Radar / Dexter's Laboratory

Dexter: If you need me, I will be in the science lab!
Coach: What's this crap?
— From "Dexter Dodgeball"

  • Lisa the babysitter's phone conversation with her boyfriend. We don't hear the other end of the conversation, but based on her responses ("She didn't!" She DID!?" "But they're not in love like we are."), it is evident that her boyfriend is telling her about one of their schoolmates having sex.
  • The entirety of "Topped Off" satirises drug addiction. In the episode, Dexter and Dee Dee become addicted to coffee and consequently use up the contents of entire coffee jug. When Mom and Dad find this out, they break down in tears of painful misery, resembling the negative effects of withdrawal from drugs. Even the Mexican hiding in the kitchen cupboard who supplies the family with a brand new box of coffee at the end of the episode could be a subtle reference to Mexican drug cartels.
  • "Decode of Honor":
    • The kids get cereal-box decoder rings, and Dee Dee says, "Your club is for big IDKSC!" After decoding the word, Dexter quips "Hey, I'm gonna tell Mom!"
    • As Dee Dee attempts to complete a task on her list; get a tattoo. She sits down in the tattoo parlor beside a wall of potential tattoo designs, one of which is A HAND FLIPPING THE BIRD. Later airing and HuluPlus censor this by zooming the shot in to the bottom left far enough to move the design off-camera.
  • And then there's that whip scene in the movie. Seriously how the hell did they manage to slip that past the censors?
    • Also from the film, we have a scene where we see Mom and Dad's various limbs up in the air, while they're grunting and saying that "it's not going to fit". Then the camera zooms out. They're playing Twister.
    • That's not the only time Mom and Dad have been playing a harmless game that leads to implications. In one short cartoon, they're having a friendly quarrel over a game of Scrabble, but to Dexter and Dee Dee (who are standing on the other side of the door) it sounds like they're accusing each other of infidelity.
    Dad: Well how about the last time I caught you cheating? How easily you seem to forget who dealt the cards then.
    Mom: That was different. I told you that the Jack of Spades was wild.
    Dexter: Who is Jack?
    Dee Dee: Whoever he is, he must be more exciting than Dad.
    • In the same episode, Mom reaches into his pocket and pulls out a Scrabble letter. The outline on his pocket looks like a condom.
    • The Swedish dub of this episode almost makes the joke even dirtier. The Swedish name for the Jack cards is "Knekt", which is an old word for "soldier". Thus, the joke is changed slightly and Dee Dee's line becomes that she thinks Mom had an affair with a soldier.
  • Dexter accidentally invented glasses that can see through clothes in one episode.
    • To elaborate, a young boy, even if he is a genius, saw the private parts of an obese mailman, an elderly woman, his dad, his mom, and his older sister. Yeah, let that sink in.
  • The banned episode of Dial M for Monkey "Barbequor" features an villain called "The Silver Spooner", who is very obviously a gay stereotype, as well as Krunk getting intoxicated and Monkey having to drive him home. The episode was pulled after the first season's original run and was since replaced with "Dexter's Lab: A Story". The episode isn't available on DVD or iTunes, either.
    • It's in the Netflix listing of season 1, so the episode is no longer banned apparently.
      • This is a mistake on Netflix's part. The original pilot short is where Barbequor is listed.
    • It almost crosses the line into Unambiguously Gay when The Silver Spooner excitedly asks "Judy Garland? Where?" with stars in his eyes. For those who don't know, Judy Garland is an icon of gay culture and being a fan of her is usually associated with gay stereotype.
    • Also in the same episode, a panning shot of all the characters eating shows Agent Honeydew slowly about to insert a hot dog into her mouth, and the blond guy next to her slyly stares at her as she pulls it towards her mouth.
      • Nevermind everything about Monkey and Agent Honeydew's relationship.
  • Dexter's gym teacher saying "What's this crap" stirred up a little controversy which caused the dialogue to be muted in reruns. Now, it's unedited since CN now allows "crap" in their shows.
  • "You spend so much time in your room doing who knows what!"
  • Let's not forget the monster in "Last But Not Beast", Badaxtra.
  • There's also the short in the older cartoons where Dexter goes through the mail until he finds a package for him, excitedly declaring "It's here!" He then rushes through the house, to his lab, then to a mini-submarine that goes who knows how many miles underwater. He then checks to see if he's totally alone, and only then does he open the package and take out a magazine, which he turns sideways to let the pages fall. His eyes get wide and he says, "Ohhhh, sweet mama...." While we hear him whistle, we see that he's looking at a wrench taking up the entire three pages, centerfold-style.
  • Almost all of the episode "Momdark". Holy Christ.
    • The original comic book from which said episode is adapted is even worse.
    • The "mandatory suiting up scene" (to quote Mandark) should've been enough to bring the censors a-running all by itself. Then again, considering how often they got away with showing Dexter stark naked...
    • And what about that hands-on approach to Mom's feature?
    • You are forgetting the scene where Dad asks Mandark (thinking he's Mom) to "come to bed", all with a suggestive look and a smile. When he uses a lame excuse to escape, Dad says that she "always says the same kind of things", implying their sex life is pretty much dead.
  • The smugglers from "Beard to be Feared" are definitely smuggling flour and not something else that's white and powdery. (link)
    • "I assure you it is 100% pure." Uhhhh...
