Radar / ParaNorman

ParaNorman pretty much milks its PG rating for all it's worth.

  • Neil: "That statue just 'psst' at us?" note 
  • Courtney asking about Mitch's body:
    Courtney: Do you use free weights cuz your deltoids are amazing.
    Mitch: I've never used deltoids in my life, I swear! You can test me!
    • And when she first meets Mitch, Courtney takes the opportunity of his glancing into the house to call for Neil to unzip her top a bit to show more cleavage. Not to mention that she straight up says "Hell yeah" at one point when Mitch asks if she wants to come in.
  • When the five kids lock themselves in the town hall, Alvin whines there was an adult movie store right across the street they could have hidden in.
  • A less noticeable example: At one point the "Witchy Weiners" sign falls down... And the W in Witchy goes out.
  • It's offscreen, but Alvin clearly grabs Courtney's butt at one point, prompting her to say in annoyance, "My HAND, Alvin. My hand."
    • It actually happens twice, once more at the very end when the lightpost falls, scaring Alvin and he grabs Courtney. It's easy to miss but this time he actually rubs his hand up and down the side of her butt.
  • It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but when the zombies first arrive in town, they're shown staring in bewilderment at the modern world; the camera then pans to a billboard of a woman dressed in a sexy-witch outfit with money stuffed between her boobs. Most of the zombies look freaked out, but one of the male ones clearly grins. And some of them groan excitedly.
  • Neil pausing his mom's Aerobic DVDs. And the way Mitch yells at him seems to imply that this is something Neil does frequently whenever he's alone.
  • This exchange:
    Mom: Hey Norman, what are you watching?
  • When Norman tells Neil about Prenderghast's ghost appearing to him in the bathroom, he neglects to mention that the person was a ghost at the time. Neil's response ("Creepy!") makes enough sense on its own, but an adult would get the additional level of meaning that Neil perhaps thought Prenderghast was a pedophile.
    • This is also in the first interaction between Norman and Prenderghast, when Neil calls him a dirty old man.
  • Not to mention:
    Prenderghast: Swear to me!
    Norman: You mean...like the F-Word?
  • When the Babcocks are going through the haunted trees and Norman gets separated, his mother yells for his Dad to do something, only to see her husband is also trapped. Her idea? "Kick it in the knothole!" She even makes "knot" sound like "nut" while emphasizing it.
    • Norman's father gets a couple of Accidental Innuendo moments, talking about how Norman should be "pitching a tent in the yard" and wondering if Norman's up in his room "playing... with his orbs" or something.
  • A subtle one: When Norman tells Courtney he knows about the picture in her underwear drawer, his dad makes a face that shows his disturbance. Norman's dad thinks he was going through his sister's underwear since he doesn't believe that the grandma's ghost told him about it.