Radar: Beetlejuice

  • First and foremost, several episodes of The Nelvana cartoon Beetlejuice has BJ still referring to himself as "the ghost with the most".
  • The episode "Pest O' The West" featured an enraged bull ghost, Bully the Crud, who responds to Beetlejuice's interruption of his wedding ceremony with Lydia by screaming "nobody cuts off my nuptials and gets away with it!" According to the animators in question, yes it was deliberate, and yes they were amazed that they got away with it.
    • Again in that episode, Lydia asked Beetlejuice if the town had a Saloon - he replied, "Not in this time slot!"
  • The episode "Mom's Best Friend" has Beetlejuice turned into a dog and he can't turn back into himself because of a restrictive collar he has on. Lydia brandishes a pair of scissors and says "I know how to fix it... we'll cut it off!" B.J. shrieks in horror.
  • In "Hotel Hello" Delia has been kidnapped by a vampire, near the end when Charles rescues her and confronts the vampire he says "I'm the only one who bites that woman on the neck!".
    • Also when the vampire said "I want to bite this woman in the worst way" sounds a bit rapey.
  • Yet another one (somewhat) involving Charles and Delia, this little gem in "Beetle Geezer", when Lydia and BJ are talking about activities to do that aren't too extreme for Lydia's visiting grandmother.
    Lydia: Look, I know this is boring but it's all Grandma can handle. You heard what Father said.
    Beetlejuice: Oh, yeah. (head morphs into Charles' and speaks in his voice) "But Delia, you always have a headache!"
  • In "A-Ha!", while investigating who allegedly stole Doomie, Beetlejuice finds a poster reading "I am a (picture of a donkey)". When asking Lydia what it means, she looks at the audience and says "No comment", leading Beetlejuice to make many inane guesses on what the poster is meant to say. In case you didn't get it, the poster read "I am a jackass." There was also another episode where Beetlejuice morphed into a donkey while saying "I am a complete-", before being cut off, and another where he actually says "jackass".
  • A literal example occurs when Beetlejuice is sleepy and morphs based on euphemisms for being tired as he heads off to bed. When he says "I'm pooped", he freezes and decides he should quit while he's ahead.
  • His nickname is BJ. That's like calling someone Boner ...
    • Not to mention "Doomie" the car. The writers likely knew what they were doing.
  • In the episode "Worm Welcome", Lydia says "right out of their hunting pants" in a way that sounds as if she were saying "right out of their f**king pants".
  • In the episode "Goodie Two Shoes", Beetlejuice's antics get his neighbors to fight each other on Good Neighbor Day, causing a fairy named Goody Two Shoes to intervene.
    Goody Two Shoes: Hello. I'm from the Bureau of Sweetness and Prissiness. Henceforth referred to as BS&P.
  • There's a subtle one that doubles as a Genius Bonus in the episode "Not So Peaceful Pines", where BJ develops a literal split personality, and his Bad Side goes on a pranking rampage in Lydia's town. So Lydia and BJ's Good Side go get help from Freud Expy Zigmund Void, and we get this little gem:
    Zigmund Void: Aha! It's worse than I thought! We are dealing with an Eat-A-Bus (Oedipus) Complex!
    (cuts to a shot of a school bus with a MASSIVE bite taken out of it)
  • From the movie:
    • Beetlegeuse goes to a whorehouse in one scene. This was a PG movie!
    • "Nice fucking model!" (HONK HONK)