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Garfield: I can't believe we get away with this, every week!

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  • In "Binky Goes Bad!", Garfield says Binky's impersonator, Stinky Davis, got kicked out of the clown union for making "naughty balloon animals".
  • One episode had Garfield read a letter where the ending read "Take your dirty job and—".
  • In "Rainy Day Dreams", It was understandable that Jon's "date" (who was really trying to get his insurance) had to use his shower after Garfield threw a bucket of rain water at her, or she'll catch a cold. And Jon gentlemanly had his back facing her and she was in towel. Also understandable, she was in Jon's robe after the shower, since her dress was in the drier. It was always weird that after she dried her hair, she was lying in Jon's bed (though she may have been trying to calm her self down.) But the scenes where Garfield and Odie jump on the woman and they crashed with Jon,there was Absolute Cleavage at the opening of her robe. You could see the middle part of her chest. It looked something like the image on the Absolute Cleavage except without the stomach showing. When she left in a rush (and a huff) in Jon's robe and carrying her dress and coat, it makes you wonder if she was even wearing a bra when she got here.
  • In "The Lasagna Zone", Garfield is trapped in a TV set, one TV show he's on being sold like a used car. Garfield at one point quips "I hope he doesn't check under the hood".
  • One of Garfield's catch phrases (even dating back to the specials that aired before the show itself) when referring to someone unpleasant or something unpleasant "Whoever invented/does [noun/verb] should be drug out into the street and shot".
  • Speaking of the specials, in Garfield's Christmas Special, there's a scene near the end where Garfield presents John's Grandma with a bundle of letters written by her (now deceased) husband when they were courting. Grandma reads the first letter aloud:
    Grandma: "My darling, if the sea were of ink and the sky of parchment, I could not begin to write my love for you." (laughs softly) "When next we meet-" (pauses, reading silently) Oh... (puts a hand over her mouth, chuckling) Oh, my.
    John's Mom: Well, what does he say, Grandma?
    Grandma: (quickly folds up letter, crossing her arms) It is inappropriate for a lady to talk about her romances, my dear.
  • When all the food in the refrigerator comes to life in "Revenge of the Living Lunch'', the pickles are acting like they're drunk. ("Pickled", if you will.)
  • In "Beddy Buy", when Garfield ends up in an uncomfortable bed and is clearly unhappy about it, he says, "Somebody's gonna swing for this!", which in case you don't know, "swing" means hang.

    U.S. Acres 
  • There are times when they would occasionally show the birds' (mainly Wade's)...anal holes...Wade's was shown in episodes like "Wanted: Wade", a close up one in "Sleepytime Pig", and in "Egg Over Easy, part 1". Roy's was shown in "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere's Duck".
  • In the episode "Double Oh Orson", Agent Orson said to Countess Lanolin, "I see you have a license to thrill."
  • In "First Aid Wade", in Wade's dream, when Bo (as a doctor) looked inside Wade's ear, inside he saw a hula duck girl, in a hula dress and really huge revealing bosoms. With Bo giving Wade a miffed 'Seriously?!' looked on his face, with Wade smiling looking embarrassed.
  • In "Swine Trek" Lanolin had really big huge bosoms. Also note that this was in Orson's dream.
  • In "Peanut-Brained Rooster", when Roy was obsessed with peanuts, the lyrics of his songs were like this, "Those lovely, luscious, round, delicious, pretty peanuts are driving me out of my mind..." Plus the giant half peanut shell (in the song) with the peanuts inside seemed to resemble breasts.
    • The peanuts seem to be a G-Rated Drug for Roy. Additionally, the rooster's house ("Casa De Roy") has a sign outside saying "Chicks Welcome".
  • In "Barn of Fear II", near the end of the song, when Wade was in his bed, under the covers, a gleeful Roy was also under the covers with him, making this the weirdest 'communal roosting' ever. Also Roy gleefully appeared from the covers below Wade's innertube/waist. Noteworthy that Wade wasn't upset about that. He was more scared that there could be scary creatures around and even asked "What are we gonna do, Roy?!"
  • In "Much Ado About Lanolin", When Lanolina (imaginary Lanolin) falls down the stairs, her panties are showing. Again, like in "Swine Trek", considering Orson is imagining this..
  • In the U.S. Acres episode "Sooner or Later", the Wolf in disguise tells everyone about the joys of procrastination. Everyone would respond with "You can't talk about that on a cartoon show!" The characters were possibly thinking the Wolf forced them to do procreation (sex) or masturbation, since both those words rhyme and "procrastination" sounds more like "masturbation" than "procreation" (or it sounds like a mix of both).
  • In "Make Believe Moon", Roy and Wade were running from a 'graveyard', then they ended up crashing into a shed, half damaging it, then we see Roy come out carrying Wade. The scene resembled a couple mating in the shed, and the dominant one carrying the submissive other after intercourse. Also one of the weasels saw them like this and was like "Awww!".
  • A lot of stuff in "Snow Wade and the 77 dwarfs" got past the radar. The Spanish version took it Up to Eleven when Prince Roy (whose speaking voice was close to his English version) kisses Snow Wade, Roy moans a deep sexy voice.
  • To try and get rid of Aloysius, Roy picked Wade up and told him to lie down (on the bed chair) then he gets paint and a paint brush and paint Wade's body with spots (to make him look sick). Wade asked awkwardly, "What...are you doing?" The scene seemed to resemble body paint sex and we are even given a close up shot of Roy painting Wade's crotch area...
    • It gets funnier. Aloysius stares at Roy when he says "Run for the border! Run for the exercise!" to him because he is staring at him. He even says "That's terrible!", and gives them 25 demerits, the most given out in the episode by Aloysius himself (not counting the ending of the episode). Perhaps Aloysius thought what we all thought this was supposed to resemble. He is based on a thing only adults would get, after all...