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Radar: Gravity Falls
Along with the supernatural and paranormal occurrences, it seems that the radar seems to be a little sketchy as well. Considering some people who worked on certain shows worked on Gravity Falls, this isn't that surprising.

"Tourist Trapped"
  • The statue of Sasquatch wearing underwear is titled "Sascrotch".
  • The gnomes' plan for Mabel to marry all of them. She's just twelve, and it's mentioned that there's at least a thousand of them. You do the math.
  • Mabel practices kissing with a leaf blower.

"The Legend of the Gobblewonker"
  • When Stan is getting the milk out of the fridge, the cow on the carton seems very ... enthusiastic about giving milk.
  • "Who wants to put on some blindfolds and get into my car?!"
    • Made even worse because it was "Family Bonding Day".
    • Dipper's line of "Wait; what?" doesn't help matters.
  • There's also the bit where he's trying to befriend a little boy, who is chased off by his parents later in the episode.
  • And then this amazing line:
    "I thought you kids were playing Spin the Bottle with Soos!"
  • After Dipper asks her to imagine what she could do with five hundred dollars, Mabel has an Imagine Spot in which she buys a human-sized hamster ball. She then fantasizes about rolling up next to two boys in their car and hitting on them, saying "You can look, but you can't touch." before rolling away.


"The Hand That Rocks the Mabel"
  • When Gideon's father offers Stan Colombian coffee, Stan replies that he once got arrested there. Make of that what you will.

"The Inconveniencing"
  • The Smile Dip pretty obviously makes Mabel high. It's not even subtle...

"Dipper vs. Manliness"
  • The whole episode is pretty much about Dipper wanting chest hair. Not to mention that, at one point, one of the manotaurs said he has fists for nipples. He even said the word "nipples". And then we get a close-up.
    • This was edited out of the episode's re-runs for a while, but they eventually put it back. Nipple-fists for all!
  • How this line got past the censors, the world will never know...
    Dipper: So what if I don't have hair in certain places?!
    • Also, one of the Manotaurs is named Pubeator.
  • Instead of genitals, the Multibear's crotches have bear heads. note 
  • After Mabel gets her Eureka moment on how to get Grunkle Stan and Lazy Susan together...
    Mabel: Grunkle Stan, come with me to the diner! And leave your pants at home!
    Stan: With pleasure!
  • Dipper wants to prove his manliness on one of those grip-strength measuring machines.
    Dipper: Time to man-handle this... man-handle.
  • There's a rather dark moment when the old Manotaur is eaten. And unlike the Summerween episode he doesn't come back, so he's probably dead.

"Double Dipper"
  • Dipper scraps a name he chose for his clone named "Tyrone".
    Dipper: I shall call you "Number 2"!
    Tyrone: Definitely not...

"Irrational Treasure"
  • The eighth and a half President of the United States makes Mabel a Congressman. Mabel's response?
    Mabel: I'm legalizing everything!
  • Also in this episode:
    Dipper: Okay, look out for booby traps.
    Mabel: Hah! Booby traps.
  • Apparently it is legal for the people of Gravity Falls to marry woodpeckers. The implications of a man marrying a woodpecker (and on a Disney show, no less!) are...something.
  • "If you're watching this, then you are one of the eight people in these United States with clearance to view this information. In fact, I myself will be shot as soon as the filming is complete. (Looks offscreen.) What? No? Hah! Well, that's a relief!"
  • At the the end, Trembley tells the twins about the time George Washington chased him around and spanked him for three hours.
    "Bottom line, George Washington was a jerk."

"The Time-Traveler's Pig"
  • Mabel and Dipper get their hands on a time machine. When discussing what points in time to go to, Mabel has this suggestion:
    Mabel: We should get two dodos and force them to make out!
  • Also in that episode Robbie wants to show Wendy his new tight pants. And then he thrusts.
  • When Dipper and Mabel wind up in pioneer days, they meet a pregnant woman surrounded by a bunch of kids. Her name? "Fertillia".

"Fight Fighters"
  • It should be pointed out that the last few words that Mabel has Rumble read off the cards are...
    Rumble: (from card) Poop. Poop and Butts.
  • "Studies show that keeping a ladder in your house is more dangerous than a loaded gun. That's why I own ten guns, just in case some maniac tries to sneak in with a ladder." For a Disney show, Gravity Falls mentions guns and shooting quite often.
  • After fighting Rumble, Dipper gets a chance to input three letters for the high score list. Soos snickers: "Good one!", as we see that the first two letters are D-I-, and the camera turns to reveal the last letter to be...P, of course. What were you thinking?

