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Radar: Bleach
Bleach really isn't for kids twelve and under, but there's still some things you can't run in Shonen Jump or on primetime TV. What's more, some of the Crap listed below isn't edited out in the English versions of the anime or manga, which are generally held to stricter content standards.
  • The manga had a sequence where Orihime propped herself on her window while wearing a Dangerously Short Skirt as a part of her school uniform, and Tatsuki said "You're flashing the quad!"
  • Chizuru, being an openly lesbian Genki Girl, is the source of a lot of stuff, especially early on. In an attempt to bowdlerize her open Skinship Grope of Orihime, the animators had her hugging her from behind... but there's still quite a bit of focus on Orihime's Gag Boobs.
  • The English dub of the anime managed to sneak in a good one. When Urahara picks up cat!Yoruichi and plays with her, in Japanese he just says Baby Talk-based nonsense. In the dub, he says "Who's my favorite pussy?" It becomes worse/better/whatever when you find out/remember Yoruichi is female, as she has a deep masculine voice in cat form...
  • The execution method in Soul Society, and the one Rukia was this close to undergoing. You're restrained and suspended by your limbs, completely helpless... and then you get impaled by a special halberd named Sokyouku. Which bursts into flames before taking the shape of a phoenix. Subtle much, Kubo?
  • Kon was definitely going on A Date with Rosie Palms when Ichigo came back from the Soul Society.
  • In the episodes where Renji is in a gigai and dressed like a '60's hippie, look very closely at his necklace... it's a cock and balls!!
  • A self-inflicted case came by way of the anime. Right before Isshin shows up decked out in a Soul Reaper uniform, Urahara is seen looking at the night sky, seemingly sensing Isshin's presence. When Yoruichi opens the door, she's dressed in a white robe with her hair undone and her chest presumably exposed to the wind. The anime curiously omitted the lead-up that makes the nudity less gratuitous, giving the impression that Urahara and Yoruichi actually had sex off-camera.
  • When Nelliel went over to Ichigo just before she fights Nnoitra, there's a panel where you could see her hand near Ichigo's groin.
    • Similarly, Nelliel's glomping of Ichigo consisted of the girl humping him in the anime.
    • When Nel heals Dordoni with her vomit, she remarks that she does so by "massaging" her "throat penis".
    • Immediately after turning back into an adult, Nelliel goes after Ichigo and holds him protectively. When she talks to him and the camera pitches up, her hand is positioned just over his crotch (at 1:29, making look like she's feeling him up.
  • There is while Orihime is watching the fight between Ichigo and Ulquiorra, Loly and Menoly (specially Loly) sneak behind her, beat her, rip off her clothes... and KOed by Yammy. Smooth.
  • The whole X-Cution arc was an exercise in how much crap Kubo Tite could sneak under the Shonen Jump censor radar at full speed:
    • Jackie Tristan's Fullbring is blatantly a dominatrix outfit, and her attacks get stronger when her boots get dirty. "Sand, dirt, mud, blood, [other bodily fluids] anything will work." Taken even further later: when she's powered up by Ginjo, her Power Armor covers almost her whole body except for her face... and her crotch.
    • Riruka Dokugamine, the other female Fullbringer, sneaks another one. She pretty much states that she's in love with Ichigo the first time she sees him. Her power? She can put things in her "dollhouse" if she grants them permission and she likes or loves it. And it can only be let out if she gets it wet...
      • And with a sneeze, to make matters worse. Several urban legends associate sneezing with ejaculation and sex.
      • In a more subtle example, the belt she wears after being given a power upgrade looks an awful lot like... a G-string or a thong worn over her skirt.
      • Another subtle example; in one panel, part of Riruka's bare butt is exposed.
      • And in this shot, it's clear that she's wearing another G-string (because it's confirmed she does wear underwear when Yukio complains the method she uses to kick open doors shows her panties). Unless of course she decided to go commando today.
  • It gets better. Tsukishima's power is rewriting your memories and inserting himself into them — as someone whom you dearly love. How does he use it? Via running you through with his katana. In few words, he penetrates you with his sword and is so good at it that soon you're fawning all over him. Now, where the FUCK are the NTR doujinshi with this guy, damn it?
  • Ginjou's Fullbring is a huge broadsword. Which he uses to impale Ichigo through the stomach during the Training from Hell. While taunting Ichigo as well. Hm...
  • Szayel Aporro Gantz is an expert in this. How does he keep Mayuri's assistant and "daughter" Nemu in place? With Combat Tentacles. How does he revive himself? Via forcing what's left of him down her mouth, invading the girl's innards and bursting out of her stomach, as she pleads for him to stop. That particular scene was so chock-full of rape imagery that it's a freaking wonder Shonen Jump was willing to publish it.
  • In the Beach Episode, Isane is attacked by Combat Tentacles. Later, she says "There's something... in my swimsuit!" Eeeeeeep, poor kid.
    • The dub goes a bit farther with "Get that tentacle out of my swimsuit!"
    • Rangiku, um, seems to quite enjoy popsicles.
