Radar / Futurama

Much like The Simpsons, this show (despite being a cartoon for older audiences) has dodged several censorial radar bullets back when it was on FOX (not so much the made-for-DVD films and the Comedy Central episodes, as the made-for-DVD films run on self-censorship (meaning the show writers and creators get to choose what's acceptable and what isn't) and Comedy Central is more liberal in what's allowed on their shows than FOX is).
  • From "Fear of a Bot Planet":
    Bender (standing up): Hey, buddies, who wants popcorn?
    (noises of approval from Planet Express crew)
    (Bender stands for a few seconds as popping sounds reach to a crescendo and he inexplicably holds a popcorn container to catch falling popcorn from his compartment)
    Bender (through mid-torso shot): Anyone want butter with that? (Bender then proceeds to press his antennae three times, which makes a squirting sound)
  • From "Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?"
    Fry: Co-ed steam rooms. I LOVE the future.
    Leela: Uh, Fry, you're in the women's steam room.
    Fry: Ahhh. Fu-tur-istic.
    Amy Wong: Psst. Look what life was like before genetic engineering.
    Leela: Those poor 20th century women.
    Fry: (Crosses legs and pouts)
    • Also from that episode, the cycles in the gym (seen while Zoidberg is rampaging) look suspiciously like penises...
    • One woman is using an exercise machine called "The Kegelcizer"
    • When the show was on FOX, the writers fought hard to have that scene kept in, as the censors at the time wanted it cut because of the nudity. (This preceded the nudity in all future episodes, with the possible exception of the made-for-DVD movies, as the crew relied more on self-censorship rather than Executive Meddling).
  • From "Where the Buggalo Roam":
    Zoidberg (to Leo Wong): By the way, I took the liberty of fertilizing your caviar.
    (Leo stops chewing the caviar currently in his mouth and stares)
  • From "Proposition Infinity":
    Bender: We're going to legalize it right here!
    Hermes: Yeah! You've got to legalize it!
    Amy: We're talking about robo-sexual marriage.
    Hermes: We're talking about lots of stuff.
  • From "When Aliens Attack", when preparing to film an episode of "Single Female Lawyer":
    Fry: Camera 1!
    *Cut to Bender; one eye pushes outwards, makes mechanical whirring noise*
    Fry: Camera 2!
    *Cut to Bender; his other eye pushes outwards, makes mechanical whirring noise*
    Fry: Camera 3!
    *Cut to Bender; only his torso and head showing, same mechanical whirring noise heard*
  • In "The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings", the Robot Devil begs for Fry to give back each other's hands because Fry's hands "keep touching him in places".
    Fry: Yeah, they get around.
  • In "Hell Is Other Robots", a robot taking a hit of electricity is referred to as "jacking on''.
    Leela (knocking impatiently at bathroom door): "Bender! Why are you spending so much time in the bathroom? Are you jacking on in there?!"
  • "Spanish Fry" and its many, many references to Fry's "lower horn":
    Lrrr: This jerked chicken is good! I think I'll have Fry's lower horn jerked.
    Bender: [offscreen] It's used to it! WOOOOO!
    • And this line:
    Fry: Yes! I never thought I'd escape with my doodle, but I pulled it out.
    Bender (offscreen): Just like at the movie theater! WOOOOO!
  • From "Bender's Big Score":
    Hermes: That's why they call me eleven-inch Conrad.
    • After Dr. Zoidberg sews Farnsworth's hand back on, Hermes comments:
    Hermes: You do a nice hand job, Zoidberg.
  • "Fun on a Bun" gives us this, as Fry and Leela are kissing:
    Leela: Your head is returning to normal now.
    Fry: The blood must've rushed somewhere else!
  • In "Mars University," Fry mentions attending Coney Island Community College and says their mascot was the whitefish. A "Coney Island Whitefish" isn't a fish at all; it's a slang term for a used condom found on the beach.
  • In "War Is the H Word," after defeating the ball aliens, there is a newspaper headline that says, "Balls Thoroughly Licked." The headline the writers originally wanted to use was "Earth Licks Balls," so the Executive Meddling actually resulted in a much dirtier line.
  • In "The Birdbot Of Ice-Catraz", Free Waterfall Sr., The leader of the Penguins Unlimited eco nauts resistance movement, tells his members to place their hands between their buttocks to avoid frostbite as he says that it is "nature's pocket". When Leela tells him that she is going to check on Bender, Waterfall tells her "Watch that he doesn't pick your pocket".
  • "Bendin' in the Wind": When Fry, Leela, Amy, Zoidberg, and Professor Farnsworth are in the old VW Beetle Bus, Farnsworth asks about a device that can speed up and slow down time. Fry answers by holding up a bong. The reason it got past FOX's radar? The script didn't refer to it as a bong, but as a "weird-looking bottle."
    • It's also heavily implied on several occasions that Hermes is The Stoner.
  • Even the comic books are not immune. In the story "Freaky Fry-day", a woman biologist introduces herself to Fry as Dr. Labianca.
    • And one comic has Bender's camera "below the equator" used as a plot point. Later, there's a big twist about how he couldn't get it to "work" at all.
  • From "Rebirth":
    Fry: Stem cells? Aren't they controversial?
    Farnsworth: In your time, yes, but nowadays... shut up! Besides, these are adult stem cells, harvested from perfectly healthy adults, whom I killed for their stem cells.
    • Even more Refuge in Audacity comes from Farnsworth slapping Hermes' bottom to stop his crying, the way infants were traditionally slapped. When Amy comes out, she's fully conscious but the professor slaps her anyway from just off-screen.
    Amy: *admiring her skin* Ooh, baby soft.
    Farnsworth: Indeed.
  • From "Leela and the Genestalk":
    Fry: I miss Leela so much. Last night, in the bathtub, I ate a whole box of taco shells.
  • From "The Sting":
    Fry: Why am I sticky and naked? Did I miss something fun?
  • From "Crimes of the Hot": Bender starts pumping a keg but it turns out to be another robot.
    Keg robot: (seductively) Don't stop.
    Bender: Ew!