    • Doesn't help the pink Butterfree is the only Butterfree shaking her backside first time we see her. Guess Butterfree did take after Ash.
  • In the third part of the Clubsplosion arc, there is just such a moment in the battle between Bianca and Georgia. After Bianca's Emboar attacks Georgia's Bisharp, there is a focus on Georgia's rear as she chastises Bianca. (Third screenshot on the right, once again, scroll down a bit.)
    • Similarly, after she loses to Iris, Burgundy spends the rest of the arc pouting and berating Cilan and the others. During a few of her tantrums, there seemed to be a lot of attention paid to her hips (and ass on occasion [see the last screenshot in the second to last row]) swiveling.
    • Even better, during the entire Clubspolsion arc, Bianca had suddenly developed nothing short of a fetish for muscles (both human and Pokemon) and, when she wasn't battling, spent most of the arc poking and caressing some of the Fighting type Pokemon (and even one of Ash's friendly rivals, Stephan, at one point). Her reactions to all the touching have her being extremely excited, almost to the point that one would think she was having a mini-orgasm half the time. The sound effects whenever she's doing this off-screen (as well as her cooing) don't help in the least.
  • "A Better Pill to Swallow", the infamous "Shuckle juice" episode in which Team Rocket gets high/drunk drinking undilated Shuckle juice which causes them to release pheromones. This affects not just Meowth (who starts ''licking James's face'' and calling him pet names), but it affects (almost) all of the Pokémon around them including their own to fall in love with them. The icing on the cake is the Shuckle licking Jessie on the belly—with close-ups. This was all left in the dub.
  • A non-canon novelization by Takeshi Shudo (one of the main writers of the anime back in the Kanto and Johto days) stated that ten-year-olds are legally adults in Pokepan. They have to pay taxes, can get arrested, and yes, they can even get married. Age of consent is probably ten.
  • Misty's song He Drives Me Crazy from the Johto Totally Pokemon album, about Ash...Makes you wonder?
  • In "Gone Corphishin'", Ash and friends are knocked into the sea, and May spends a portion of that episode with a blanket wrapped around her. Three guesses to what happened to her clothes...
    • Even better, Ash isn't wearing any pants in the same scene. Combine those two and see what it reminds you of.
  • In Dig Those Diglett there's a scene where Ash, Brock and Misty apparently went bathing in one hot spring pool, and it looks like Misty's bathing naked! Granted a moment later they jump up out of the water and it's revealed that she was actually in a strapless bikini. Still, surprising that none of the censors caught this one.
    • The episode's plot involves the Diglett trying to sabotage construction of a dam. "Giva Dam" is the name of the structure in the dub.
    • There's an episode later when the trio aren't wearing bathing suits in the Cinnabar hot springs. Gender separate bathing areas obviously... at least until Misty's Togepi activates a switch to a hidden passage that pulls the dividing fence down. There's a short pause as it takes the trio a few seconds to realise the implications of what they're seeing before the inevitable screaming begins.
  • In "Crowning The Scalchop King", Meowth is disguised as a Dewott and needs to show off his rather large scalchops. The crowd goes wild at this. Meowth's comment? "Wow! Bigger really is better!"
  • In a recent episode in the X & Y season, they get real subtle with the imagery. If you spell "Subtle" like this
  • The XY episode "Kindergarten Chaos!". All of it. Most notably, Penelope, a kindergarten teacher who should seriously invest in a bigger shirt, appears to be flirting with Ash (which Serena quickly picks up on and lampshades).
  • The XY arc is a lot Hotter and Sexier than previous seasons in general. May only be due to the new animation style, but female characters are noticeably bustier and occasionally show some cleavage for one thing.
  • During the Pokémon Summer School arc, the kids are shown swimming at a lake. Dawn swimming close to the surface is all well and good, but then we see Conway submerged right underneath her, watching her every move.
  • In the Black and White episode Ash and Trip Third Battle! Trip takes pictures of Oshawott while it flails around in its Aqua Jet. The pictures reveal that Oshawott's eyes were closed. Trip then says "that makes Oshawott special in a certain way."note  Oshawott looks proud, but then Iris says it wasn't a compliment.
  • In XY050 the character of the day's Farfetch'd has its leek in a rather questionable position.
  • In Here Comes the Squirtle Squad, Team Rocket robs a store and James is holding a gun to threaten them. Soon after, Ash comes in the same store demanding a Super Potion to help Pikachu, and is greeted with all of the customers pointing guns at him.
  • In Emolga's New Volt Switch!, Ash's pokemon fight for the last piece of food, and then Pikachu tries to break up the fight, which results in them attacking Pikachu, but the last way he gets attacked is with ''Scraggy's headbutt''...
  • In EP187 "Freeze Frame", another radar example From Brock's obsession with Nurse Joy when the gang come across a Pokemon Center in a snowy mountainside.
    Brock: Wouldn't this be the perfect spot to cuddle up with a hot cocoa and a warm Nurse Joy?
    (The others look at him skeptically)
    Brock: Uh...that's not what I meant! I meant a warm fire!
  • The Diamond & Pearl episode "Battling A Cute Drama" has the group running into Marilyn, a trainer that loves cute Pokemon, and challenges Dawn to a battle. In battle, she tells her Cherubi to use Protect as the Cherubi pretends as if it's hurting (even though Protect is supposed to offer complete immunity to the opponent's attack), as Marilyn reacts, well...rather turned on by it's "valiancy", similar to a sado-masochist. It's even lampshaded by Brock, of all people.
