Radar: Pinball

  • Bally pinball artist Dave Christensen was famous for this. He included several risque bits in the backglass art for Capt. Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy, such as a guy Flipping the Bird, a woman grabbing a man's groin, and Adolf Hitler hiding in the crowd. Bally responded by adding small mirrored stars over the objectionable parts, to little effect.
  • Data East's Star Trek has phrases on the inlanes leading to the flippers, each of which is paired to one of the female characters. The left inlane shows "To boldly go..." with (evil) Uhura, while the right inlane has "Where no man has gone before" with Janice Rand.
  • In No Good Gofers, some believe that Bud's name and stoned-out behavior is meant to be a marijuana reference.
  • The backglass for Williams Electronics' Scared Stiff has a flashlight that's turned on, even though there are a pair of batteries next to it. This was intended to be a reference to another battery-operated toy Elvira is using...
    • The remote control on the playfield reads "Elvira's Control", with buttons for On/Off and Hot/Cold...
    • Averted with the side of the cabinet, which shows a clawed-out sticker reading "RRR". It was originally meant to be a decal reading "Rated RRR - Real Raunchy and Ribbed for your Pleasure", but management nixed it for being too explicit.
  • The Palace tower in Hurricane has windows showing several large-busted women flashing themselves at the crowd below, as well as someone mooning the viewer. Outside is an artist drawing the torso of a naked woman.
  • In Police Force, the Drug Rat is shown with his tail curled around an eight ball; in street parlance, an "eight ball" is 3.5 grams of meth or cocaine.
  • The backglass for Popeye Saves The Earth shows Olive Oyl lounging next to a bottle of "Extra Pure Virgin Olive Oil Sun Blocker".