Radar: DreamWorks Animation

  • Antz probably just barely squeaked into its PG rating rather than going into PG-13 territory. The ants go to war against acid-spewing termites, and are massacred, with only Z surviving. We're shown this battle, with ants melting in acid, and in one scene, Z is seen holding the torn-off, but still talking, head of a soldier ant. Also the exchange: "This tastes like crap." "Lemme try... It is crap. S'good."
    • And then there is the scene where a boy burns the ants to death with a magnifying glass and it looks really gory.
    • "I'm a princess, dammit!"
    • Then there's the line: "You know, I was going to let you become a part of my most erotic fantasies, but now you can just write it off." The original line was "part of my most erotic sexual fantasies", but they removed that line to avoid a harsher rating.
    • When Mandible learns that one soldier survived his deliberate suicide mission: "Damn! Uh, good! Damn good!"
    • "What are you bitching about?"
  • Madagascar has this in the form of getting swearing and death past.
    • Alex's "HELP" sign partially collapsing to spell "HELL".
    • Examples would be of Marty saying only the first letters of a swear (Sugar Honey Iced Tea) and Skipper and Gloria self-censoring. (Gloria basically said "hell" but added an "o" at the end to make it OK. Skipper both censors the word "damn" by naming a famous dam to make it child-friendly, and gets to imply he and his fellow penguins killed the human crew of the cargo ship and ate their livers by saying he was only joking.)
    • The creators also get to show a shark die horribly in a volcano by downplaying it as a good thing. (It saved one of the lemurs.)
    • The Christmas-themed short on the DVD includes both the aforementioned "Hoover Dam" phrase, as well as "Shiitake mushrooms!"
    • Also, in Madagascar 2, the monkeys (who are working for the penguins at this time) ask for a "maternity leave" one of the penguins look under the table and note, "You're all males."
  • It would probably be easier to list the scenes in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit that don't involve Getting Crap Past the Radar.
    • Although this one just has to be shared: Shortly after the scene where Wallace transforms from the were-rabbit back into his human self, he awakens stark-naked. Gromit places a cardboard box around him to cover his you-know-what. Guess what the box says? May Contain Nuts.
    • "If you ask me this was arson. Yep, somebody arseing around."In case you're unaware... 
    • "Kiss my arrr...(holds up vegetable)...tichoke!"
  • The Road to El Dorado (whose original version actually had the protagonists as gay lovers, but was changed due to Executive Meddling) had one pretty suggestive scene where Tulio and Chel are on the floor, just off-screen and making kissing noises. When Chel gets up, Tulio gets up a few seconds later, and it seems the area Chel's head rose from was... a little further down his body than his face.
    • This line when Tulio and Miguel are discussing their plan (again):
    Tulio: "-so we can get the hell back to Spain!"
  • Shark Tale:
    • One part of the derby scene features Bernie tell Oscar that he's a weiner.
    • Durning the scene where a shark was doing karaoke, can you guess what the elderly shark said to Don Lino where Franky's killer was going? Give you a hint, ends with hockey sticks.
  • Kung Fu Panda:
    • In the scene when Tigress performs a split and breaks the plates that Shifu throws as a demonstration of flexibility, just look at Po's reaction. Nerd Gasm! Not to mention Po's face when Tigress lands back down. He's staring at her ass. Might be a part of their Ship Tease.
    • Then there's the scene right after Po wakes from his Parody Sue Dream Sequence. He tries to get up, but has trouble due to his weight, causing a lot of banging. When Mr. Ping later demands to know what he was doing, Po has to explain, rather uncomfortably, that he was having a strange dream. Does This Remind You of Anything??
  • And in the sequel:
    • When Po asked Mr. Ping on where he came from, Mr. Ping said this:
    Mr.Ping: Well, son. Baby geese come from little eggs...now don't ask me where the egg comes from!
    • Shen's talk about old and new has shades of Mao Zedong's own beliefs, and was especially prominent during the Cultural Revolution. Yet, it appears to have been unnoticed by the Chinese censors (who normally censor anything considered subversive to China's beliefs or anything considered an Old Shame to Chinese history, like the Tiennamen Square Massacre)
    • A very subtle example occurs when Mantis laments the fact that he's not going to die by having his head torn off, like his mom did to his dad. Since female mantises usually eat their mates after mating, Mantis is complaining that he's going to die a virgin.
  • In How to Train Your Dragon 2, when Hiccup and Gobber see Stoick going toward his long-lost wife Valka, who had been fraternizing with dragons all this time and believes he's going to go nuts on her.
    Gobber: This is why I never married. Oh, and uh, one other thing.
  • Penguins of Madagascar:
    • Skipper states that there was no mating between him and Dave.
    • Later Skipper tells his crew to grab their coconuts, and they all reach down... and grab actual coconut shells. But Rico, instead of using them to listen to the North Wind's mission, he puts them on his chest, making them look like... OH YOU KNOW!
    • The inflatable bounce house the Penguins retrieve and inflate (before falling to their deaths from the airplane) is named "Sweaty Palms".