  • The Trickster actually eats one child on-screen He is shown as alive when the Trickster dies, however.
    • "I've been twamatized!"
  • Near the end, Stan readies for his bath and his bathrobe drops to the floor. Two kids to walk in on him, scream in horror, and run away. It's shown a few seconds later that he was still wearing boxers, but the implication couldn't have been clearer.
  • When Mabel is showing the scrapbook pictures where she and Dipper dress in twin-themed costumes, the first two are adorable combinations while the last picture shows the two dressed as zombies with Dipper "eating" a cord of Mabel's intestine with red fake blood in the background. It's only there for a second, which is probably how they got it on air in the first place.
  • On a poster for Tambry's party, there is a warning that says nothing better end up online. What exactly do the kids do at these parties...?
    • The poster also originally said "Bottles will be spun", but Standards and Practice disagreed with a Spin the Bottle reference (despite 'Spin the Bottle' actually being said out loud in an earlier episode), so it was replaced with "Not S&P approved".
  • Soos kills The Trickster by chest-bursting out of it and eating its heart.

"Boss Mabel"
  • "If you throw money at him, he dances!"
    • Made even funnier by the fact that, at the time, Dipper had been forced into a half-naked wolf-boy costume.
  • In one point, Stan wins the Cash Shower on a game show he is on. Let's just say he takes "shower" a little bit too seriously and leave it at that.
    Cash Wheel Host: Uh, Mr. Pines, you don't need to take your clothes off—go to commercial! GO TO COMMERCIAL! (runs up to the camera and covers it just as Stan takes his undies off).

"Bottomless Pit!"
  • Stan's speech about life might be one of the darkest things ever to grace the Disney Channel. It's also fantastically funny.
  • Soos's attraction to the "Pinball Wench".
  • Mabel replaces Grunkle Stan's regular dentures with Truth Telling Teeth, forcing upon the wearer the inability to lie:
    Dipper: Stan, what do you do in secret every day during your lunch break?
  • At the beginning of Dipper's story, Mabel, Wendy and Soos use Waddles in a "Spin the Bottle" game. When Waddles points at Grunkle Stan Mabel asks him if he has ever kissed a pig. His response? "I'm not gonna answer that question." Make of that what you will.

"The Deep End"
  • Wendy boasts about her assistant lifeguard position, claiming she has "the best seat in the house." Dipper loudly replies "Yeah, you do!"
  • The poolcheck has quite a package, which is fairly pronounced in some shots, for example when he's doing the push-ups.
  • Mabel successfully distracts Dipper by claiming Wendy is standing behind him wearing a bikini.
    Dipper: Really?! At night?!
  • "Continue licking!"
  • Mabel takes a photo of Dipper giving Mermando "reverse CPR".
    • Although she does it for the blackmail value, which isn't much better...
  • Also the gay subtext with the two cops again. One scene of them rubbing suntan lotion on each other, and Blubs's line, "With you, every day is a dream" as he places his hand tenderly on the deputy's shoulder....

"Carpet Diem"
  • Stan telling Mabel (in Dipper's body) about "the birds and the bees."
    Stan: It all begins with this little fella, the pituitary gland. He may be little but he has big plans!
    Stan: And now you know where babies come from!
    (Mabel as) Dipper: Goodbye, childhood.
    • Not to mention the whole reason he gives The Talk is because he thinks Dipper is spying on the girls' sleepover. He even says "Oh, you're at that creepy age where you like to spy on girls." Or words to that effect.
  • The age-inappropriate romance novels Grenda brings to the sleepover.
  • After the first sleepover. Mabel wakes up with "Party Gurl" written on her forehead, Candy is duct taped to the ceiling, and Grenda comes out of a small closet, covered with kiss-shaped lipstick marks, and says:
    Grenda: I don't know what I was kissing in there, but I have no regrets!
  • Soos, after being burned multiple times, says the last one started to feel good.
  • Old Man McGucket, after switching bodies with Candy, starts dancing around and saying "I regained my innocence!"
  • Apparently, according to Dipper, an owl tried to eat his tongue.

"Boyz Crazy"
  • Just the name of the band "Sev'ral Timez", made clearer from one of their lyrics;
    "How many times am I gonna love ya? Several times!"
  • Robbie asks Wendy to join him at Lookout Point.
    • And, to Robbie's "surprise", they ended up alone, in a car, up there.
  • "Grenda Time".
  • After telling Dipper an anecdote from the '70s, Stan notes that his memories get a little "hallucination-y" at the end.
    • He's also rather fixated on his ex-girlfriend's hot pants.
  • The guy from the Boy Band who gets very into kissing a tree during The Tag.
    "Dang girl."