  • In "Dee Dee and the Man", Dexter has gotten rid of Dee Dee but finds himself desiring company in the lab, so he actually interviews various girls to fill the role of the new "spastic sister". His eventual (instant) choice: a woman at least 10-20 years older than him of supermodel quality. While none of their interactions in the lab suggest anything squick-y, the way Dexter utters nothing but an entranced "When can you start?!" upon viewing the woman is a bit more adult than one would expect.
    • What about the sequence where he teaches her how to mimick Dee Dee's "Ooh, what does THIS button do?"? She bends down, rubbing the top of Dexter's head, saying suggestively, "Oh, what does THIS button do?" Dexter then excuses his self, walks off camera, we hear a splash, and he returns dripping wet.
    • And her reaction to Dexter asking to see her dance: "Okay, but it's fifty bucks extra!" For those who don't get the implications, they just all but said she used to be a stripper.
  • In the episode "Nuclear Confusion" Dexter has to follow the clues for Dee Dee's treasure hunt because the object he must find is an experimental power source that will cause a meltdown if not contained in time. The next clue at the home of Dexter's "touchy-feely neighbor lady", who sports some very noticeable Hartman Hips. The neighbor offers him cookies, but drops one and bends to pick it up, showing the next clue is painted on the seat of her pants. Oh, and what does the clue say? Dad's Trophy.
  • That time Dee Dee switched bodies with Mom, and Dad was feeling frisky. She refuses him with "Ew, I don't want to kiss YOU", and it's implied their parents' sex life is dead. ("So what else is new?")
  • In the episode where the kids audition to become Major Glory's new sidekick, Dee-Dee boasts "I've got style, pizzazz, and I can kick some... well, you know."
  • In "Got Your Goat", the Spanish newspaper Dee Dee shows to Dexter says, "Just like Satan said," and "You are the drunk ones."
  • In one episode Dexter and Mandark face off at each other in their giant robots, ready to destroy each other. They open fire with missiles from their crotches.
  • And there's another where Dexter and a nerdy friend of his, Douglas E. Mordecai III (who, oddly enough, only appeared on the show in two episodes) are listening to a scientific program on tape while on the school bus. Dee Dee, who's sitting behind them, unplugs their headphones from the tape player, so that the entire bus can hear the title of the next chapter: "Reproduction". Dee Dee gasps in shock, then makes fun of them for listening to it. One kid on the bus even says "Yeah, well, that's the only way they'll ever learn about it."
    • At the end of the episode, they move on to the next chapter — "Photosynthesis."
    • In one episode, a teacher openly fawns over a child in elementary school. Keep in mind, this child was of course, Dexter.
    • In an episode where Dexter and Dee Dee have a snowball fight, Dexter tries to escape from the fight, referring to various areas of the field as bases. He takes cover behind a kissing couple and says to himself, "First base." to which the man replies, "You said it, brother!" Considering what metaphors the next three bases represent...
    • How many times have I told you? Early morning is Daddy's special bathroom privacy time!
  • In "Chubby Cheese," Dexter tries winning a prize by playing a Wack-A-Mole parody called "Wack the Weasel."
  • "Hamhocks and Armlocks" was an early episode that got a bit past the radar. For example, the waitress at the diner the family stops at is visibly smoking whenever she appears. Not a pipe or anything either, but an actual cigarette. Later, when Dexter is making a robotic arm for his dad, he has a choice of 2 decals to put on it: One that says "Back off!" and one with a metallic naked woman silhouette. He goes with the naked lady.
  • One episode has Dexter and his family get in line to ride a roller coaster. As the camera pans across the long line, a man is clearly staring down at the (rather large) breasts of the woman standing behind him.
  • The ending to the Justice Friends segment "Uncle Sam" implies that the titular character is on prescribed pot.
  • In the episode "The Old Switcharooms", Dexter and Dee Dee are forced to switch rooms. Naturally, Dexter is extremely worried about Dee Dee trashing his lab. After an unsuccessful attempt to go through the hallway, he panics and 'suits up' to go through the air vent. This entails tearing apart a stuffed bear to wear its stuffing, thrashing about the room, putting on a lamp shade, and tearing the elastic out of his sister's panties.
  • In the episode where Dexter needs to change his computer's voice, one of the various voices sounds very seductive. When the computer starts talking about the rising heat in that voice, she says "74 degrees and rising. Dexter promptly goes to the bathroom, we hear a splash, and he walks out soaked.
  • In "Bygone Errors" there's a scene set inside what appears to be an alien strip club.
  • In "Poetic Injustice", Dexter falls in love with a girl (named Mary Weather), and gets Dee Dee to help him write a poem to make Mary Weather fall in love with him. She does fall in love with him, and Dee Dee keeps giving Dexter poems to read to her. Then Dexter decides to say a poem insulting Dee Dee, angering her and prompting her to give Dexter a new poem that says "My fair weather Mary Weather, she is a dumb heifer..."note 
  • The infamous banned episode "Rude Removal" just barely got past the radar through all the swearing and was never aired.
  • There is one episode where a Robot turns into Dee Dee's best friend and gets overprotective over here. He shoots lazers through what looks like a male human's nipples.
  • In one episode where Dee Dee dyes Dexter's hair blonde, he's seen doing aerobics. His rear is...ehrm...well defined, and in some frames, you can see half of his buttcheeks.
  • Coolio's rap song "What's His Name? (Dexter)" from the official soundtrack album Dexter's Laboratory: The Hip-Hop Experiment contains the word "anti-narcotics."