Radar: Fire Emblem

Since Fire Emblem has been around for more than 20 years, the script writers have managed to slip sexual innuendos in the dialogue more than once. The absolute winner is Fire Emblem Awakening, which has more innuendo than all the other games combined, but Fire Emblem Fates just might give it a run for its money:

Pre-Awakening series (Akaneia, Jugdral, Elibe, Magvel, and Tellius games):

Fire Emblem Awakening-exclusive examples:

Fire Emblem Fates-exclusive examples:

  • A newly-introduced feature in the game lets the Avatar call up members of the army into his/her room so that s/he can pet and stroke their faces, during which the character blushes and thanks Kamui for honoring them with their touch. Apparently, this can be done to charactes of any age range and any gender... and it includes the Avatar's siblings...
    • And the lines they say can be pretty... lewd sometimes. Many can be easily translated as "hey, are you really touching me there?!", or "hmmm, please don't stop", or "that feels so nice..."
    • More than one character says you're making them lose composure. Others express concern about the time and suggest that you do this later, but they aren't sure they'll be able to wait that long...
    • Special note goes to Jakob, who has a line that was allegedly removed for being too lewd.
    Jakob: "In front of everyone else, I am only your butler.... But right here and now, I want to make a mess of you."
    • There's also this line from Takumi:
    Takumi: I've gotten bored with being touched. Next time, I want to touch you.
    Hana: "When it’s nightfall, let’s… “train” together again…okay? *giggle* You’re turning red!"
    Azura: "Nnhh… hey… touch me more… That’s not enough…"
    Camilla: "Must you touch me so gently? ... Can you really be satisfied by that?... Ufufu… Are you limp, I wonder?"
    • Azura flat-out tells Male!Kamui that she's "fine with anything", so long as he's the one doing it to her. This has not helped stop the fandom's jokes about them having a kinky sex life in the least.
  • The second part of Xander's Love Confession to the female Avatar. One can almost bet he'd jump her bones right there if he could:
    "Your hair, your body, your everything… It all belongs only to me."
  • And then there's Laswald and Charlotte's S-Support, where they pretty much agree on an open relationship where despite being married, they will keep flirting with others and even playfully dare each other to find a better guy/girl. Wow, IntSys, wow.
  • If you have them S-support, then Camilla pretty much asks Zero to talk dirty to her every morning. Lewdness isn't just limited to Amie, it seems.
    • Zero does this a lot. In his S-support with Effie, he tells her that he wants his burning "thing" inside her, and he makes comments about Nyx's A-Cup Angst already in their C support. There's getting past the radar, and there's this.
    • Then there's his proposal to Charlotte...
    Zero: To be clearer, I want to tie you down.
    Charlotte: Sorry, but I'm not into that.
  • Elise and Silas's B-support has her suggest that they sleep together. She means it in a Sleep Cute way, but from his reaction it's clear he thought she meant it in a very different way.
  • When one looks at Odin's in-game battle model closely, it's pretty clear that he has gorgeous muscles as well as a mighty fine ass and a rather nice... "UHM" - but it also looks like he isn't wearing undies. His portrait goes by that too, judging by the focus on his hips...