"Land Before Swine"
  • "Bros before dinos!"note 
  • The implication that McGucket ate his way out of a baby pterosaur.
  • Blubs and Durland should have their own folder by now.
    Blubs:*puts hand on Durland's shoulder* "The time we spend together is treasure enough."
    Cue shared blissful grin.

  • "Stan-Vac: It sucks more than anything! *beat* Gotta work on that."
  • The blood-splattered pages in the journal for Bill.
  • Soos: This is Stan's mind? I figured there'd be a lot more hot old ladies.
  • This episode features a child summoning a demon, even referring to him as such.
  • The British Dog Man asks Soos, "Who's crike for a stick in the pudding?"

"Gideon Rises"
  • Dipper's nose was bleeding when a robot version of Gideon knocked him onto the edge of a cliff and into a rock, marking the first instance of realnote  blood in the show.
  • Not only do we see Jeff the gnome bathing in squirrels, but after tossing Mabel and Dipper out of the shack he calls more over to jump in his pants. Who ever was censoring this episode was in a coma.
    • He even has a bottle of lotion next to him.
  • Mabel finds "miscellaneous fluids" under the seat during a game of "bus seat treasure hunt".
  • Dipper's No Holds Barred Beat Down of Gideon.
    • Especially when one considers that it's a straight up fist fight with no fantastic elements like super powers. (Besides the fact that they're in a robot). Usually when that happens it's A Very Special Episode where the kids learn not to fight, but here Dipper straight up punching someone saved the day.
      • The aesop was probably "you can overcome your own weaknesses", in this case, it meant Dipper didn't need the journal to save the day. But yeah, it was displayed ''very'' poorly.
  • A despondent Grunkle Stan orders "your strongest, most expired cider." When cider ferments it becomes alcoholic.

"Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained"
  • Dipper tried to spy on Stan in the shower to see his tattoo.
  • After Dipper discovered that tiny alien-like creatures were actually controlling the left-sided man, they all committed suicide. Right there on the screen.
    • Even worse, one tries to get out of it, saying "I can't do this man, I have a family". Then we watch as his boss tells him he knew what he signed up for, and shoves the pill in his mouth.
    • When the camera pans down the Lefty-bot has a nut roughly where you would expect one to be on a human male.
  • Soos asks the all knowing mail-box what his dream woman would be. It spits out a picture of a body builder babe and when Soos sees it he says "Whoa, hot tamales! Save that one for the archives!" as he tucks it into his shirt.

"Mabel's Guide To Life"
  • In the "Mabel's Guide To Fashion" short, Old Man McGuckett can be spitting something, possibly tobacco, into a bucket.

"Fixin' it with Soos"

  • The zombies are fairly visceral, some displaying open wounds with brains or entrails visible. They quite visibly bleed, too, but it's green blood so it's "alright."
  • When Dipper is investigating Stan's room he basically finds Stan's Porn Stash. Although it does include titles like "Fully Clothed Woman Magazine."
    Dipper: Eww... Pretending I never saw that.
  • The Stinger at the credits, shown both agents apparently about to pull their guns.
  • A cryptogram on the pages for the "leprechorn" translates to "Kill me please".

"Into the Bunker"
  • Dipper is over at Wendy's house watching a cheesy movie and lays down on her bed, leading to this bit of awkward:
    Wendy: Dude, you're laying on my bra.
  • When Dipper and Wendy get trapped in the main laboratory, the decontamination protocol activates and washes them and knocks them into each other, which causes Dipper's face to land right in the middle of Wendy's chest. Afterwards, you can see Dipper's eyes looking right at Wendy's chest.
  • This exchange made shortly after Dipper, Mabel, Soos, and Wendy enter the bunker:
    Soos: This room is way creepy.
    Mabel: Not as creepy as Dipper's internet history.
  • Dipper sticking the axe in the shapeshifter. No Gory Discretion Shot whatsoever. It even bleeds (green slime) from the wound.
  • Speaking of blood, Wendy is seen bleeding perfectly normal red blood in several places fairly early on, though she bandages at least one of the wounds herself. Dipper even points it out.
  • The Shapeshifter in general. Whomever was in charge of the censors must have been on a very long coffee break or dead, it was something straight out of some cheesy sci-fi horror movie.
  • Soos opens a weapons cabinet. We see several weapons in there, such as a flintlock, an axe, some dynamite, and funnily enough an actual shotgun.

