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Radar: Pikmin
  • A particular treasure found in the Frontier Cavern in the second game. It's a star-shaped Christmas tree ornament, nothing harmful about that, right? Well, it's got a little knob between two of the rays where the ornament string would normally be attached. Maneuver the camera at the correct angle, and this knob suddenly looks a little... odd. The treasure's name? Innocence Lost.
  • The "Maternal Sculpture". Olimar's notes make it worse.
  • The "Arboreal frippery" bears a striking resemblance to a marijuana leaf. In the Japanese version, Olimar even expresses a desire to try it some day.
    • It's allegedly supposed to be the leaf of a Japanese maple tree, which admittedly does bear a resemblance to marijuana, however it doesn't exactly match it. In any case, the European release changed it to a Canadian maple leaf.
  • Louie's description of the Waterwraith, which is more similar to the player's reaction than it appears at first glance.
    Inedible. Known to cause mass hysteria, followed by leg spasms and internal thundering.
  • Bearded Amprats in Pikmin 3 have visible anuses.
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