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Radar: Naruto
  • The first tome of the English translation of Naruto's manga managed to have 12-year-old Sakura lamenting about lacking in the "T&A department".
  • A pickpocket accidentally cops a feel of Sakura's butt during the Land of Waves Arc. Keep in mind she was 12 at the time.
  • "I'm Moegi, the sexiest kunoichi in pre-school, check me out!" How the English dub let that one go is a mystery.
    • They didn't. In reairings it was changed to sassy.
  • In one Shippuden opening we see what appears to be a nude Sasuke wrapped up in Orochimaru's snakes with Orochimaru's eyes watching the image.
  • Sai constantly pestering Naruto over the size of his genitals.
  • When Naruto, Shikamaru, Shiho, and Kakashi have to go through pages of one of Jiraiya's books to break the code he made just before he was killed, one of the lines they need is "It's bigger than I thought." Bear in mind that Jiraiya's books are somewhat... adult in nature.
  • In the Six-Tails filler arc, Hotaru has a Plot Coupon of sorts on her back which involves her having to partially disrobe to reveal it. Utakata understandably gets the wrong idea and gets extremely flustered when she starts disrobing without prior explanation...especially since Hotaru has a pretty blatant crush on him.
  • The one-shot chapter promoting the Road to Ninja movie destroys it. It took place in a hot spring. It showed that Hinata's boobs are so big that they float, Tenten and Ino getting dressed with them in bra and panties, and Sakura scolding Naruto after her bra got stuck on his towel.
  • Early in the series when Team 7 are in the Forest of Death, Naruto attempts to take a leak in front of Sakura and Sasuke. In the anime, she smacked him for his lack of tact. In the manga, Inner-Sakura mentions how she wouldn't mind seeing Sasuke do that.
  • A surprisingly non-sexual example would be Ino encouraging Shikamaru during his fight with Temari in the English dub, telling him to "take that bitch down". Being one of the only prominent swear words in the original series and coming from Ino of all people, this troper was surprised.
  • From the Road To Sakura special. Subtle placement of that Venus Flytrap, there.
  • Hidan has a pretty...interesting reaction upon stabbing himself through the heart in order to kill Asuma: he says "Oh yeah..that's the stuff..." with his eyes bugging out. Now what does that remind you of?
  • How they snuck Sakura accusing Naruto of being a masochist into the kid-friendly version of the dub is something we'll never know.
    • She said the same thing in the original version as well.
  • Karin has bite marks all over her upper body, including her chest.
  • Suigetsu mentions that Kabuto's belly-snake resembles an enormous... and then he gets cut off.
  • Late in the story, Naruto uses the Reverse Sexy Jutsu, transforming into a huge crowd of naked guys, and claims that he's been "practicing this in secret more than any other jutsu."

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