"The Golf War"
  • Robbie spray-paints "wieners" on the wall of a castle, then makes "lewd hand gestures" at the King of Mini-Golf from just off-screen.
  • The Lilliputtians actually try to KILL Pacifica, and explicitly say it.
  • While waiting for the kids in the car, Stan ends up putting on smooth jazz and reclining his seat. Then Soos (with his shirt off) leans back as well and tells his boss "Sure are a lotta stars out tonight..." Stan mutters "This is gettin' weird" and promptly gets out of the car.
  • One of the Miner Lilliputtians, Big Henry, ends up sacrificing his life by carrying Mabel's ball through a gas leak, all for the honor of his fellow Miners.

"Sock Opera"
  • What book is Mabel holding in the library? "Ready Baby: How Babies Are Made".
  • Gabe has his puppets make out... and then he later makes out with them himself after being disappointed with Mabel's show.
    Mabel: I may have dodged a bullet with that one.
Also, Dipper making the puppets of Mabel and Gabe make out with open mouths. Even he is disgusted with it, and he's the one doing it.
  • Bill's "Screaming Head". The fact that he creates that is bad enough, but what really puts it over the top is when he graphically peels the skin and muscle off of it, leaving only a skull. The only way that could possibly have gotten by the censors is the fact that it goes by really fast.
  • While Bill is possessing Dipper's body, he goes down to the kitchen and starts slamming Dipper's arm in a kitchen drawer. What's that shown stabbed into his arm when he takes it out? It's a bunch of forks. And the fork wounds might be bleeding, although it's hard to tell.
    • Hell, Bill does enough damage that Dipper says he needs to go to the hospital. We only see a few instances of it, but the implications that Bill put Dipper's body through that much abuse is...disturbing.
  • While Dipper (possessed by Bill) and Mabel are fighting Stan pulls out a camcorder and says "Children fighting! I can sell this!"

"Soos and the Real Girl"
  • When Soos' grandma says he needs to get a girlfriend before she "goes to heaven to sing with the angels," Soos adds, "And with Grandpa!" which his grandma responds that his grandpa wouldn't be there. Think on that for a sec...
    • Her eyes even look down to the ground when saying that!
  • Soos hangs a shirt in the Mystery Shack that says "I Saw a Cool Stump at the Mystery Shack!"
  • On the dating sim's box cover Giffany's bow is held together with a clip that looks like the letter H, which in Japanese has the name Ecchi and in English is slang for Hentai.
  • When on his date with Melody, Soos says he has to "go to the bathroom for a long time... Not in a weird way!"
  • Giffany, a living character from a Japanese dating sim, mentioned to Soos that her father is partly an octopus. An octopus.
    • Along with that, the first two options of the game mention squids.
  • The end credits feature Stan and his antique statue taking a trip to Las Vegas, complete with a hip-hop tune performed by him, a limo full of showgirls, Stan marrying the statue, and ending with Stan becoming broke and sticking out his thumb for a ride home, next to the Welcome To Las Vegas sign!
    • Another shot has them drinking a certain bubbly mixture in champagne glasses. The only reason this got past the censors is the fact the bottle says "rich people water."
  • During Willy Badger's performance, one of the children throws their overalls on stage.

"Little Gift Shop of Horrors"
  • In the first segment "Hands Off," Stan asks for his hands back from the witch who stole them because he has a gesture to show her.
  • And then, when he gives her back the watch he stole from her, she drops it down the front of her shirt for safekeeping.
  • In "Hands Off" as well, the witch is reading a magazine that says "Witches Be Trippin."
  • Later the witch compliments a hiker's butt.
  • In "Abaconings", the puzzle box Dipper has says that if you solve the crazy-hard puzzle, you could get your picture on the box. The nerd on the box is being kissed by a hot woman in a one-piece swimsuit. "Whoa. That's false advertising I could get behind."
  • When Mabel and Waddles play radio D Js ("May May and The Hogg") she hands the mic to Waddles, in which he squeaks. Mabel's response? "Woah, not sure if we can say that on the air!"
  • When Dipper and Genius!Waddles build the machine to find out all of the answers to the universe's questions, Genius!Waddles says that one of the questions it will answer is "Why do dudes have nipples?".
  • This wonderful little tidbit from Grunkle Stan:
    Stan: Movies are great! You watch the movie, you scare the girl, the girl snuggles up next to you, next thing you know you gotta raise a kid, your life falls apart...forget that last part.
  • At the end of the episode, Stan drugs the traveler, glues his mouth shut, and uses him as a display in the Mystery Shack, all because he refused to buy something.
    • Later on, Mabel and the tourist are playing tick-tack-toe on the glass of his display, and when he writes, "Help Me," on the the glass, Mabel only responds with, "I don't think you're playing this right."

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