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Radar: KaBlam!
Now for something a little more... intimate.
KaBlam! has many of these. Considering what channel it was on, you could see it coming.
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     Henry and June 
     Action League Now 
  • In an Action League Now short, Stinky Diver got eaten by a dog. The episode ended with a cliffhanger. In the next part, Stinky is alive, and gives hints that he came out the other end.
  • At one point, Stinky Diver got away with calling all of *NSYNC "tossers".
     Life with Loopy 
  • In the Life with Loopy episode "Mother nature Bowl-Off", there's a scene when Loopy and Mother Nature are bowling that shows the score card with insults written on it. One clearly says, "Loopy SUX".
    • It's not that it's bad, but the censors (and some parents) don't like that.
     Sniz And Fondue 
  • In a Sniz and Fondue short, Fondue wants to be a fashion designer and shows Sniz his designs. One of them shows a woman Funny Animal (which is what everyone in the short is) with a fish on each breast. And no, this one wasn't televised on Nicktoons. Not even by itself.

  • In one "Race Rabbit" short, there's a button on the control panel that says "Sexy Music."
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