Radar: Pixar

"Hey! I told ya kids! Stay out of my butt!"
Mr. Potato Head, Toy Story 3

Pixar is a company famous for appealing to both young and old audiences - for more reasons than one.

The Toy Story Series
  • At the beginning of the film when Slinky is talking about how Woody never steered them wrong before, Mr. Potato Head takes off his mouth and pats it against his rear in a sarcastic manner. In case you don't get it, he's indicating that Slinky is ass-kissing Woody.
  • Mr. Potato Head accuses Woody of having "laser envy".
  • At the beginning, before setting out to save Woody, Buzz and Bo Peep share this bit of dialog:
    Bo Peep: This is for Woody, when you find him. *kisses Buzz on the cheek*
    Buzz: *clears throat* Um, alright, but I don't think it'll mean the same coming from me.
  • Hamm and Mr. Potato Head are apparently playing strip Battleship (Battlestrip?).
  • Buzz's reaction to Jessie's Hot Wheels stunt at the end of Toy Story 2...
  • Bo Peep flirting with Woody in 1 and 2, especially in 1 where her line about "find[ing] someone else to watch the sheep tonight," can be taken another way, given Woody's giggly, awkward response.
  • Rex gives us this gem:
    Rex: Maybe Andy'll get another dinosaur, like a leaf eater. That way, I could play the dominant predator!"
  • In a non-perverted example, Mr. Potatohead threatens to hang Woody after he apparently kills Buzz.
  • Ken's insistence that he is not a girl's toy uncannily resembles a Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today? situation.
  • The censors didn't mind Woody calling Buzz "Mr. Lightbeer." However, when it was broadcasted on ABC Family recently, they dubbed it over with another line from the movie, in which he says "lightsnack".
  • The tea party scene where Buzz is losing it. At first, he seems almost drunk on tea, (imaginary tea at that) and Woody even says, "I think you've had enough tea for today."
  • Trixie the Triceratops' scene in the trailer, when Woody, on the computer, gets a message from a Velociraptor on a what sounds like a dating site:
    Oh, that... that's just a dinosaur toy down the street, that's nothing.. let me just take care of that... (types frantically) ... just a dinosaur!
  • "Woody". Lampshaded in Toy Story 3 when one of Bonnie's toys questions Woody's decision in keeping his name.
    Dolly: Of course, this is coming from a doll named Dolly, so...
  • This exchange in the first film:
    Buzz: I think the word you're looking for is "Space ranger".
    Woody: The word I'm looking for...I can't say because there are preschool toys present.

A Bug's Life

The Incredibles
  • Ignoring The Incredibles' surprisingly large amounts of violence and death, it also has a moment where Syndrome exclaims that Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl got "biz-zay!" when he notices their children.
  • Helen and Bob pinch each other's butts during the montage. You actually see it on-screen when Bob casually reached over and pinches Helen's rear. Their reactions make it all the more obvious.
  • The opening scene with Elastigirl getting rather... intimate with Mr. Incredible. And judging by later events, it probably wasn't the first or last time she did that... and then there's the implications of what a super-strong man and an infinitely flexible woman can get up to, which the movie wasn't afraid to hint at during the montage after Bob's first visit to Nomanisan Island.
  • Or the whole thing with Mirage... it was pretty heavily implied that she wasn't just a high-ranked minion.
  • The childrens' argument over dinner (as Violet is moping about her crush):
    Dash: She'd eat it if we were having Tony-loaf!
  • The DVD extra "Jack-Jack Attack" has a conversation between the Badly Battered Babysitter Kari and Big Bad Syndrome that goes like this:
    Kari: What's the S [on his shirt] for?
    Syndrome: For... "Sitter"! Yeah, "Sitter". At first I was thinking of getting initials for "Baby Sitter", but then I would be walking around with a big "BS" and *starts laughing* you understand why I couldn't go with that...
  • The "Let's take a drink every time they scream" line from a henchman as he pops open a bottle of champagne while they watch Syndrome's rocket start to terrorize the city.
  • Dash's disgust when he realizes that he had been sleeping on top of Violet.
  • For a while, Helen thinks Bob is having an affair. The DVD reveals that there was originally going to be a scene where Helen confronts him directly with her suspicions (namely, the white-blonde hair on Bob's suit — which he claims is from "an old person") but that it was nixed because it felt a bit too adult. Another deleted scene from the same plot ark featured Helen having a nightmare in which a newly-fit Bob is tended to by a harem of women.
  • When Bob cuts too deep into the table he starts complaining about how he has to get the car and table fixed. If you listen closely when Helen asks him about the car he rather quickly says what sounds like "Damn it!" before switching to Angrish.