  • When Nnoitra restrains Orihime to force her watch Tesla beating the shit outta Ichigo, he sticks his fingers deep into her mouth to keep her quiet. While it's not well known in the West, sticking one's fingers up and into somebody else's mouth is a pretty common kink in Japanese porn (and often seen in hentai). Any doubts about Nnoitra being a Memetic Molester were left behind at that point.
  • The fourth movie has a five second long shot of Rukia naked and in chains, with the objectionable parts being covered with lava. She gets a white robe a second later, but it's still impossible to miss.
  • During Zaraki's fight with Unohana, he mentally admits that fighting gives him a hard-on. He does this with men and women alike who give him a good fight. In fact, the entire fight reeks of of sex symbolized through battle.
  • Chapter 519: Tenjirou tosses Rukia, Byakuya and Renji in his Healing Springs to cure their massive injuries. As a result, Rukia is floating on her stomach in the water — and the only parts of her body we clearly see are the back of her head... and her naked ass.
    • Tenjirou even asks Ichigo if seeing her naked puts him in the mood for "peaches".
  • In chapter 534, Ryuuken Ishida believes Kanae Katagiri has betrayed his trust, and he confronts her about it — by pinning her to a wall by her wrists so she won't run away, while she looks at him with wide eyes. It's a tense moment for certain... but given the Ship Tease between Ryuuken and Kanae, it's also more than a little suggestive.
  • 533: Masaki talks about her cousin and arranged boyfriend Ryuuken with her school friends. A girl named Shiho is totally crushing on him... and openly declares "I'd ride his joystick!". Whoa there, girl.
  • Chapter 535: Masaki is naked throughout the entire chapter, it's offscreen for the most part but towards the end we do get rather generous shots of her breasts (with Barbie Doll Anatomy) and her bare ass.
    • Chapter 536 continues where 535 left off and we get another shot of her breasts...this time with no censorship whatsoever.
  • Chapter 540 has the debut of Ouetsu Nimaiya's really cute assistants... and they announce themselves as "Nimaiya's Private Escort Team"... Classy, Kubo.
  • Chapter 544: Bambietta kills a Vandenreich soldier after seemingly having sex with him. She demands for a rather cute-looking rookie to come into her chambers by saying "I wanna do it NOW", the dude replies "it's a honor" and follows her eagerly, In the next scene, we see that he's shirtless as she nonchalantly bisects him, then there's a close-up to her upper body as she fixes her clothes (and we see her boobs are bigger than we thought.) And in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it panel that follows, she's very obviously struggling to fix her panties without messing up her Magic Skirt while talking to her Vandereich gal-pals. When they chew her out for making a mess, she mentions they make a mess too.... since they don't kill their subordinates (that we know of)... what exactly did she mean by "mess"...?
  • Movie three has the antagonist, Homura, with her dress torn up after the ending battle... leaving a big hole in the back, exposing part of her naked butt.
  • In chapter 100 of the manga, Momo goes to Aizen's quarters to ask him for advice. The notorious thing is how both of them wear their night clothes. (Further confirmed since Momo says she can't sleep and has her hair down, not to mention the scene before this one had her in her normal Soul Reaper robes.) Then, Aizen places the outer robe he's wearing on Momo before he calms her down, lets her in, and they have a nice talk... After this conversation, the next scene has Momo sleeping *on a futon that seems to be Aizen's own bed*, while he leaves the room fully clad in his uniform - which can be very easily interpreted as Aizen and Momo doing more than just talking that night. (And let's face it, this IS Aizen and Momo has a huge crush on him.) It actually was bowdlerized in the anime, with Momo wearing her uniform through the whole scene and then shown sleeping on the tatami of Aizen's room while covered with his jacket-like robes.
  • Back to Chapter 119, Orihime stripped two random Shinigamis (a man and a woman) to steal their uniforms so that she and Uryuu can disguise as Shinigami while infiltrating Seireitei. Both poor random Shinigamis are forced to lay down on a covered floor (making it resemble a mattress) while their (much likely) naked bodies are covered with just one blanket shared for two of them. Couldn't it be more subtle?!
  • Chapter 588: Yumichika accuses Giselle of supposedly being male, even saying that s/he reeks of semen! This can be easily read as Yumichika dropping a Gender Reveal — or as him off-handedly accusing Giselle of sleeping around. The fact that neither accusation is immediately dispelled (the very pissed off Giselle brings Bambietta's zombified corpse to the battlefield instead) makes one wonder...
  • In 589, Yoruichi returns to the action. Thing is, look at her clothes. She's wearing a short one-piece dress under a Badass Cape, okay, but the black/white/grey of the pages make it look a LOT as if it was the same color of her skin. Therefore, one would think she's naked under her cape... It's even more racy when she opens her cape to show some good she's bringing to the group, but almost looks like she's flashing everyone.
  • In Chapter 590, Bambietta reveals she can still talk by spouting lines that would be more appropriate in a hentai work. This is even funnier considering Yumichika's accusation of Giselle being male. Raunchy jokes aplenty.
    Bambietta: I... want it... Gigi's... I want it... I want it... Please... I can't resist... I can't resist, Gigi... I want it...
    Giselle: Uhm yeah... [slaps Bambietta] You're so dirty! You really can't resist, can you, Bamby-chan? I'll reward you when everything's over.

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