Quotes: Zerg Rush


"There're thousands of Zerg!"
Tychus Findlay, StarCraft II

Throw enough goblins at a problem and it should go away. At the very least, there'll be fewer goblins.

Tychus Findlay: So how was it, Jimmy, fightin' them zerg?
Jim Raynor: All the scrapes we got into back in the day, all the narrow escapes, none of it compares to how terrible they are, Tychus. You don't know what true fear is till you've got a thousand of these sons of bitches barrelin' down on ya.
StarCraft II, conversation prior to Zero Hour.

The one with the rifle shoots! The one without follows him! When the one with the rifle gets killed, the one without picks up the rifle and shoots!
Political Officer, Enemy at the Gates

You let one ant stand up to us, and they all might stand up! Those "puny little ants" outnumber us a hundred to one. And if they ever figure that out, there goes our way of life!

kekekekekekekeke ZERG RUSH! ^________^
Starcraft, Traditional. On Korean servers.

Mikey: The Shredder thinks if he throws enough Foot ninja at a problem, it'll go away.
Breech: That's right. There'll be less Foot ninja for a start.
— The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fanfic "The Long Walk"

Every time we killed a thousand Bugs at a cost of one M.I. it was a net victory for the Bugs. We were learning, expensively, just how efficient a total communism can be when used by a people actually adapted to it by evolution; the Bug commisars didn't care any more about expending soldiers than we cared about expending ammo.

It doesn't matter. We're the Swarm; we can sacrifice thousands for each one of their soldiers.
Kerrigan, Starcraft II part 2: Heart of the Swarm

Jack: We shouldn't underestimate Tutti-Frutti's minions!
Jack: Very effective, and more importantly very numerous!
Dora: Yeah, beware, there must be seven of them inside!
Jack: Seven hundred, to be specific.