    Brock: You're acting inappropriate!
  • In her first appearance, thanks to a rather bad case of Off Model, one frame of gym leader Gardenia's movements made it look like she's wearing nothing underneath her poncho...
  • In "Sick Daze" Brock (who is 15) has a fever dream of flying into the arms of three beautiful women, he wakes up, but at the end of the episode, he is successful, and it cuts to him with a blush hoping that he doesn't wake up.
  • In "Mega Revelations!", the groups meets Korrina, who is quick and eager to challenge Ash to a battle in order to reach her 99th win. After the story so obviously allows her to win, it turns out she collects proof by having defeated opponents print the pages of a notebook she carries. Not only can this be considered a really morbid method as it could be confused with a Genki Girl collecting spilled blood from her enemies, but she also makes Pikachu print it with a ketchup-covered paw. What color is ketchup? Red. And she even went as far as to force him into doing it. Were the others forced as well, probably while downed?
  • In "Origins of Mega Evolution!" Korrina's grandfather, Gurkinn decides to reveal what's written on the Scroll of Secrets, but much to Korrina and the heroes' dismay, the "secrets" are actually common-sense rules for life, and Korrina, her Lucario, and the heroes Face Fault, with Korrina's butt faced towards the audience. See here for image.
  • In the Japanese version, Lt Surge got away with cursing because it was in English.
  • In XY 059, "Under the Pledging Tree", Team Rocket gets defeated way too quick even for their own liking.
    Jessie: Already?!
  • An XY episode has Bonnie mentioning how Clemont likes to "let an Arbok coil around him while in his underwear", while we're shown a picture of him doing just that with a rather ...pleased expression on his face.
  • In Battling at Full Volume!, Ash gets sick and Serena has to take care of him. Wouldn't be anything out of ordinary... if it wasn't for the fact that when he walks out of his tent, he accidentally stumbles and falls face-first into Serena's chest. Not to mention both of them have facial expressions that could've been very easily taken out of context.
    • Serena has to change into Ash's clothes to distract the rocker that was challenging Ash. Either the rocker didn't see Serena carrying Ash's clothes as she went from his tent (where he and his clothes are laid) to her own, or Serena changed inside the former with an unconscious Ash. And when he recovers from his fever, Ash wasn't the least bit surprised that Serena is wearing his clothes. Let that sink in...
  • In XYZ30, to catch a rowdy Carbink that's been terrorizing the wetlands, Florges and Floette try to allure it with a couple of berries. Carbink steals it from under their noses. Florges believes Quagsire, who was nearby, was the one responsible, and whips him several times. Later, Carbink would trip Florges, who again would blame Quagsire for her trouble, would fire several Energy Balls at him. The look on Quagsire's face on both counts...
  • In Jessibelle's first appearance, it involves a underground dungeon of sorts and her with a whip. BDSM-themes anyone?


  • Pokémon Adventures:
    • Despite cutting out all of the overt Fanservice from the manga, this where Red sees the Pokémon Fan Club newsletter with the headline "Shocking Case Of Poké-Love: "That's the last bath I'll take with my Tentacool!"" This even stayed in Viz's re-release when other stuff was edited out managed to get into the English manga. Guess the translators didn't know what that meant... And can we all just take a moment to remember that Tentacool are jellyfish with tentacles covered in thousands of neurotoxic stingers?
    • The GSC arc shows Sabrina get out of the water at some hot springs with only some Censor Steam covering her rear. Again, Viz did nothing to clean it up.
    • Dahlia's introduction at the Battle Arcade starts with her dancing behind. The next page, it's pretty obvious what Looker is looking at.
    • Blue's gambit where she taunted Sabrina into slashing at her chest only to reveal a couple of Poké Balls hidden there. And yes, it was originally included in the English version, but unlike that first panel it's something that did get edited out in the reprints.
    • In the Viz translation of Symbol Swearing appears often, symbolizing cursing. Even from ten year olds.
    • This exchange from FRLG involving the Ship Tease between Bill and Daisy doesn't help:
    Green: You're...not with my sister today?
    Bill: (nervously) Oh, uh...Daisy's at home.
    • Fans have noticed the suggestive looking positions the "camera" is on in the Unova arcs. There's quite an emphasis on backsides.
  • Pocket Monsters, a Japanese-only manga (for worthy reasons), got some pretty Squick-worthy things put out there in its early years. One noticeable thing happens in volume 2. Genitalia are shown several times, once of a Pokémon and multiple times for his ten year old trainer. Even worse, in the latter's case it's a painful joke. Think a Groin Attack, but worse. The manga at several point early on makes the "Poké Balls = Testicles" joke that has been a case of Accidental Innuendo within the fandom.
  • The Electric Tale of Pikachu contains a few.
    • Sometimes minor curse words would slip in, including one bit where a trainer used "Damnation" egregiously during battle. The few compilations sold in more family-friendly markets would Bowdlerise them.
    • The manga has been censored in Japan too. Some things still flew past the radar though, such as a hot springs scene in the second volume, which is retained in the Taiwanese and Singaporean localizations.
  • Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure! has an attempted suicide attempt when Mitsumi decides to stay in a crumbling base to atone for her past actions. Jun saves her.


  • In Pokémon Live!, one of Ash's happy memories in the finale is of the banned bikini episode.
    • As Giovanni and Delia talk, he says he has fond memories of their early days while fiddling with the lock on her cage.
    • After being slapped around by a bunch of girls, Brock remarks that he liked it and it made him tingle.