''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' really isn't for kids twelve and under, but there's still some things you can't run in ''Shonen Jump'' or on primetime TV. What's more, some of the Crap listed below isn't edited out in the English versions of the anime or manga, which are generally held to stricter content standards. The author has admitted he sometimes likes to throw in things parents will pick up on but which children won't.
* In both the anime and manga, Urahara is seen looking at the night sky, sensing the Arrancar activity that reveals Isshin is a Soul Reaper. When Yoruichi opens the door, she's [[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0af9hD2TO1rpa5klo1_500.png dressed]] in a barely-closed oversized white kimono undergarment with her hair unusually undone and dishevelled. As she wears modern clothing and Urahara wears the kimono styles, there's a subtle hint she's thrown on his clothing from naked, which is a storytelling gesture usually associated with sexually active couples.
* Riruka Dokugamine's power is based on "collecting" things she likes or loves to place inside her "dollhouse", including people such as Ichigo. Later, it's revealed she can only let her "collections" out of her dollhouse by wetting them with her bodily fluids, although the manga focuses quickly on her doing it by sneezing. However, certain {{urban legend}}s still associate sneezing with ejaculation.
* When Nnoitra restrains Orihime to [[ForcedToWatch force her to watch Tesla beating the shit out of Ichigo]], he sticks his fingers deep into her mouth to keep her quiet. Though it's not well-known in the West, sticking one's fingers up and into somebody else's mouth is a pretty common kink in Japanese porn (and often seen in hentai). Any doubts about Nnoitra being a MemeticMolester were left behind at that point. This is the culmination of previous scenes where he'd referred to her as "pet-sama" (lady-pet) or "my pet" and implied to Ulquiorra that he should be taking advantage of his postion to take "advantage" (i.e., rape) her. Even Ulquiorra is disgusted. In the anime, StudioPierrot did catch Nnoitra's throating of Orihime and changed it to him covering her mouth with his hand instead.
* In Chapter 588, Yumichika accuses Giselle of supposedly being male and reeking of semen. When Charlotte later makes a very similar accusation about Giselle, fans suddenly realized what the weird earlier scenes were of Giselle getting so oddly excited whenever someone gave her the chance to use her power, especially the scene where Candice told her off for getting so excited about the idea of healing her (which is just before Yumichika turns up): Giselle takes orgasmic excitement in using her power. Later on, raunchy jokes at Giselle's expense become more obvious, but still leave the idea of Giselle getting "excited" while fighting to much more subtle allusions.