Radar / Invader Zim

Body Horror and Double Entendre in a single scene. Good show, show.
  • One of the most notable and hideous examples is the image of "Bloody Gir," which Nick Toons refused to publish. In response to this, the image has been hidden within a single frame in several episodes. The easiest to spot being the one hidden in the intro of "Mortos Der Soul Stealer"
  • The second most notable is the body count. Hamstergeddon being a good example, with at least one school bus being eaten, and two people being stomped on but totally not killed, or so Nick says. The writers know better.
    • 5 people die in "Attack of the Saucer Morons," according to the Invader Zim wiki.
    • According to the very same wiki, 70 people die in Hamstergeddon.
  • The computer used to evaluate the students' tests in Career Day? The POS 2000.note 
    • From the same episode, one of the adults supposed to teach a kid their profession is wearing an orange prison jump suit and a hockey mask, and is miming strangling someone.
  • Also in the first episode, the call letters of the radio station that can be seen while Zim does the flyover of the planet? WTFU.
    • The Zim wiki claims it stands for "Wake The Fuck Up."
  • In "Battle of the Planets," the seat Dib's sitting on while piloting the butt on Mercury is in the very center of the butt.
  • '"Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom,"' just... Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom. If you've read Jhonen's previous work and you have not seen Invader Zim, or have seen Jhonen's previous work... lets just say it's what you'd expect of Jhonen if you had him write for a kids show and then make a halloween episode. Which is exactly what he did in, say, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. (speaking of him, he appears amid a mob of monsters in the episode!) It is crammed full of nightmare fuel from start to finish, broken only by snatches of nightmarish, surreal humor or GIR, so much Nightmare Fuel that even Jhonen has said he has no idea how it got aired. They even managed to get blood past the radar-when Dib manages to crawl through the portal in his head, for a brief moment his body is inside out, he hits a fence, and you can clearly see blood on it. And, you know, his organs. Very realistically and Squick-inducing too.
  • Dirty Chicken. That is all.
  • In "A Room with a Moose:" "I'm about to punch you in your wormhole!"
    • Zim threatens to send Dib to a dimension of "PURE DOOKIE"!!! We don't actually see the screen, but it emits a light that turns Dib and the whole room brown.
  • Right at the beginning of "Dark Harvest,"
    ZIM after getting hit with a dodgeball: OW! MY SQUEEDLYSPOOTCH!
    Dib: Squeedlyspootch? Did you hear that, Gaz? That's not a human organ! Humans don't have squeedlyspootches!
    Gaz: I've got a squeedlyspootch.
  • Speaking of "Dark Harvest," that whole episode must have been slipped in under the radar. Way too much Body Horror for Nickelodeon.
    • At one point, Dib is looking at a female classmate with his x-ray goggles and sees that something in her lower abdomen has been replaced with a cat.
      • Wait, Zim was taking organs... OH MY -
  • The episode "Plague of Babies" has Zim walking in on GIR blowing into a power amplifier. Unfortunately, it looks more like he's smoking a bong.
    • Since this episode has a large plot point taking place in a maternity ward, there is always a risk of The Talk coming up. Zim, of course, Lampshades it.
  • From the episode "Walk For Your Lives," Zim says, "Even as a small Irken smeet, my dream was to pass Probing Day like a Sloor beast passes her young. JIGGLY! And full of juice!, and his eye twitches when he says "juice."
    • From the same episode, there's a meat salesman selling meat out of his trenchcoat. A man in a trenchcoat walking around showing his meat to people? Sounds like a public flasher.
  • One alien in Abducted bends over, and its head looks like a pair of naked breasts.
  • The frequent references to "dookie" are a literal example of Getting Crap Past the Radar.
  • A policeman gets a squid brain in one episode. One of his comments:
    '''Policeman: I can't squirt ink anymore! All that comes out it... Uh, you don't want to know what comes out.
  • In 'Tak the Hideous New Girl', Tak introduces herself to her classmates with sausages as Valentines Day gifts. This elicits the quotes "Yeah! Weiners!" and "Weiners Roooock!". In the context of a Valentines Day episode, this qualifies as Getting Crap Past the Radar.
    • The entire idea of celebrating a love holiday by handing out meat. Think about it...
      • At one point, Dib questions how Valentine's Day moved from cards and candy to meat. Ms. Bitters simply replies with "You don't wanna know."
  • Zim reads about the creation of "artificial beavers" in the newspaper. After all these years, I finally realize it's a reference to sex toys.
  • "Dib-Ship" sounds a awful lot like "Dipshit".
  • In ''Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom", Dib is shown to have been in shallow relationships with three girls (and undoubtedly more) through out his artificial life, giving him a bit of a Really Gets Around image.
  • In the comic, Galaxy's Largest Space Donut is shortened to GLSD.
  • "GO HOME AND SHAVE YOUR BIG HEAD OF SMELL WITH YOUR BAD SELF"!. Yes Dib, there is all kinds of things wrong with that.
  • How exactly does Zim get out of Dib's body at the end of "Nano Zim"? By Dib going to the bathroom...
  • Zim and Dib's teacher, Mrs. Bitters, is named after an alcoholic product used in preparing cocktails. Considering she's a disgruntled elementary school teacher who's always in a bad mood, her name may have been meant to suggest that she drinks heavily to cope with the stress of her thankless job.
  • Issue 5 (and undoubtedly many future issues) would have completely obliterated the radar had it been made an episode.
  • "Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy" revolved around Zim's attempt to brutally murder Dib via time traveling rubber pigs, leading to Dib actually dying onscreen before Membrane revives him.