* From book #14, ''The Unknown'':
-->'''Crazy Helen''': ...It's a big roan mare. She's acting all funny. Like maybe she's been eating the [[Film/ReeferMadness loco weed.]]\\
'''Rachel''': Loco weed?\\
'''Cassie''': ''[shrugs]''
** The same book also has a pretty obvious reference to TheTalk in one scene.
* Edriss's backstory in ''VISSER'' is full of this. She spent a few years lounging around on drugs, for one thing.
** It's not just Edriss's backstory either--''VISSER'' features a cocaine-addicted actress nicknamed "Jenny '''Lines'''", Visser Three bribing a homeless man with alcohol, and various and sundry other sneaky little additions. For a series marketed at preteens, ''VISSER'' is a very adult book.
* In #2 ''The Visitor'', they get away with Marco calling someone a skank, which is a taboo even in a lot of young adult books, let alone a middle-grade one.
* Human Ax's entire comedic shtick is, in a nutshell, the fact that his alien instincts make him act like TheStoner when he's in human form: he has insatiable cravings for junk food, he eats huge quantities of food in single sittings, he pronounces everything in a monotonous drawl with AccentUponTheWrongSyllable, he gets weird fixations on certain movies and TV shows, he finds random things inexplicably fascinating, etc. They never directly reference drugs, but the whole joke is painfully obvious when you reread the books as an adult.
** Speaking of Ax and his human morph there's the ongoing joke that all his human friends find his human form to be disturbingly attractive.
* In some versions of #22 ''The Solution'', Rachel calls David a bastard. (This was changed to 'creep' in later editions.)
** In the same vein, the words "X from hell" (roller-coaster from hell, paint job from hell) show up every few books or so. Why the censors let them by is anyone's guess.
* In the third ''Megamorphs'' book, the Animorphs go to the 1930s, where Cassie is harassed by a racist. They skip right over what he says to Cassie's internal reaction, but it's made obvious that he called her the n-word.
* In #4 ''The Message'', Marco mentions having "weird dreams about that woman from ''Series/{{Baywatch}}''." Now, what kind of dreams might those be?
* In #16 ''The Warning'', Jake and Tobias have to morph fly to sneak onto an airplane. But only one stall is free, and they have to share. For extra fun, keep in mind that the only clothes they can morph are skintight. So, you've got two teenage boys, standing around in the same bathroom stall, all wearing skintight clothing.
-->'''Tobias''': [[SarcasmMode Oh, this doesn't]] [[HoYay look too weird.]]
* There's that whole subplot in ''The Exposed'' where the Animorphs raid a crackhouse. No, really. They raid a crackhouse during a SWAT investigation. And end up tossing aside some guy who's "too stoned to move." Children's books!