Radar / Fairly OddParents

  • Let's not forget that Tom Sawyer episode:
    Timmy: He can turn planets into plants. He can turn gravity into gravy.
    Wanda: He can turn Uranus into... Oh my gosh! We've got to stop him!
  • And the Adam West / Catman as a kid episode, where he repeatedly latches onto people legs in an... "affectionate" hug. Leading to this line:
    Timmy: "So he can stay the night?"
    Timmy's Dad: "Sure! He's part pet! But he gets 'affectionate' with my leg he's outta here!"
  • In Power Mad, Timmy reaches a level in a virtual reality game that he describes "looks like an underwater version of my Aunt Gertrude's house." A crab version of said character suddenly comes in, saying she "wants to pinch those chubby cheeks" of Timmy's. He then replies, saying "I hope she means my face."
  • In the video evidence presented in "This is Your Wish," the episode where Cosmo was on trial:
    Cosmo: I thought you said plastic surgery!
    *shows Cosmo with breast implants*
    Cosmo: I'm keeping them.
    • Earlier, Timmy and Wanda had been seated in a restaurant right next to the restroom and kitchen. A fairy suddenly appeared next to Timmy and asked, "Would you like some chocolate pudding?" To which Timmy responded, "That depends. Which door did you come out of?"
    • A few moments later: "I'm Billy Crystalball, and that's not pudding!" Then, Timmy instantly spits out the chocolate pudding he was eating.

  • In Hard Copy, Timmy gets a magic copier that makes anything he copies real. After he finishes copying the toy magazine, he says "And now to copy dad's magazines."
    • Later, Timmy holds up one of his dad's magazines titled, "Under the Bed Monthly".
  • Almost a literal getting Crap Past the Radar. In 'No Substitute for Crazy', the fake substitute teacher, Mrs. Doombringer, passes out golden stars for random acts, like punching people or misspelling a word. Timmy gets one when he comes out of the restroom. In the next scene we see Timmy covered in stars but with a box of fiber and a glass of water on his desk. Draw the necessary conclusions as to how he gets those stars.
  • In the episode "Take and Fake," Mark Chang tells a story to some guests at a party, but we only hear the end of it: "And then I said... The Aristocrats!"
  • Didn't the whole "Fairy babies come out of the male" thing use this trope?
  • Anyone else thought the repeated use of the word "sexy" was a slipup of the radar?
  • In a newer episode (about the replacement fairy), Timmy has a toy squid in his tub which looks like a dick. What's worse? It shot white stuff. I don't know the context 100% (me and my friends were too laughing), but how much text can you put to getting crap past the radar?
    • The white stuff was toothpaste.
  • In the episode Information Stupor Highway, a picture of Crocker in a dress shows up on Timmy's computer screen. Mr. Turner says, "Egad! You aren't supposed to be on those kinds of websites!"
  • According to "Vicky Loses Her Icky", it's apparently tradition in the Turner household to shove a Bug Catching net up Dad's pants every Father's Day.
  • In Abra Catasrophe, when Timmy is Spiderman, he shoots webbing out of his... backside.
  • In one episode, Wanda called Cosmo a ding-a-ling. Now class, can anyone tell me what ding-a-ling means?
    • A stupid person...?
    • a candy thing that is similar to a twinkie?
  • In Wishology Part II, cocktail weenies are used to get crap past the radar numerous times. Lets list them, shall we?
    • Cocktail weenies rather than just sausages
    • Cosmo's potential Catch Phrase:
    Cosmo: Don't touch my weenies!
    • Mark refers to them as "tiny tubes of spicy flesh."
    • Then Timmy uses them to fight of the Eliminators:
    Timmy: Now, let's see how he likes my weenies! [Beat] Not the Catch Phrase I was looking for, but... whip the weenies!

  • Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour 2 had a lot of these moments.
    • Actual quote from Cosmo: That was the most reckless I've ever been with a hot dog!
    • The ending at the dual dimmension Friday the 13th dance had Carl whisper something to Wanda. Wanda looked squicked out and turned the tiny captured Prof. Calamatus that was in Carl's jar into a tiny Jimmy's mom.
  • The second live action movie has a passionate kiss on the cheek from Cosmo to Timmy. It Makes Just as Much Sense in Context .
  • From Dinkle Scouts
    Timmy's Dad: It's hard to keep nuts in your mouth when you're crying.
  • The episode where Timmy's Mom becomes the best chef in the world includes a scene with a flamboyant chef skipping through a field of sausages, which he claims "makes him feel like a little German girl". Not so much getting past the radar as flipping it off.
  • In "Hex Games", Vicky tells Timmy rather than giving up her crown to him, which he win in winning a skating competition to win the park from her rule he'd have a better chance of "some twelve-year-old wasteoid" falling from the sky and plowing her into the pavement in which Francis collides with her when he crashes into her at full speed from above, leaving her in a crater. This tropette did an Urban Dictionary search for the term "wasteoid" and the first definition (taken from the movie The Breakfast Club), basically means "pothead".
  • In The Big Problem, when older Timmy, looking like a middle age geezer, encounters Vicky, a teenage girl, she blows a whistle and proceeds to go Jackie Chan on his ass. It doesn't help that the first time, he comes into his house, a total stranger for all she knows, and the second time, he hugs her. It just hit me that Vicky was blowing a rape whistle.