Radar / Kingdom Hearts

  • In Kingdom Hearts, Donald Duck is hugged by Terk who gives him a rather suggestive look, prompting him to protest "Oh no, Daisy would kill me!"
  • In Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, at one point, if Roxas talks to Larxene, she implies that he's been staring at her, and says the following.
    Larxene: What are you looking at? ...oh, dream on. It's not gonna happen, pipsqueak.
  • In Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Phil agrees to train Aqua without question. When Hercules asks why, Phil's reply is "Sh, pipe down kid! You and she ain't got the same attributes, if you know what I mean." Yes, he invokes the trope word for word. And then Hades meets her and gives her a once-over with a very creepy grin. It doesn't take tricky camera manipulation to see Tinker Bell's panties - they're rather obvious in some scenes, particularly when Ven first visits Neverland and the world logo appears.
    • To be fair though, Tinker Bell's panties showed up quite a bit in her movie of origin, so that's nothing surprising.
  • Birth By Sleep has Master Xehanort, about whom some very nasty things are implied. He carries an eleven-year-old, unconscious Ven to Destiny Islands wearing a white shroud with no shirt underneath. That's odd enough on its own... but Ven was fully clothed before going unconscious, which suggests that Xehanort took it off afterwards. He also gets rather... excited when Terra can no longer resist the darkness. When the one doing all that is an old man who says things like "at last, our moment is here" while executing a Grand Theft Me,it's no wonder he's seen as a Memetic Molester.
    • Dream Drop Distance seems to suggest that Xehanort was like that even as a young man, leaning in rather suggestively as Sora falls into a coma from succumbing to darkness.
  • Even the manga likes to do this. One noticeable moment is when Sora goes through Ariel's belongings in hopes on finding something interesting for their quest ( it turns out Ariel has one of Ansem's Reports). An even dirtier moment happens in Kingdom Hearts II, with Sora accidently getting a glimpse of a naked Mulan. He does not take the sight well.
    • Instead of the random Red Shirt like in the original game, Sora talks to a woman before she's killed by the Heartless and it's implied she's a prostitute trying to proposition him.
    • Also in the Manga, Hades reffers to Maleficent as a "frigid bitch".