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Radar: Happy Feet
  • The movie soundtrack contains a cover of "Tell Me Something Good", originally a very NSFW funk song.
  • Also, when Gloria is performing her heart song, a boyband-esque trio performs I'll make love to you, by Boyz 2 Men. Another suitor for Norma Jean sings Let's talk about eggs baby,.
  • "I like big tailfeathers and I cannot lie!"
  • After the fishing incident when Gloria and Mumble slip down the ice together, they fall into multiple compromising positions. Not too subtle.
  • Mumble slaps Gloria's ass a few times towards the end of "Boogie Wonderland" ("No, it's 'MAMBO', OH!") and then her grinding against him. Definitely not subtle.
  • When Gloria starts singing "Boogie Wonderland", accompanied by Mumble's tapping, the beginning is pretty reminding of an orgasm with Gloria singing slowly at first, then faster and faster as the song and background chant intensifies, until she ends up shouting "Yes!" and panting heavily. Just wow.
  • Curse Cut Short: Lovelace, in response to the barrage of questions Mumble is asking him, claims to hear the "mystic beings" telling him to tell Mumble to "Go f... - forth and multiply".
  • In the sequel, we get several young female chicks singing a penguin version of "Sexy back"
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