Radar: Pearls Before Swine

Pearls Before Swine gets crap past the radar to a ridiculous extent, though Pastis says he thinks part of this is that the older readers who would be more likely to complain also don't understand many of the things he says. Examples include:

  • For example, there was one Sunday strip with the character Ashley Stearns Simpson, with whom Pig discussed FDR and JFK. A lot of readers didn't get it.
  • Also, there was another Sunday strip where Pig wrote a letter to his girlfriend Pigita about how sometimes she's nice to him, but other times she's mean, requesting her to be more consistent...and wrote "P.M.S." instead of "P.S." right before asking "Is that a problem with you?".
  • And then there's Ho Chi Minh. One strip was cut before it was release because Pastis felt he took it too far.
  • In one strip, Rat was writing a detective story involving beds, with a punchline of "no sheet, Sherlock". Say it out loud, and then wonder just how the incredibly strict comics code let that one by.
  • The cover for The Sopratos has a very high body count. Actually, so does the entire strip. Even Kenny and all of the Happy Tree Friends would be amazed.
  • The Mad Libs strips from November 2010.
  • In one arc, where Pig accidently got breastsnote , Rat slipped in four Double Entendres in when ordering food. Pig said it was not funny. Pastis was pleased.
  • The punchline of the October 28, 2010 strip.
  • One strip has Pig crawling into bed with Rat and Rat trying to get Pig out of the bed before somone sees.... just as Goat walks in and goes "Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyy" and Rat instantly trying to get the truth outů Yes, Pastis was able to get a Mistaken for Gay joke into the funny pages. The fact that he ran it on a Saturday might have helped get that past his censors.
  • Rat once told a customer he was "not in the mood" while working at a coffee shop.
    Customer: Not in the mood?
    Rat: Yeah, not in the mood. You know, like your wife when you ask her for s-
    Manager: (quickly places hand over Rat's mouth) -Ssssssssssssoy milk cappucino.... ... on the house, sir.
    Rat: Mmmph
  • Then there's another strip:
    Woman: (talking about her boyfriend) "We're 'Friends with Benefits'."
    Pig: "It's good to have affordable medical insurance."
    Woman: "Wrong benefits."
    Pig: "Ohh... do you get dental?"
  • Hell, Pastis managed to sneak in a Viagra reference. It's like he's just baiting the censors at this point.
  • Averted once: One strip was a Parody Commercial for a clown named "Chumpy", who, whenever you say something wrong on a date, sweeps in and distracts your date to make her feel good again. Pastis said that in the original, the clown's name was "Humpy", but he thought that may have been pushing it a bit.
  • Pastis kicks off 2012 by telling you to be "happy with the crappy partner you have".
  • The Foe Yay between Larry and Zebra in an early series of 2012 strips. This one in particular January 31, 2012
  • Pastis has been getting a lot in ever since 2012 started. He's snuck in "What the hell", "crap", and even "badass". Badass, in all fairness, did have the second syllable censored, although there's literally nothing else that could fit there. PBS is becoming like the Animaniacs of newspaper comics with all the crap it's been getting through.
    • On the July 29 strip, Rat says to be "lying on my @$& with a beer on my belly." Only one thing could go there...
  • The East Coast/West Coast Cartoonist War.
  • Rat has had at least one Erotic Dream on panel. One strip implied he was having a cream dream about Winona Ryder, and an early Sunday strip about his alarm clock featured him dreaming about "The Land of the Nude Supermodels"
    • He also had one about Tyra Banks
  • "Stick your hand in our kitty anytime, sir."
  • "I'm not a beachy kind of girl.
  • One strip has Pig and a girl out for dinner, and she accidentally loses her prized souvenir Tee from a golf tournament she recently played in Virginia. They look for it, but can't find it, so Pig just drives her home, unfortunately shortly after her curfew. But Pig can explain it, to her angry father, of course; They are late because she lost her Virginia Tee. The father is not happy.
    Pig: You would have thought I had taken it.
  • "Just some light petting."
  • Lampshaded Double Entendre on August 2, 2013
  • The entire Beerland arc was iffy, but this strip takes the cake.
  • This Entendre Failure
  • Rat lampshades this in this strip.
  • Another borderline strip. Goat shows Rat a friend of his who's a professor, and a donkey. Rat's response is...
  • The page image is from January 24, 2014.
  • Erector buildings...
  • Pig says that he's interested in seeing a particular type of dust storm, or "haboob". Cue Pigita walking in at a wrong time...
  • One strip involves Rat letting in people to use Pastis' bathroom. One of the guests contemptuously comments on the magazines in the bathroom. The fact that Pastis was married then doesn't help.
  • The best Getting Crap Past the Radar in the history of all comics: Pastis HAS SEX after convincing a girl he was the author of Calvin And Hobbes. Remember that newspaper comics tend to have much stricter censorship than TV.
  • "Enlarge your pens."
  • "Does a bear sit in the woods?"
  • "Oh, she's great in the sack."
  • "Ask me how I remember your sister, Cass."
  • "Visited by magical fairies!" "That sounds worse."
  • "I got 99 problems but a beach ain't one."
  • "Me hear dey sell great croc pot."
  • "Sit or get off the pot!"