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Do penguins really pee like this?

"EW! Is this really for kids?"
- YouTube commenter on a certain scene in "Pingu's Lavatory Story"

Despite being advertised as specifically a children's series, Pingu is known for being beyond the demographic and being appealed by children, adolescents, and adults - for more reasons than one.

  • As noted with the picture on the right, "Pingu's Lavatory Story", also known as "Little Accidents", was the Very Special Episode teaching about hygiene issues. Throughout the episode, Pingu goes to a local bar to get a drink, and ends up getting addicted to the drinks that he orders two more for himself. After the third one, he realizes that he needs to go to the bathroom, but when he makes it, the toilet is too high, and he has to piss all over the floor instead. His father furiously tells him off for it.
    • Interestingly, there's also an episode in series two, Pingu and the Seagull, where Pingu has to deal with the unfortunate implications of a seagull crapping all over him and his new scooter. Multiple times.
    • Earlier in the episode, Pinga ended up pissing on the ground near the bar after Pingu ordered two drinks for her. He tells her off and sends her home to her potty, where she finishes it up. Then the tables are turned when Pingu takes the third drink and realizes that he has to piss.
    • Unfortunately, SF DRS noticed the Unfortunate Implications, and swiftly banned it from rotation and from foreign broadcast. It became so popular, the crew slipped references to this in later episodes as well; one episode from season three lampshades the urination scenes when Pingu goes to the bathroom while in bed.
    • Even though the episode was banned from rotation, The BBC (and later, HiT Entertainment) still managed to put this episode on a couple of VHS and DVD releases!
  • In the penultimate series, there is an episode entitled Stinky Pingu, which seems harmless enough. However, Pingu doesn't want to take a bath, and runs off comedically. He hides under an open window, but the inhabitant of the house tips a rubbish bin out of the window, showering Pingu in a strange, dark substance...
  • In one episode, Mother is cleaning Pinga's butt after she goes to the potty, and during that moment, she wipes her mouth with the sheet she used to clean her.