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I'm not entirely sure why I watch yuri anime now and then, but it definitely isn't the reason mentioned above. They're rarely about lesbians going at it and usually focus on the emotional baggage... err "aspects" instead. That's fine though. Male viewers can watch yuri anime in hopes of understanding the female species better and becoming that sensitive guy they all like. (Okay, maybe not.) For me, I think I watch this genre to try and figure out exactly what it is girls see in this stuff. I often enjoy it as well, so that doesn't hurt either.
divine, Random Curiosity

Because yuri...
Is the pinnacle of culture.
Yurika, Yurika's Campus Life

It is a time when the world is frequently ravaged by huge natural disasters. A time when members of the general public in technologically-advanced nations began to acquire cyborgs and autonomous robots. In this era, as larger nations engage in cutthroat competition for technology and resources, the gulf between the rich and poor widens. And in this time... something else happens that has nothing to do with any of that. A story begins in which GIRL MEETS GIRL.

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