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  • Yu-Gi-Oh! is notorious for being overly censored in the English releases of the cards. This has led to tons of card illustrations being altered to remove anything which can be remotely considered a religious symbol, violent, a weapon, or sexual content. If any crap makes it past the radar, it gets rereleased with a new, altered drawing. Examples include:
    • The Stripperiffic Harpy Lady, whose original outfit only had two strips of cloth covering her breasts. The censored version has a shirt underneath.
    • Harpie girl. The censorship was missed in the first run and was fixed later, but it was too late. It's harder to find the censored version.
    • Aqua Chorus. You have to look close, but the dress is see-through, and there are nipples in the image.
    • While most of the cards with, well, suggestive materials, usually just women with low-cut shirts/dresses or high-cut skirts will be edited for international release, they somehow didn't edit this.
    • One that got caught by the Radar got arguably made worse! Ultimate Offering. Fixing the sight of blood by drawing a whole new artwork of a monster bursting out of another (grinning) monster's head. The monster is made of blood.
    • Drillago. He has a drillbit sticking out right where his penis would be.
    • Somehow, Maiden of the Aqua's Gag Boobs made herself pass the radar.
    • The flavor text for the censored Nekogal #1 refers to her as a "Pussy Fairy."... Yeah.