Quotes / Zeppelins from Another World

Hite's Law: "All Change Points, from Xerxes to the last presidential election, create worlds with clean, efficient Zeppelin traffic. Changing history may produce Zeppelins as an inevitable by-product, much as bombarding uranium produces gamma rays. Often, the quickest way to tell if you are in an Alternate History is to look up, rather than at a newspaper or encyclopedia. From this premise, it is not outside the realm of Plausibility that our history between 1900 and 1936 was, in fact, an Alternate History. It would, at least, explain a lot."
Kenneth Hite, "An Alternate-Historical Alphabet," January 14, 2000

Doctor: So this is London.
Mickey: Yep.
Doctor: Your city.
Mickey: That's the one.
Doctor: Exactly as we left it.
Mickey: Bang on.
Doctor: And that includes the zeppelins?
Mickey: (looks up) What the hell? [...] Okay, so it's London with a big international zeppelin festival.
Doctor Who, "Rise of the Cybermen"

(On the bridge of the crosstime-travelling ship the MES AH.com, the ship's computer Leo Caesius is reading out information on the latest world they're visiting)
Leo: Hmmm....interesting...it seems that the primary method of air travel is...
(Trails off, followed by sequence in which he tries desperately to change the subject, but the crew demand to know what he was going to say)
Leo: Airships. The primary mode of travel on this world is airships. Multiple varieties. Big ones. Small ones. Cargo airships. Passenger airships. A huge assortment of models to choose from. There appears to be even a personal version available...
(Long pause as everyone takes a moment to process this. Mass confusion as everyone jumps out of their chairs and heads towards exit to go to planet)
AH.com: The Series, "In De Gadda Da Vita Through A Cracked Dark Mirror"