Quotes: Your Princess Is in Another Castle

Real Life

Every victory is only the price of admission to a more difficult problem.
Henry Kissinger

The goal of the game is to find three hidden pieces of a phone that E.T. needs to "Phone Home" with... Even if you find the pieces, it's Jack and Shit—and Jack left town. That's because you need to find the Phone Home zone also.

The abnormal area of the heart is frozen to prevent the arrhythmia from recurring and the team believes that they've solved her problem. However, we know better as it's only twenty minutes past the hour.
Polite Dissent, reviewing an episode of House



Well, let's not start sucking each other's dicks quite yet.
The Wolf, Pulp Fiction

Now I just need to install this baby in the Trogdor machine, and we can end this episode early!

Well, everything really wrapped up nicely. [Looks at his watch] Ooh, much quicker than usual.
Homer Simpson, "Homer and Apu"

Every time we move a yard ahead, Ryan goes and moves the goal line down to the other side of the field!
Atlas, BioShock

My extraterritorial rights are too powerful to let this game end!

There's all sorts of stories where you think you've beaten the final boss, but then it moves up to the next level!

Can I just say…if you thought that this story was nearly over…it's barely even begun.