  • Lightning McQueen gets towed several times by Mater. Each time the tow hook is swung under his bumper, he gets a comical expression of surprise and a squeak of pain.
  • Lizzy a habit of slapping "Nice Butte" bumper stickers on unsuspecting male...er, bumpers. Each time she does this, it is accompanied by the same surprised squeak.
  • Lizzy also has a line where she tells one of the other cars to move over so that she can "get a look at that sexy hotrod" (referring to Lighting).
  • There was also a scene where a couple of giggling teen girl cars flash their headlights at Lightning. Especially notable when you remember what part of a woman's anatomy "headlights" is a euphemism for. A deleted scene has these two as waitresses at a seedy truck stop Mack stops at on the drive to California. It was marked as a "top-down" truck-stop, with all-convertible waitresses.
  • The ending with the two minivans: "Oh for the love of Chrysler, can we please ask someone for directions?!"
  • Mater's line "He did what in his cup?!" after Lightning mentions the Piston Cup. And that was in the trailer.
  • There are several moments near the beginning of the movie, when Lightning makes the appearance for his sponsors. When we first see inside the Rust-eze tent, a pair of Click and Clack-esque spokescarsnote  are performing a comedy set; their routine contains, among other things, a rather obvious Double Entendre:
    Van: Winter is a grand old time!
    Rusty Rust-eze: Of this there are no ifs or buts!
    Dusty Rust-eze: But remember, all that salt and grime...
    Rusty: Can rust your bolts and freeze your—
    (Lightning appears)
    Dusty: Hey, look! There he is!
    • After Lightning is introduced by the Rust-eze guys, one of the fans in the crowd exclaims, "That race was a pisser!" (No kidding — it's in the actual script.)
  • Shortly after this, Lightning explains that he doesn't need working headlights, because racetracks are always lit; one of the comedians replies, "Yeah, well, so's my brother, but he still needs headlights!"
  • In another scene, Lightning bursts into Doc Hudson's office and interrupts a physical exam — getting a view of the Sheriff's exposed undercarriage in the process. The Sheriff angrily barks, "Get a good peek, city boy?" (And later, as Lightning leaves the office, calls out, "Hope you enjoyed the show!")
  • "The sixties weren't good for you, were they?"
  • "I'm in hillbilly Hell!"

  • The title character holds a bra and puts it on his eyes. He even goes, "Whoa!"

  • Played for Drama at one point:
    Carl: Phyllis? You call your own mother by her first name?
  • The Tear Jerker scene at the beginning where Carl and Ellie are making a baby's room, only for it to transition to Ellie crying in the doctor's office about not being able to have a child. We don't know if it's a miscarriage or if she's infertile, but who expected that to come from Pixar!?
  • Each cast member mentioned in the credits is accompanied by a scrapbook-type picture that roughly corresponds with what they're being credited for (a picture of Carl & Russell making music with drinking glasses for "Music", for example). The picture for "Production Management"? Carl & Russell surrounded by Dug's puppies!

Finding Nemo
  • The fish have to make the fish tank dirty, so they can escape.
    Gill: Everyone has to make sure this tank gets as filthy a possible. Think dirty thoughts."
  • "Don't you guys realize we are swimming in our own—!" "Shhh! Here he comes."
  • "He touched the butt."

Monsters, Inc.
  • Mike is visibly disgusted at the Abominable Snowman's yellow ice cream (he makes sure to point out it's lemon...).

  • At the beginning of the movie, Fergus actually playfully grabs Elinor's butt. It's just off camera, but her reaction makes it undeniable.
  • This little bit of dialogue in the Witch's cottage:
    Witch: The last time I did this was for a prince.
    Crow: Easy on the eyes! Tight pants!
  • Maudie the maid provides two breast jokes; she hides a key in her bosom, and a bear cub dives into her chest to retrieve it.
  • The very intimate (and public) display of affection between Fergus and Elanor after she changes back to being human. Followed by Elanor realizing she's nearly naked in public.
    Elanor: (adjusts tapestry) Oh! Um, dear... (whispers to Fergus) I'm naked. Naked as a wee baby.
    (Fergus continues looking at her appreciatively.)
    Elanor: (smacks him) Well, don't just stare! Do something!
    Fergus: Oh, uh... (makes a big show of covering Elanor with his hands) Avert your eyes, lads! Show some respect!

Monsters University

Pixar Shorts
  • At the end of Tokyo Mater, the villain Kabuto (an obnoxious Japanese racing car) is stripped of his modifications as a result of him losing to Mater in a drift race.
  • In the short film El Materdor (where Mater imagines himself a bulldozer fighter) at the end he is between "the twins," teenage girl Miatas Mia and Tia, who are fawning over him. He swings his hook over and yanks one of the girls closer by her rear bumper. Her surprised facial expression, though momentary, pretty much confirms that he's grabbed her butt.