Radar / Betty Boop

The Betty Boop cartoons are notorious for their many sexually risqué scenes (especially since this was made back when Moral Guardians thought Hollywood movies were vice-ridden — moreso than usual), most of them involving or surrounding Betty. Betty Boop's cartoons were one of many factors behind The Hays Code being taken more seriously (which also killed the leering, Jazz Age sexuality behind Betty's cartoons).
  • In "Dizzy Dishes" when Betty says she wants to make whoopie her skirt lifts up in the air to reveal she's wearing no underwear. At that precise moment Bimbo's body also morphs into a phallic shape.
  • In "Mysterious Mose" Betty's nightgown lifts up and down while she is in her bed, a picture on her wall tells her to take it off.
  • In "Barnacle Bill" Betty's skirt flies up and down while she's on the sofa with Bimbo, the film climaxes with a sudden cut to the outside of Betty’s window as the window-shade is suddenly pulled down and two cats emerge from the neighbouring windows with the usual gossip combination: disparaging looks and calls for everyone else to come and see (a cutely unconvincing joke has Bimbo and Betty playing checkers when the window-shade rises.
  • In "Silly Scandals" Betty's dress slips down to reveal her frilly bra.
  • "Bimbo's Initiation": Betty is seen spanking her own wobbly behind. Bimbo joins in the fun later on.
  • In "Boop-Oop-a-Doop" the Ringmaster tells Betty that she will lose her job if she continues to refuse his advances. He then feels her legs and whispers something in her ear to which she replies "You mean...?" He then whispers in her ear a second time to which she states "No!" and slaps him in the face. Then he starts choking her with the threat: "There will be no more Boop-Oop-a-Doop outta you!"
  • In "Bamboo Isle" Betty Boop dances wearing only a lei and a grass skirt.
  • In "Betty Boop's Up's and Down's" Betty's skirt lifts up while she's walking in the air.
  • In "The Bum Bandit", the phrase "lucky as hell" is clearly sung.
  • In "Any Rags" Betty's Skirt slips to reveal she's wearing a frilly bra.
  • In "S.O.S Sink or Swim", Betty's skirt lifts into the air while she's singing on the raft. When pirates take her captive, their captain says: "Leave the Damsel to me". Then he turns into a snake, to which Betty replies: "You mean?", in a similar exchange as in the cartoon "Boop-Oop-a-Doop".
  • In "A Hunting We Will Go" Betty allows Bimbo and Koko the Clown to feel up and down her legs.
  • In "Big Boss" Betty flashes while standing on the table.
  • In "Betty Boop's Penthouse" Bimbo and Koko watch Betty take a shower on her roof, when she dries herself off her towel continues to rub her rear area until she moved it up to her back.
  • In "Popeye the Sailor" Betty wears the same topless costume she wore in "Betty's Bamboo Isle".
  • In "Is My Palm Read?" Betty enters a fortune teller's tent. When she enters Bimbo turns off the lights, which allows him to see through Betty's dress.
  • In "Red Hot Mama" as Betty passes in front of flaming pits, her nightgown becomes a see through.
  • In "Betty Boop's Rise to Fame" there is a frame showing a naked breast.
  • In "Betty Boop's Trial" Betty lifts her skirt in the air one last time when she twirls around, which reveals her underwear.
  • In "Poor Cinderella", while Betty's in the carriage, a horse starts to sing "They call her poor Cinderella". The top part of her dress slips and while she quickly lifts it up she states: "But I'll be a princess someday."
  • In "Pudgy and the Watchman" someone scares Betty out of her home. When she jumps over him he takes a quick look up her dress.